holding your breath

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Submitted: October 30, 2016

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Submitted: October 30, 2016



You know what it feels like when you hold your breath for to long?
Your face begins to radiate with heat, and you become as red as a beet
If you ever have been on that ride where it takes you up into the sky little by little, then you drop
you get that I think I shit myself feeling deep within your stomach
I know it is annoying when someone comes from behind the corner and scares you
you scream and then most likely get mad because it was funny
all those feelings can't even describe how I feel
how it feels without your hand in mine
When I felt that knot in my throat as soon as she touched you...I shoulda seen the sign
I want you back, but I hit the deadline
now that I look closer at this wicked game I was always on the sideline
it was always you to..a team
you always had a hidden scheme
now I have snapped outta the daydream
I am no longer blinded by what I thought was love, but when I woke up I noticed I was blinded.. blinded by a sunbeam
a sunbeam that stared right into my eye and sent false messages to my soul
and know I no longer feel whole
I have to be careful now because I have lost my head and lost all self-control
now the ashes of the fire burning in my heart have vanished the only thing seen is heated charcoal
but as usual I have a goal
And that is to make art outta the broken pieces of my heart
pick up the pieces and put them back together but, now it will look better then the last
I am gonna focus on now not the past


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