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Submitted: October 30, 2016

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Submitted: October 30, 2016




The Girl Who was Unwanted

By: Ciera Joy

When she was 16 years old and lived in Kaysville, Utah,her family didn’t want her around anymore. They paid less attention to her and didn’t care as much about her than her parents did to her siblings. She got even more lonely as her life went on; falling off the edge of the cliff going deeper and farther into her depression. She lived day by day asking herself why she’s still here. She told herself that she was just a waste of space. She started cutting and then she couldn’t stop. She got addicted she wanted to stop but she just loved being able to feel the physical emotional pain on the outside. One day she met someone who introduced her to this amazing thing that would take all her pain away. This person was so persuasive to her and she couldn’t wait to get home and try it.

On a Thursday after school she rushed home and ran up stairs to her room. Her parents didn’t think anything of it. This was just her daily routine. She never talked to them or gave them a chance to say anything to her. She pulled the brown paper bag out of her old ripped up flower backpack that she has had since she was 9. She reached in the paper bag and pulled out a bag of tiny little white pills that she paid 50 dollars for 100 of them. On the clear zip-lock bag there was her name “Amber” and the word

“Nicotine”. She immediately opened the bag and shoved 7 pills in her mouth and swallowed. She didn’t know what it was going to do to her but she was ready for anything. Over dose, pass out, vomiting, anything that would get her mind off of her inner feelings or even get her out of this life.

Months have gone by and she started stealing money from her parents. No one but her dealer knows until one kid accidentally knocked into her in the hall way. The strap to her old beat up flower backpack broke and everything went everywhere. He looked down and saw a brown paper bag with a bag hanging out of the top that said “nicotine”. He picked her stuff up handed it to her and gave her a card saying, “text me. (657)-894-4968 -Niq

The next day Niq realized Amber was in his chemistry class. He went up to her and sat down beside her. Niq looked at her and said, “hey do you have yesterdays homework assignment I forgot to do mine.” She said, “sure” and pulled it out. Her sleeve accidentally pulled up revealing hundreds of cuts up and down her arms. Niq looked at her as she


immediately pulled her long sleeved black t-shirt down to cover them. Niq didn’t know what to say but knew that she was in trouble and didn’t want to leave her alone with herself.


That night Amber went home and did her nightly routine. At this point she changed to a new drug because she wanted to try something new. So she went to cocaine. She poured the fine white powder on to a piece of paper rolled it up and sealed it. Wasn’t nervous at all to try this new addictive drug because she has been high more than the times she can count on 10 hands. She lights the end of the stick and puts it up to her mouth and inhales. The smoke travels down her throat to her lungs. Amber coughs as she can feel herself getting light headed. She liked how this felt. Amber inhales again sensing her brain lift with every breath.

3 hours after she has used the joint Niq knocked on the front door. Amber’s parents answered the door and Niq introduced himself saying, “good evening, my name is Niq I met Amber a few days ago and I was wondering if I could talk to her for a little bit.” Amber’s father said, “sure up the stairs 3rd door on the left.”

Niq walks up the stairs and politely knocks on Amber’s door. He doesn’t here anything and knocks again. No response. He opens her door and sees her passed out on the floor with a razor blade in her right hand, a piece of rolled up paper on the floor beside her, and surrounded by a puddle of blood. He closes the door quietly and rushes over to her. Takes the blade from her and puts out the joint. He grabs a warm, wet wash cloth from her bathroom and begins to gently rube her arms removing the warm blood running down it. He searches the bathroom for Band-Aids. Once he finds them he runs over to her and begins to wrap her small, delicate, pale arms.

She finally begins to wake up while he’s lifting her up and laying her in her bed. He covers her up with her blankets and tucks her to make her feel safe as Amber nods back off to sleep. Niq finds a bucket filled with water and soap to clean up the puddles of blood on her floor. By the time he finished cleaning up the blood it was 10 pm and he should probably head home but he didn’t want to leave her without knowing that she is ok. So instead he found some extra blankets under her bed and a pillow and fell asleep on her floor.


At 3 am Amber woke up and saw him laying there on her floor and got up went over to him and rubbed his head and said come on. He stood up and she led him to her bed and laid down. He laid don’t next to her and started talking. Amber said, “why are you here?” he replied, “Because I was worried about you and had a feeling that something happened and I’m glad I came.” Amber said, “how bad was I when you got here?” Niq said, “You were passed on the floor with blood all around you. I took the blade cleaned you up and put you to bed then cleaned up the blood.” Amber smiled and moved his arm around herself, laying her head up against his shoulder and her arm wrapped around his muscular waist. They fell asleep until her alarm went off at 5:30. They woke up in a fumble as he did not want to be caught coming out of Ambers room by her parents. Niqlooked at Amber and said I’ll see you at school my darling and climbed out the window down the tree and got in his car and drove home to get ready for school.

Niq shows up to school 20 minuets of 8am to see if Amber was there. He walked around to where she usually stands, by the outdoor steps to the basement, and of course she was there. She looked at him and smiled. Niq said,How long have you been here! Amber replied, “I don’t know maybe an hour or so.” “why so early”, Niq said. Amber said, “If you had to live in a house with parents and had secrets like I do then you would understand.” He said, “Oh, I understand.

They stood talking to each other till the bell rings for them to go to their first period classes. Niq hugged Amber and said,I hope you have a fantastic day” and she hugged him back and said, “I will.”

After school niq offered to give Amber a ride home but she said she didn’t want to go home. Niq said,how about my house or the park, my parents wont be home tonight because they went to Michigan to see my cousins. Amber said lets go to your place because I just want to sleep but I don’t want to be around my family.

Niq drove her to his house opened her car door took her bags and brought them into his house and said, “Do you want anything to drink or eat?” she said, “no but do you mind if I light a joint I really need it right now.” He said, “only if you don’t end up like last night.” she said, “I wont and lights the wrapped up paper and places it into her mouth. Niq sat down next to her and placed a glass of water down on the side table for her. He put his arm around her and she moved closer to him. Once she finishes the joint she falls asleep,


he decided that he would sleep when he could since he knew that he wasn’t going to be sleeping tonight. He’ll be up thinking of her and how adorable she is and how bad he fells for her. Niq lifted Amber up and moved to a laying down position and laid her next to him wrapping his arm around her and placed a blanket over top of them.

2 ½ hours later Amber wakes up and sees that its almost 7 pm she didn’t want to go home and she didn’t want to wake Niq up. She takes her had and rubs Niq’s face, he smiled at her and said, “how did you sleep darling?” she said, “It was the best sleep I’ve had in a year.” She looked up at him smiled and placed her hand on his chest.



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