my funeral

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Submitted: October 30, 2016

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Submitted: October 30, 2016



They shut the lid to my casket

they felt no pain as my cold dead flesh lay in the wooden box

they had no tears when the wooden box was lowered into the earth 

all the promises, all the I love you's all the secrets 

floating around in the air never to have a purpose just wasted space

my obituary reads "drown to death" "murdered by life"

when my cold body lay chilled under the ground, my soul roamed the earth trying to find you

because even when I was dead I missed you 

maybe, it was suicide but, what was the reason it was done?

because he said "he would always be there" and she believed it

because when everyone warned her he was a player she stuck with him 

but then she fucked up one day because she planned on killing herself that night 

now she couldn't get them back and that is what made her pull the trigger 


now her body lay in the earth

and he will never know

she was trying to save him 

the suicide note reads " it's ok now you won't miss me one, four, three"



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