The Falling Leaves

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Lily is growing up fast. Her life seems like falling leaves, as one problem leads to another. She feels like she's already lost, like a wilting flower ready to decompose. All she wants is life to be like it was when she was 6. Those were the golden days. Will Lily accept life, like it or forever hate it? Beware of strange happenings.

Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 30, 2016



I touched my beside table. Jagged wood felt rough agianst my skin. A knock was heard at my door. " Lily?" My mom's voice echoed across the room. " We have something to tell you." They said. They eyed one another. I looked at my shoes. " We are having a new baby." It was all so sudden. I jumped up from the bed. Ice covered the room. " Huh?" They both stuttered, backing away. My body felt weird. I remeber feeling warm and dizzy as I collapsed onto the floor.

I was greeted with the sound of footsteps. I had to see what was going on. My new room was creaky and old. The table had a cup of water and bread on it. I hungerily ate it, gobbling every last crumb. A man came down the wooden steps." Now child, listen to me." His voice sounded worn out, with a tinch of meaness in it." You live in this house. Some ice froze your parents." I looked him up and down, searching for signs of slyness. No lie there. " Um, are they going to be okay?" I asked. The old man laughed and slapped his knee. He doubled over and I was scared he had a heart attack or something. Then he got up and shaking his head, said " Children, children, silly scoundrels." And that ended it.

Another surprise still haunts me to this day. A young lady dragged me up the stairs. She was quite plump and burly, surprisingly. She had a dark face. In a strong voice, she said " Art thou the child I am to care for?" My eyes wided and her expression changed. " I am the biggest haunter ever, and I shall live in your spirits for eternitiy!" At that I ran across the room and streched my hands out she froze in the spot. I scared myself with my power.

Today was the day I experinced something I'll never want agian. My body was changing. Horomones started. I cried and cried over myself, and wished I was never this person, this thing I am now. I felt bad. Then, those supposedly " parents" left me on the road. I was homeless, tired and hungry. My life was falling apart, like leaves on a tree. I was given small leftovers and money from roadside stoppers. Life was getting worse but at least i was left alone to explore my ice powers. I froze things at night, and my powers slowly grew too strong. 

Then, a car pulled to the roadside, like normal.The man got out. Not strange. He had nothing in his hands. " Hop in' he said. I looked at him. White face,slightly worried eyebrows and a nice face over all. I went in. He talked to me and I told him about my powers.I liked him already.Except for the part where he had to leave me at an adoption center. As I left, he drove off. I cried and was very dissapointed.

The next day, we had a routine. I grew to like this particular girl named Jenny. her parents died in an avalanche here in New York. She liked me too, and we both were happyuntill she was adopted, along with a boy who was still sucking his wet tonuge. I was yet agian lonely. I was a sad. 

January 1st was a legendary day. The man whom I no longer reconized came to adopt me. He finally had enough money, he said later. I was happy. They had four kids, and I was the fifth. I had accepted the fact my life was nowhere near normal. Then, my father said in a half whisper " I have powers too, your not alone." That sentance changed my life forever. I love my new life.

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