The Dreaded Night

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It took me two weeks to finish this, but here it is.

Submitted: October 30, 2016

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Submitted: October 30, 2016



The Dreaded Night

By Donald Fransu


On the night of October 24, and at the hour of ten, Catherine Japheth was visited by an inhabitant of the netherworld. She was sitting on her bed, reading a gothic novel when the demon appeared in her room. In most ghost stories, the spirit usually appears when the place is in total darkness. This time, however, the demon appeared to Catherine when the light was on.

“Greeting, O lovely damsel!” said the demon.

The girl could not reply; for she was petrified. The book that she was reading lay forgotten on her lap. Her eyes were riveted on the demon; not because he was good-looking, but because she could not help it.

“My name is Apollyon,” continued the demon. “And I have come to ask you to marry me. To prove to you that you’re not dreaming, I shall appear to you several times between now and the night of October thirty-first. Finally, on the night of October the thirty-first, I will come to take your soul to the netherworld, where we’ll have our wedding celebration!”

And with that, the demon vanished. Catherine fell to the floor in a swoon.

Before she recovers, let us give a few details regarding Catherine Japheth. At the time we speak of, she was studying criminology at the nearest university. Her hobbies included traveling, camping, and writing, among other things. In disposition she was kind, funny, and a bit shy.

And now to our story. After a few minutes of unconsciousness, Catherine came back from the swoon without an effort. So she got up from the floor and sat on the bed again.

She did not have to try to remember what she had seen and heard, because the whole thing was stamped on her memory. But was it a dream or a reality? Well, she certainly was not in bed when the demon had appeared. So she had no choice but to believe that it was a reality. The other option would be that someone had played a joke upon her. And yet she did not hear the door being opened.

When Catherine arrived at the college campus the next morning, all her friends knew that something bad had happened, because she looked pale, and there was a fearful look in her eyes. But she did her best to evade their questions.

Catherine tried to control her emotions by pretending that it was nothing but a dream. It worked to an extent. When she went home that afternoon, her parents did not notice anything unusual in her facial expression.

Catherine was getting into bed when the demon reappeared. “In six nights from now, you shall be my wife!” And it vanished.

The demon kept visiting Catherine every night, just to remind her how many days were left to her on the earth. So she had no choice but to accept that it was real. Of course she did not tell anybody about the demon, because they would think that she had lost her reason. Thus, there was no one to comfort poor Catherine.

The day before Halloween, Catherine decided to go online and do a research on demons. She learned a lot about demons, except how to fight them. She learned that demons were originally angels before they rebelled against God, and were cast down from Heaven. Nevertheless, she did read that religious people knew how to cast out demons.

On the morning of October 31, Catherine texted her friends to let them know that she would not be participating in their Halloween fun. She was feeling super scared and depressed. Her parents asked if they could take her to see a doctor; but she told them that no human being could help her. She ate very little, and stayed in her room the whole day.

So this was her last day on the earth. At ten o’clock P.M, the demon would come to take her to the underworld, or hell. None of her friends thought of spending the day with her to comfort her. How cruel they all were! She wondered if they would miss her when she was gone.

For the first time in her life, Catherine prayed to God with all her heart. “O God, please help me! No one seems to care about me. Please help me, dear God!”

As Catherine was thinking of God, demons, and other religious things, she suddenly remembered a person who was very religious. His name was Frank. Catherine and Frank attended the same high school; although they did not graduate in the same year. Frank fell in love with Catherine while they were still at high school. Unfortunately she had rejected him. In their last online chat, he had said, “If you ever need help with something, just message me and I’d be more than happy to serve you.”

As if to add to his misery, Catherine unfriended him on Facebook, right after leaving high school. This meant that there was no way of contacting each other.

Finally, Catherine decided to add him on Facebook again. It wouldn’t hurt to ask him for help. He accepted her request in less than two hours. So she messaged him and asked if she could speak to him on the phone. To Frank, it felt as if Christmas had come two months earlier. Of course he sent her his number. Here’s their call:

Catherine: “Hello?”

Frank: “Catherine! I’m so glad to hear your voice again! How’s it going?”

Catherine: “Not good. I want to tell you something. But please don’t laugh at me.”

Frank: “Of course I won’t laugh.”

So she told him all about her troubles. At the end of the explanation, she asked, “So can you help me, please? I don’t know of anybody else who can help me.”

“I’ll come and stay with you to speak to the demon myself,” said Frank.

Then he asked for her address, and when she had given it to him, he promised to be at her house in less than half an hour.

“At least he’s coming to comfort me,” sighed Catherine a few moments after the call. “Not like my other friends, who are all enjoying themselves today.”

A whole hour had passed, and Frank had not showed up yet. Had he regretted his promise to visit her on her last day on the earth?

Catherine started to panic again. She had been waiting for Frank for three hours, and he still hadn’t showed up.

It was nine o’clock. The demon would be coming to take her in just an hour. There was no news of Frank.

When the clock struck ten, Catherine’s room was suddenly invaded by dozens of demons. The original demon had brought his friends with him to escort his bride to the netherworld. Catherine’s friends were celebrating Halloween by making themselves look like ghosts, demons, and other scary creatures. But they did not know that the real Halloween was happening in Catherine’s room.

“Ah, what a wonderful night!” spoke the original demon. “You are looking pale tonight, my dear Catherine. Exactly how a bride should look on her wedding day.”

Suddenly, the door burst open and Frank rushed into the room, the Bible in one hand, and a cross in the other. He was followed by Catherine’s parents, who looked dumbstruck at the picture before them. The room was full of demons, and one of them had just picked up Catherine in his arms.

When the demons saw who had come into the room, their expression changed from jubilant to demoniacal.

“This girl belongs to me!” shouted the demon who was carrying Catherine.

But Frank smiled, and raised the Bible and the cross.

With a howl of rage, the demon who was carrying Catherine dropped her to the floor, and vanished along with his companions.

“What does this mean?” asked Catherine’s mother after a whole minute of silence.

The girl burst into a flood of tears. At last, she told her parents the whole story. Having seen the demons with their own eyes, they could not laugh at her.

“Where’s Frank?” she suddenly asked.

He was nowhere to be seen. Then Catherine understood. Frank did not want to be thanked.

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