Quod est in corde tuo?

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this isn't my best, but i thought i would write something. i think i could do better, i don't know.

Submitted: October 30, 2016

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Submitted: October 30, 2016



Day nine teen thousand eight hundred ninety nine since the ‘Scansio’ as people are now calling it, fucking fifty four years and six hellish months since the planet went to an eternal land of waste. I think I am the only one out here that still remembers the day, the day that great flash in the sky brought the cometh of a hell onto Rora….Right now I am just looking at a pila of dust and rubble, nothing else for….fucking miles upon miles of dust. You would think fifty years is enough time to rebuilt at most a fragment of Rora’s great past. Fuck I am hungry. I think there is a small settlement nearby, hopefully the place has gone to anarchy like the rest of this planet.

Day nine teen thousand nine hundred since the ‘Scansio’. Still not use to calling it by that name. Man yesterday was great, I finally meet a person who remembers what the world was like before the flashes….Before people forgot the name of Rora….Heck even I don’t remember anymore, I just call it Rora because this place isn’t….isn’t like Terra 000-1 of the Solaris System in Galaxy 000-1 which I believe by now would have collided with Galaxy 000-2 by now. That would be a sight to see. To get off this rock and be on Humanity’s home world of Terra 000-1 or….Gaea was it? I can’t remember what it was called but I remember it’s biggest planet of the Solaris System, Zoran named after the God who rules over all in the Latuinaris Religion, the head religion of the I.H.R.. The days then where my best years of my life, wake up come up with ideas, share with colleagues, study, make progress, go to bed, and repeat. May sound bland but with the people I worked with was the funniest and smartest group of people I remember. I.H.R. why did you make them do those things? I have about a hundred day travel to the place I am to go. I should shave first it has been ages since I last shaved. Then shall the ashes be at rest.

Day nine teen thousand nine hundred fifty seven since the ‘Scansio’. Getting use to calling it that. I haven’t written in for….fifty seven days I think, Fuck man I don’t know. But regardless, two days ago, a man tried to rob me with SMP-49, surprise she found one that was still working, sadly she left the safety on. She could have gotten himself killed or worse, but I felt generous and gave her about a month’s worth of food, I can live off of raisins, spending fifty four years on raisins on like a daily basis has been normal, still, I know what is coming, it comes to all. Right now I am in the ruins of a city that was once the crown jewel of Rora, I believe it was called Ebonlon or was Babylon via Roruinis. Shit I can’t remember. I have twenty days until I reach the Elysium. Never thought I would be there. I have to go now, it’s calling. Once more.

Day nine thousand nine hundred and fucking something I don’t fucking remember! Fucking Elysium was in ruins. I thought they would be smart enough to put up the fucking shields! Fuck! GODDAMN THIS HELL! Fuck! This shit is fucking worthless, all the is left is rubble and dust!....Once more, I promise to put it to rest.

This is my final day, it has been….Nine teen thousand, nine hundred ninety nine. I am here at home, too bad I just got shot by a scared kid. He was visibly shaken, well I knew it was coming, just a matter of time. I lived a good life, I would like to think so. Well one regret. God that is a lot of blood. I just need to close my eyes for a bit, and finally take that rest. It had to be me who did it….didn’t it?


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