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Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016



I Find you

” Yes you” 

You are something; you have no shape, no colour, no image, you are something, only I can feel you, sometimes you are beautiful, sometimes you are horrible, sometimes you are colourful, and sometimes you are blind, sometimes you are full of hopes and dreams beyond infinity but sometimes you are lost.
You wake up everyday and when you look into the mirror and you see those sparkled eyes and you find a reason to live, smile 
And that time “I find you”
No one is wrong in this world, no one is selfish, no one is a thief, no one wants to do something wrong with someone, no one wants to hurt someone, when you are truly happy, and you smile and that time  you don’t know what is right and what is wrong in that moment, you are truly you and that time “I find you”
Time changes, things change, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad and that time is your time. Decide your hope, your time decides your faith and that time “I find you.” When you are going to sleep, you have thousands of thoughts
in your mind and you have lots of confusion, lots of fear, and lots of things to do, but something have you bound, that time “I find you”
You are my feelings, you are my Inner voice, you are my confidence, you are what I am, you are more than a story ,you are powerful than love, you are more than something,
It’s all about you , yes you
Real and powerful you
You are my that feeling when you were truly you, and that time you know you are not wrong, because that feeling decides what you are
Don’t have yourself bound, nothing is wrong, nothing is right if you are happy then everything is right and that time I can’t find you because that time 

“I find real you”

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