Neck Deep

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Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016



We raced each other down the sandy beach, dragging our long boards behind us. I brushed back my golden fringe and collapsed in the hot white sand just shortly after my good mate Jed. He shook the extra sand out of his dreadlocks and threw me the wax for my board. “Are you ready for tonight?” Jed asked me as he reached into the esky for another beer. I glanced up towards the dark ocean, admiring the small waves washing up along the sand as the sun set in the distance. “Yeah I’m keen for a good surf” I replied as I rubbed the wax roughly up and down the board. “Have you ever been night surfing before?” he glanced up towards the water and took another swig of his beer.

“Yeah! Heaps of times!” I replied although I don’t think I was fooling anyone.

The sun had disappeared as the stars glistened in the black sky. Jed and I had started a small bon fire down in the sand as more and more surfers who were keen to join us in our night surfing appeared onto the beach. We waxed our boards and hopped in our wetsuits as the waves started to grow and crash heavier onto the shore. We grabbed the head torches and strapped them on tight as about 15 surfers made their way down to the shoreline.

The water was tepid and rough as we made our way through the white waves, diving under the small walls of water. Suddenly the water fell calm as we floated above their breaking point. I paddled out further, following the small group of people who knew where the best waves were to catch. I knew these waters like the back of my hand and was determined to show the newbies up. “Oi Jed!” I called out to him. He glanced over at me with a confused look on his face. “what are you doing so far out?” he called back. “Follow me! I know where the beauties are to catch!” I replied. I saw Jed hesitate for a second before lying flat on his board and pedalling towards me.

We made our way to the other side of the beach; so far away from the group that only a small glimpse of a head light was caught every now and then. Jed and I paddled out further as we started to surf our way out into the ocean, determined to find even bigger waves to surf. Suddenly the surf went quiet and the ocean stood dead still. The sea breeze fell and the water beneath us turned cold as ice. We had drifted a few metres apart as a large ripple divided us. We both stared down at the ripple but our head torches reflected off the murky water, blinding us from seeing what was beneath the surface.

The boards shook as the ripple became larger, knocking us back and forth. We stared up at one another as fear fell upon our faces. Jed started to slowly paddle away, calling me to join him but I was frozen with fear. A dark shadow appeared just beneath the surface, a large grey fin breaking above the water, knocking me almost completely off my board. I let out a shriek as I splashed the water, trying to paddle away as fast as possible.

That was a big mistake.

Jed yelled for help but it was no use. The large shadow launched its 3 ton body out of the water, its razor sharp teeth and soulless eyes met mine as I was knocked clean off my board and into the endless cold water. Its silver body sped towards me quicker than I could scream as I tried my hardest to swim away. The cord around my ankle snapped, releasing me from my board as I tried to swim away from the speedy creature. It was too late. I felt the jaws of death clench around both my legs as a pool of blood stained the water. I screamed in pain as Jed reached out to grab me but it was too late. He leapt back as a chunk of flesh floated up to the surface. He stared back at my mutilated body in fear as the shark fled back out into the deep blue. He slowly rolled out and back into consciousness at the sight that sat before him before throwing up at the horrific sight. My lifeless body drifted away slowly as it quietly sank lower and lower into the ocean and bits of leg and torso stayed above the surface, a circle of blood lingered as a lonely wooden long board floated away into sea. 

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