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boredom kills.

Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016



Olivia Wallace has been flipping trough Netflix for about an hour now…but she still feels that boredom is going to kill her anytime soon.

None of these shows looks appealing enough for her to watch. Her phone is exploding with notifications; as usual. I mean, what do you expect?


She’s beautiful, funny, oh…and did I mention beautiful?


But then again, none of the messages she got seems interesting enough for her to reply.

She grabs her phone anyways, opening the familiar blue bird-logoed app; twitter. She’s got thousands of followers in her twitter account; about 10k, mostly because she posts hilarious sarcastic tweets and gorgeous selfies and photographs of her.


She never, ever post her location or any other personal information though. She’s known as just Olivia. Not Olivia Wallace; just Olivia.


She starts to type out a post…no, not her usual sarcastic or funny post; not a selfie of her either.


Just a random post…courtesy of boredom.


@ItsMeOlivia: bored and hungry lol. someone get me out of here and buy me pizza :(


“Well, that was a useless tweet”

She mutters to herself, throwing her phone on the couch. She sighs and continues scrolling trough the list of TV shows that she could watch.

Boredom is really going to kill her soon.


About half an hour has passed, and Olivia’s still bored out of her mind. She groans and threw the remote on the table before she glances at the clock, wondering when her parents are coming home.

She suddenly hears knocking on the door. She ran towards it and slammed the door open, expecting to see her parents. Instead, she saw an old stranger, smiling at her with a pizza box on his hand.


“Hi, Olivia. I got you the pizza”









Monday, 31st of October 2016. 16 year-old Olivia Wallace have gone missing from the Wallace’s residence on Ivy Drive. Her body was then found a week later in an abonded house on Cooper Avenue. Proof has shown that it is positive that she was murdered; her skulls were heavily damaged and there are signs of sexual abuse just before her death. Bruises cover her whole body and it is believed that she was lured out and kidnapped. There are no suspects yet of whom this heartless killer might be. Rest in Peace, and the deepest condolences for the Wallace family.




So boredom did kill Olivia after all. 

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