I really felt sorry for him!

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Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016



"Bilal, the telephone is making some nonsense noise!" Watching some good night's dreams, I had to arouse my existence from the bed, otherwise, Mama had every reason to show disgust. As slow as the speed of turtle, this was the extent of laziness that prevailed on my tait. Finally, I got myself a physical touch of the shinny noisy surface, which was hanging by the wall. It was not so late before I brought the portable version of the telephone nearer to my ear, in order to get my teared apart, this time not because of my mother, but a miserable cry of a person which echoed in my ears.
I was taken by surprise! I had every reason to be taken as such. My negligence got stroked by a powerful cry of a truly weak human being. Who was the sad persona? This bee of my bonnet soon got answered when the person declared himself to be none other, by my only friend. Being at the loss of words for several seconds, I probably added to his frustration by breaking the silence and asking him of the noble reason for such an act. I was made to wait for several seconds before the answer was fully delivered, as it was unveiled in intervals-the gaps being his miserable cry.
I got my answer, I got my heart broken, and I got myself rushing towards his house! The house where the nightingale was struggling to find peace, the house where no happiness was ver bestowed by the God almighty, the house where a shabby person was lying witnessing the soul go to the heavens! All alone was my friend standing beside the person who was no more alive. A white cloth covered the person as though the person was exposed to a severe winter, from the feet till the neck except the face. By the pale face, I could reckon it must be a womanly figure. I could not quite get the point of his concerns to he woman, but the answer soon got on the cards.
The lady who made my friend come to life, who loved my friend more than any other being, who cared about him more than anyone else could no more care about him! My friend made numerous attempts to recover all the care, but still remained helpless at the hands of heavenly mercy. The done could not be undone! 'I felt sorry for him.'
The lady of such high esteem had passed away from the temporary world, but only left a person to cry after her for his fate? I soon indulged myself to get this bee out of my bonnet, and got a bird's eye view of each and every 3-dimensional surface of that house, but did not get anything but that shabby cry. Tried to contact my friend and asked of him about the matter, and the answer was unveiled by his painful voice.
In all the world, my friend only loved that lady! Not on everyone could he bestow his love, but he could do so on his relatives and siblings, given that they must be alive! Hoped against hope to find a relative, but could not, in all the place between the south pole and the north pole. Alone in the entire world were his feelings, and I was the 'only' one who could share his sorrow.
In a matter of time, the body of the person which was no more, was no more in the house, but deep in the soil of a graveyard. Failures were the only result of my friend's attempts to regain a loved one. I really felt sorry for him!

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