Deep Blue

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Cody and Martha have been having problems with their marriage but a trip to the Marriage councilor changes everything...

Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016



“He’s doing it again” sighed Cody’s daughter to Martha. She scowled receiving the news. She looked as Cody stared into the pool, he was fixated on it as if it was an abyss of infinity in front of him. “I can’t believe him, he was doing so well” said his wife. It had been 3 months since Cody’s last incident. Martha slammed the door behind her as she went towards Cody. He stood there at the pool, not even taking notice of her. She touched his arm gently and whispered to him “Cod it’s ok. It was over 2 years ago.” It took a minute for Cody to be released from his trance. He shook his head and looked at his wife “Sweetie, I’m so sorry. I-- it just came over me looking at the water…” She rubbed his arm and they both walked inside.

But this incident was the last straw for Martha. She was tired of him being distant from herself and the kids, so they agreed to go to couples therapy.  For such an occasion as this, Cody wore his special fish socks. He believed they gave him luck and the design was a Cod, his favorite kind of fish. Before entering, Cody breathed in deep and opened the door. In the room sat a man in glasses behind his desk. Turning his chair around and looking at them he said, “Ah, I didn’t see you there”, and closed his book. He gestured for them to have a seat on his couch. Martha and Cody took a seat on the leather couch near the desk. “Martha and Cody, correct?” He inquired. Cody responded by saying “Please, call me Cod. And yes, that is us.” The Marriage Counselor grinned slightly “Like the fish?” Seeing the reaction from Cody, he quickly cleared his throat and his grin disappeared. “As you know I am Dr.Claus, and I want to know what’s been the problem here, and please. Start from the beginning.” Martha and Cody looked at each other. Martha spoke first. “We were fine for a while, after the…” She paused. “Incident. Sure he was despondent for a while, he had lost his best friend in a deep sea fishing trip when a rogue storm hit them. I can’t imagine the guilt he feels from it. But somehow Cod made it back after a week of being gone. He won’t even tell me what happened on his way back. Ever since then, it seems like every time he sees water he gets a flashback and he goes catatonic. When he’s not doing that, he spends most of his time in the basement and he won’t tell me what he does down there.” She paused, and took in breath. Her eyes were glass like, appearing to be on the verge of shattering at that moment. She glanced over at Cody and saw that he hadn’t left upon hearing her grievances like she had thought he would. So, she let her shoulders drop and continued. At the time Cody saw this but didn’t realize what it meant. She continued, “I don’t know what I can do at this point he hasn’t had a steady job since, and doesn’t interact with the kids anymore… I just don’t know.” Dr. Claus adjusted his glasses and eyed both of them up and down. He broke the silence and leaned in. “Well, it appears that you, Cod, you are the one not communicating in this situation. To me, this is your perfect opportunity to express yourself, like Martha just did. This is a safe place. Please tell us what’s going on up here.” and he pointed at Cody’s head. Cody was silent for minutes.

He finally spoke, “Well, I know I have been distant but I just keep reliving that night. I don’t entirely know… but sometimes I wish I was a… I guess a fish. As ridiculous as that sounds I just can’t help but think that it might have been different. I don’t really know. But I just wish I could have done more in the sea if you catch my drift?” The Doctor nodded and responded, “I believe I do, Cod. I think the key is communication and finding something in life that gives you joy and fulfillment. Letting go of the past is your first step to doing that.”

From there not much got done. For a first session a lot was said and a meeting was agreed upon for next week. For whatever reason, some of the words said by Claus resonated with Cody. He got a new job. Began talking to his children and his wife. Life had returned to his eyes after that first meeting and it seemed like he had a new sense of purpose that was previously not there.

But as the days went on an idea seemed to slowly dawn on him. And soon the life that was so recently gained began to fade again, with each passing day. He soon quit his job and began working in the basement more than ever. Some days he wouldn’t even come up.

Martha knew something fishy was going on and when asked about what he was doing he would only say “It’s a passion project”, and hurry away or retreat back to the basement. It went on like this for 2 months. One day he walked up stairs and said to her “Be good and watch over the kids”. She could take whatever stuff she wanted because he “Wouldn’t need it anymore” and that his time here was done. He kissed her softly on the cheek and walked out of their house stepped into his car and sped off. Frozen there, feeling her cheek, she suddenly was able to move, and fast. She began to sprint out the door. She fumbled for her keys and jumped in the car slamming it’s door behind her.

Stepping on the pedal as hard as she could. The car engine screeched out and wailed as it roared down the road after her husband. She had been following behind but finally was able to make it to the spot he had chosen. Her adrenaline was lost and her blood went cold when she saw the location he had chosen. A spot she hadn’t been to in 2 years. Where she had thought she had seen him for the last time for a week. Here was the pier where Cody and Richard went on their fatal trip.

The world around them was cold and gray. Not even a shimmer of sunshine or a faded yellow hue was there. A strong wind seemed to push them towards the sea. Cod was at the trunk of his car pulling out a foreign item to her. She screamed and ran to him but he was transfixed on whatever it was. “I see that you followed me here.” “Cod! Stop, come talk to me. Please.” On that day Cod noticed something in her eyes. They were the same as they had been in Dr. Claus’. They seemed transparent and fragile, almost glass like. He continued to move all the same. “You want to know something Martha? This is something that’s been eating at me for years and I think you might want to know what it is. I mean you did drive all the way out here” The wind roared around them giving a gust of cold air. He gave a soft chuckle. “Ever since I was a kid I guess you would say the deep blue always called to me. Rich was the only person who understood the extent of it. It’s the reason why we both became Aquatic Engineers…” He paused. “Our goal was to become fishes, do you understand? Like real life fishes that live in seas and rivers.”

Martha couldn’t even process the news. What did he mean? Was it a metaphor for something? Was he on drugs? He continued, “We just wanted to be two guys swimming in the sea with fish bodies if we could. But we found out the technology just wasn’t there to become fish people or even put our brains in one of their bodies. But we finally settled on this.” He opened up the suitcase revealing a thing that can only be described as fish suit. It was made out of metal and had fins and fish scales and looked exactly like a metal fish that could fit a person inside. “This” he gestured. “This, is the key to my joy and fulfillment. The finished product. Me and Rich went on that trip to test out the capabilities of the new suit we had created, the Garum Marc II. But when the storm hit Rich had the Garum Marc II he swam away that day never coming back. If my calculations are correct he’s been living in the sea ever since. While I was damned with the prototype and had to swim back in it, treading water for a full week.” Martha finally spoke. “This doesn’t seem possible. Cod please come home with me.” He looked past her “You know that phrase ‘Some people try to swim uphill’. I am those people. I am making it possible.” “But that isn’t the phrase, Cod. They say ‘ice skate uphill’” She responded. “But, it doesn’t matter--” “This has been my dream since I was a boy, cursed to the land, and Rich has been living my dream for 2 years now. I vowed to get back into the sea, but the suit I had didn’t have the capabilities to do so, so I had to create a new version of the suit and it took 2 years, but I finally did it and I have built my immunity to seawater.” With tears streaming down her face she collapsed to her knees. “Think of the children…” Now putting on the suit he replied, “I have. I tried to be a good father and husband after the counseling, but thinking about Rich living my dream while I remain on land is impossible for me to cope with. Do you even know why I want to be called Cod? I believe that we should act like the Cod fish. If their kids can grow up on their own and flourish so can mine.” With that he closed the suit. Unfortunately for him, he had a huge oversight in his design and didn’t prepare himself for getting into the water. When the suit was sealed he toppled over immediately. Not wanting to look stupid he began flopping on the deck, trying to get himself off the pier.

The wind turned out of his favor and became harsher and it appeared that whatever was in charge of the Universe wasn’t done with Cody yet. The wind was so fierce he had to struggle immensely on the deck to get off. This gave Martha a chance she began crawling towards the mechanical fish and grabbed it from the air mid flop. “PLEASE!” He looked through the glass hole he had given himself, and stared directly at her. “Fishes aren’t supposed to stay on land Martha, nor in captivity. The sea calls to me. This pond you call land is too small for me. I’m just a big fish. If you truly loved me you would set me free.” Slowly, her grip slackened. Free from his obstruction he began flopping again. And again and again. The sound of metal on wood became rhythmic to those that listened. Martha, now sitting on the pier, watched the last flop into the water and saw the remnants of the splash shoot up on the deck. Watching as her husband waited for the tide to take him. The life in his eyes were blazing as he watched the wave that would take him and suit out to sea. With great effort he broke his gaze from his destiny and looked back. “This isn’t meant to be in bad to taste, but there are plenty of fish in the sea for you, Martha. You’ll be fine.” With that the wave washed over him and he was gone.

Martha looked blankly off into the distance. After what felt like hours she finally was able

to pry herself from the horizon and walked off back to the car. Unsure if he had drowned and

with salty tears streaming down her face, a hope emerged that whatever Cod was doing down

there he was finally happy.

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