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Working on a project I found the story flat. I had not developed my bad guy so I had no story or direction. Here is a short story about a girl turned sorceress. She is bad, real bad. Evil to the core and a bit insane. Did this story capture that? Please give me feedback.

Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016





Eyes closed her mind traveled the cosmos.  The most prolific being of power to have been mortal stood at the top of her monolithic palace.  No ordinary palace this one was in a place no living creature set foot.  In the vacuum of space on a tiny desolate moon she watched all with her immortal eyes.  Across the vast expanse her eyes roamed.  There was so much nothing.  But matched against infinity of all the nothing, creation itself was infinite.  It wasn’t of course but it was vast.  And then there were the worlds on top of worlds. The secret dimensions.  Mirrors on top of mirrors the worlds repeated.  Hidden from mortals only the angels and demons could traverse the barriers.  From her perch, she maintained the vigil against conflict.  Here and there, there she found some smoldering embers of turmoil.  The forces and of light and dark constantly visited violence on each other.  But of course, her agents were beating the embers out.  Soon that would be over.  It would all be over.  Serenity’s smile turns into a frown as memories of the past spring up.  With her conversion from mortal to supernatural, she gained sight as none other had ever achieved.  In this new state her eyes opened to the cosmos and she was mortified by the sight she was.  All of creation was ablaze in perpetual violence.  Long ago the Creator came and created and in his shadow, was Corruption.  In the wake of the behemoths the worlds came, grew, and erupted in destruction.  Evil sprang up to strangle the light and the light raised up to destroy the darkness.  Neither never destroyed, neither truly reigned supreme.  Pulling back from her memories her frown turned back to a smile.  The war was fought and won.  Almost done, almost there.  “Exaaster has arrived and is awaiting your pleasure.” The telepathic message from her only servant in the palace interrupts her gazing mind.  With some effort Serenity’s gaze returns to her body.  At first her features are frozen like granite in the frozen vacuum.  Yet as her mind dwells back into her body it begins to twitch.  Serenity a 15-year looking teenager was not the sight of one in most nightmares.  Beautiful but short she was anything but terrifying.  Standing from her crouched position her body is once again under her minds control.  Turning to look behind herself she glares at her servant sorceress with disdain.  Changed at only 14 she Daria had been an all-powerful sorceress for less than 5 years.  She would not make it to 6 years and Daria could sense it.  Never knowing when her last moment would come she threw everything into being the best slave for Serenity.  Yet like a person afflicted with tumors her fate worse than death would come.  Without sending a word of acknowledgement to the terrified child she swiftly walks away.  It did not take long for Serenity to reach the “throne room”.  In the large chamber, there was only one furnishing in the entire palace a large intimidating chair set on a raised dais.  There were no ornate carvings or gold inlaid decorations.  But the walls were neither plane either.  All along the walls and columns were glass squares.  The contents the ultimate tool of intimidation to the subservient sorcerers.  In each one of them was what appeared to be fragments of shattered statues.  No random piece the fragments were pieces of face that contained eyes.  In unison thousands of eyes followed Serenity across the room as she walked to her throne.  Unable to withstand the stares of the animated eyes she did not have the strength to follow Serenity into the room.  “Enter, Exaaster.”  Walking forward into the room after Serenity had seated was a somewhat ugly woman in her mid-thirties.  Tall and lanky she had a slight hump in her back and a look that made sour lemons look sweet by comparison.  Speaking before Exaaster, Serenity had to try first to get under skin.  In over 900 years Serenity had not once filled Exaaster with fear.  Even now surrounded by thousands of doomed sorceresses she was completely unfazed.  “Tell me Exaastar are you proud to have escaped my wrath and joined me in eternity.”  Taking a moment to look around at the thousands of eyes she takes her time to respond.  “Come now Serenity, do you think me so stupid.  My fate is and always has been to be another set of trophy eyes upon your walls.  The question I ask myself every morning is, is this the day?”  At once jumping of her throne as if to attack, Serenity can’t help but taunt Exaastar.  Like a stone wall she doesn’t even flinch.  Yes, indeed Serenity did indeed care for this one.  However, she would not tell Exaastar that.  Created in the first century she wasn’t the first of her sorceress servants, but she was the longest surviving one.  In the early years Serenity, did not know who or exactly what she was or what she wanted. Very dangerous times for those who served her.  What she was so what pleased her one day angered her the next.  Yet Exaastar still lived.  In fact, the next oldest one was only 200 years old.  Walking around without attacking like she pretended Serenity grabs her by her hand.  “Come let us go someplace more comfortable.”  Walking forward the surroundings blur and twist into a tunnel of random colors.Folding space while changing dimensions the pair travers distance and planes of existence effortlessly.  After a short few minutes the tunnel of scattered and refracted light consolidate and comes into focus.  Dark and moist the air is a tepid warm temperature.  Alive with the noises of a flourishing jungle the atmosphere here is vastly different than the palace in the vacuum of space.  Serenity has brought Exaastar into her favorite palace.  A small stone palace that is wall less and open to the forest that surrounds it.  Pitch black on a moonless night the only light comes from the occasional blue flash from an approaching storm.  Releasing Exaastar’s hand Serenity claps her hands together and suddenly torches come to life on every column.  Like all her true mansions this one has a Spartan feel.  Neither needing to eat, drink, or breath Serenity’s needs were simple.  She had no desire to be worshiped and so the ornate decorations many who obtained power craved did not exist.  She was not the Creator why pretend?  As they are walking down the corridor Exaastar’s form begins to blur as the light around her is magically bent.  Lasting but a moment seconds later she focuses into that of a stunningly gorgeous woman.  Perfectly shaped with flawless skin she is neither too young or too old with only the slightest hints of wrinkles around her eyes.  “Thank you Serenity, without air I have to appear as I am.  It does not match who I am at heart.  So, tell me master what is it you desire of me.”  Suddenly a massive horse sized jaguar leaps out of the forest.  “Well first off meet Lord Nelson, my furry friend.”  Scarcely had the words left Serenity’s mouth and the beast had crossed the space attacking Exaastar with tooth and claw.  Instead of her flesh tearing the cat’s teeth claws snap as if attacking granite.  Perturbed by the inconvenience she pushes the cat off her.  Then grabbing the cat by the scruff of his neck she flings the cat like a ragdoll.  Colliding into a stone column the forest’s noise is overpowered by the sound of Lord Nelsons bones shattering.  “Come now Exaastar was that really necessary?”  Shrugging Exaastar answers, “If you cared it would not be dead.”  Of all the creatures come and gone that had worn the title of sorceress Exaastar had carried it best of all.  “Indeed he would not.”  Soft groans fill the air.  Curious Exaastar walks over to take in the pile of broken flesh and bone.  To her surprise the mangled corpse is pulling itself back together.  “You made a blood warrior out of an animal?”  It should not have surprised her.  “Why not, I like him more than most people.  Did you know when I had this place created I brought servants.  This good kitty did not like that.  One by one he killed them.  The ones that tried to flee into the jungle.  Well this jungle is no ordinary one either.  Short story short, they all died only to leave Lord Nelson to keep me company.  Much better company if I say so myself.”  Now getting up the cat is staring murder at Exaastar but does not repeat its attack.  “Anyways why do you think I summoned you?”  Without thinking Exaastar answers, “Because when faced with a problem I give you what you want when you don’t know what you want.”  Nodding her head in agreement Serenity is pleased with the answer.  “And that is why you are not a pair of ever gazing eyes on my wall.  There is a new power.  She was created by the same witch that made me.  She is powerful Exaastar, so very powerful.  She could be an inconvenience or she could be nothing.  Either way do what I want with her.”  Nodding her head in understanding, “Which, of course you don’t know what you want.  It shall be done.  What is this power and where shall I find it?”  Appearing out of thin air strange glowing symbols appear in the air.  The arcane language born into every sorceress upon their conversion is incomprehensible to all else.  They tell where the planet is, where to look on the planet, and the frequency of dimension it occupies.  “Me, only younger.  The witch that started it all has made another.  For what purpose, I don’t know.  She has neither fought for the light or corruption so her motivations are unknown to me.  So, I do not know to welcome her as a sister, bind her as a slave, or curse her to the wall of eyes.”  With all the pertinent information Exaastar turns and steps forward to travel but finds herself halted.  With no outward appearance Serenity hold on her is stronger than any physical binding.  Of all of Serenity’s powers this one annoyed Exaastar most of all.  “One question old friend, how have you been so adept at staying alive in my service.”  The air humming as the two magical wills pull at the fabric of reality neither gives at first.  Exaastar wanting to travel and Serenity holding her place.  Then to Serenity’s surprise she speaks, “The world I came from had was a cruel hateful world.  The entire world was united under one tyrant in an opulent capital city.  Ruled by one emperor over all, the men themselves didn’t last long as he was swapped out every other year in a constant never ending feud for power.  Also, the water they drank in the city was poisoned by lead they lined in the aqueducts.  All the power in that world mixed with the ego of power hangry fools then add a heaping dose of insanity and paranoia to the brew and that was the world I was thrust into as a small slave girl.  It was a dangerous place to call home.  I thrived, as my age progressed I effortlessly changed from one profession to the next.  From slave girl, to mistress, to Madame of the servants, to super natural seer of the gods.  I survived, no I thrived.  My entire mortal life was preparation for an existence your servitude.”  Exaastar had simply spoke the truth, no insults were intended.  Yet in all her power for the first time in very long time Serenity discovered she still had feelings that could be bruised.  Releasing her hold Exaastar fades out of existence as she travels.  Serenity had been asking that question for over 700 years and never once had Exaastar given her answer.  Looking over at her monstrous cat she begins to ponder how depraved her mind is.  “Tell me Lord Nelson, do you think I am insane?”  The only answer she gets is the cats stare.  With drool running out of the corners of his mouth the jaguar knows the appearance of Serenity means a buffet of easy food.  “I didn’t think so either.  I am as sane as they come.  In fact, I am the first sane person to be born in this insane universe.”  Licking his chops Lord Nelson is eagerly awaiting on Serenity.  Taking the action as agreement Serenity continues on, “I have found this wonderful island.  Full of unarmed overweight people living the most boring of lives.  Like cows raised for the slaughter this herd will be the best one yet.”  Placing her hand on Lord Nelson’s flank they both begin walking.  Surrounded in blurry colors the jaguar takes it all in stride.  For hundreds of years Serenity had been taking him across the cosmos and traveling had become second nature to him. 

Under the burning sun a small brown tanned boy was playing in shallow surf pools.  With his play spears, he was practicing spearing imaginary fish like the men did.  Not that any of his tribe would spend time with the strange boy.  Beset since childhood with day terrors all on the island avoided him.  Not even his mother would go near him.  His sun bleached blonde hair and blue eyes harkened back to a very different ancestry then the tropic island he lived on.  Living on an island called Eulon, it was a small tropical island on the edge of a vast corral reef.  Founded by woman and children fleeing wars many generations ago the people were peaceful to a fault.  Taught by their mothers the sins and evils of violence the culture was one of constant peace and never turmoil.  With nightmares and day terror of violent creatures coming to kill the poor child had been ostracized since a very young age.  Fortunately, the lush island devoid of predators and full of food the toddler had survived on his own.  Abruptly the boys play is interrupted by his instincts.  For reasons unknown to himself his mind has come to life with a pang of overwhelming fear.  On the verge of panic, he takes a calming breath so as not to lose control of himself.  Following his instincts, he rushes to hide behind a jagged volcanic rock with half his body in the pool.  Staring at a boring patch of sand along the beach the child begins to wonder if it is another waking terror.  The sounds of laughter float in from the distance above the sounds of the waves crashing.  Everyone else could be so happy why couldn’t he.  The boring sand suddenly becomes different as the air begins to shimmer and colors of black and green begin to swirl out of know where.  As soon as it starts it ends with a short woman in a green dress walking with a monster straight out of the boy’s dreams.  Immediately the black four-legged monster breaks into a sprint but the boy’s eyes stay glued to the short woman.  In the distance the happy sounds of his mother and the rest of the tribe break into screams of panic.  The boy’s dreams coming true he silently slips into the pool.  Swimming to a hole in the pool the boy goes into the dark cave.  He knows at the end he will pop out into the ocean where he can swim to a very tiny island.  To stay on Eulon is to die.

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