A Boy and a Transparent Dragon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Glen-welkin King, Seth the Maven, is having a disturbing dream. He has summoned his most trusted advisers to give him the meaning, but alas, none had a clue as to what the dream means. But someone else might, and maybe it's a dragon.

In the land called Glen-welkin, which is surrounded by seven mountains called "The Brides of Welkin", lived all the tribes of Skyworth. And these tribes were governed by the Glen-welkin King, Seth the Maven.

Near the edge of the Mountain called Shale, there is the enchanted forest of Voices, sometimes called Whispers.


Tradition states that in this forest there is a dragon that answers to the name of Windsor; although no living person dares claim that they have seen Windsor, or called the dragon's name out load.

It is just a story that the locals tell when trying to explain the odd goings on in that forest. In other words, if it happened in the forest and it was an odd, or a strange occurrence, then blame it on the dragon. They have been doing this for the last century, or so.


In this story, the Glen-welkin King, Seth the Maven, is having a disturbing dream. He has summoned his oracles and most trusted advisers to give him the meanings of this reoccurring dream. But alas, none could say, or they were afraid to tell him.

His astrologers have pointed to the heavens saying that there is a new star that has been seen in the sky, but only during the morning hours. The star is aligned with those planets that foretell of war and changes in rulers.

The King's most trusted adviser and oldest of the Oracles, Tumbrel, says the new star is simply the twinkling from the eye of the Welkin God, Novas, who watches over the Kingdom of Glen-welkin.

Tumbrel, and the others, do not want to take responsibility for any predictions regarding this dreaded dream, so Tumbrel tells the King that there must be someone in the kingdom that can interpret the dream; after all, there are many fortune-teller, witches, warlocks, and Soothsayers. 

"Good King," exclaimed Tumbrel, "post proclamations in every town, village, and hamlet. Ask that all the seasoned dream interpreters to come to the castle for an audience with you. Offer a handsome purse of silver to the one that can tell you what the dream is saying."

The Warlock, Malinger was his name, objected and said, "Any fool could come here and tell our beloved King any concocted story to fit the dream at hand. How is the King to know that the interpreter speaks the truth?

Tumbrel replied, "Let us tell two dreams to the interpreter, one will be a fabrication and the other the actual dream. If the interpreter does not know the difference between them, then we will know that that person is not gifted. We will know that they are an imposter and is just telling tales."

The King agreed to the plan and the proclamations were posted throughout the kingdom.


 Chapter Two

“The Yo Meeting”


In the village of Hint lived a boy called Yo. And when Yo heard the reading of the posted proclamation from the king, he said to his friend Geebers, "It is a big problem, our beloved King being troubled by a silly dream." 

Geebers agreed and replied, "The King should ask Windsor, the dragon, the meaning of that dream. My father says that Windsor is a mystical dragon and mystical dragons know everything."

Yo was shocked at that news, and he asked Geebers, "Really, dragons can do that?"

"That's right, they have "The All Seeing Eye," Geebers replied.

That night, at the dinner table, Yo asked his parents about the King's dream and did they know anyone that could reveal a dream's meaning.

Yo's Father said, "We have a great need for that Purse of silver. But who knows what dreams mean? Maybe they mean nothing at all.

However, I do hope our Great King finds the answers he seeks; over time the answer could affect us all."

"Yes," replied Yo's Mother, "it is true, our King's decisions affect us too."

"Shouldn't we ask Windsor the Dragon to interpret the dream?" Yo questioned. "Geeber's said the dragon knows everything."

Yo's Mother laughed and said, "Well, if you can find that dragon then maybe it would help, but the hard part is finding it.

Your Grandmother, Tulsa, used to go to the enchanted forest to gather mushrooms. She and other family members did that every year for over twenty years, and they never, once, saw that dragon."

"Maybe she should have called Windsor's name," said Yam, Yo's sister, "the dragon may have answered.

Everyone at the table laughed. Well, Yo didn't laugh, he was thinking about what his sister had said. Maybe she was right and no-one knew it.


A week had passed from the time of the King's posted proclamation, and Yo's mother needed spices for the cooking of their meals.

So Yo's Mother said, "Come here Yo, take these coins and this list of spices, and put them deep into your pocket so that you do not lose them. Now take them to the Spice-man who lives among the Sycamore trees.

It is a goodly walk to the Spice-man house, but you should have plenty of time to get there and be home before dark.

The Spice-man's house can be seen from the stone laden King's Road and there is a sign directing customers as to which path to take, once you arrive.

The Spice-man's shop is at the other side of The Enchanted Forest, but be warned, do not leave the road and do not go into that forest.

Going through the forest is not a short-cut, once inside there are no paths and you cannot easily see the sun, so it is easy to walk in circles and not know that you are doing so.

The Enchanted Forest is not like anything that you have ever seen before and when a person is all alone they can be beguiled by the creatures within. So do as I say and stay on the road!"

"Yes Mama," was Yo's half-hearted reply, then he bounded out the door of the cottage.

This was a big adventure for Yo, he had never gone that far before, at least, not alone.

And as Yo made his way along the King's Road he remembered what his sister had said about calling Windsor; it still sounded like a good idea.



Chapter Three

“Making Conclusions”

As the road began to turn toward the Enchanted Forest, Yo saw a Red-tailed Hawk circling in the sky overhead.

"I'll bet that hawk is looking for something to feed her offspring, after all, it is that time of year for baby hawks," Yo said to himself.

Then Yo looked around to see if he could see what the hawk was watching, and then he said, "I'll bet that she is watching that rabbit that is near the forest's edge."

At that moment the hawk dived and was streaking toward the rabbit when the strangest thing happened, it suddenly pulled out of its dive and turned away from the forest.

"That is very strange," thought Yo out loud. "I wonder what changed that bird's mind. It acted as if it saw something it feared."

As the King's Road turned, it drew very near to the forest's edge, so Yo decided to try something. He would run into and out of the forest edge very quickly, just to see if there was something that was scary in there, or would prevent him from entering, as it seemed to do with the Hawk.

"I'll just run in and right back out," Yo said to himself, "just to see if I can."

So off Yo ran and had no trouble at all achieving his goal. But as he exited the edge of the forest he found himself out of breath. Yo sat down on a nearby bolder to rest for a time.

"Well that doesn't make any sense at all," Yo said out loud, "That rabbit looked like easy prey. I wonder why the hawk didn't enter the forest to go after it."

"Because the hawk is a bird of prey and the smell of Nibble-Vines is distasteful to them; as it is distasteful to those animals that eat mostly flesh and very little plants," said a voice that was coming from a nearby bush.

Yo looked around and soon spied the rabbit huddled under a bush.

Yo asked the rabbit, "Was that you talking?"

"Well of course!" was the reply. "You asked a question that needed an answer, and it is my duty as a resident of the Enchanted Forest to answer the question."

"I'm sorry," Yo replied, "you don't understand, I was surprised that you could talk at all, other rabbits don't talk."

"Ah, but they do little man. You just can't hear them until you draw near to the Enchanted Forest. That is why they call it an Enchanted Forest, it is enchanted."

"Really," Yo questioned rather snidely, "then why didn't my grandmother ever hear talking animals when she came to the forest to pick mushrooms?"

The Rabbit thought momentarily, and then replied, "Maybe she didn't ask any questions!"

And with that said, the rabbit scurried off into the forest.


Chapter Four



The day was eventful in that Yo made it to the Spice-man's shop without getting himself into any trouble.

Yo gave the customary introduction and then he gave Mr. Twaddle Peppercorn the note and the coins from his mother.

He and Mr. Peppercorn exchanged pleasantries as the Spice-man, Mr. Peppercorn, filled the order. He also provided Yo with a glass of lemonade and a couple of ginger cookies.

"I'm afraid that I am out of sugar and cinnamon," Mr. Peppercorn confessed. "I had unexpected customers this month and they bought much of my supplies. I am making an extra trip to my supplier tomorrow and should have more by week’s end. Could you possibly come back, oh, say, next Wednesday?"

Yo replied, "Well, it is a four hour walk from my village, my Mother may not want me to come back just for sugar and cinnamon."

"Why didn't you go through the forest?" Mr. Peppercorn asked with a (silly boy) snicker in his voice.

Yo countered, "My Mother said not to. She said that going through the forest is not a short-cut, once inside there are no paths and you cannot see the sun, so it is easy to walk in circles and not know that you are walking in circles."

Mr. Peppercorn laughed and said, "It has obviously been years sense your Mother has been in that forest, it is different now.

Now there are well worn paths to follow, made by many experienced travelers seeking a shorter route than the Kings Road provides. One path runs almost true north to south and the other runs, haphazardly, east to west, both intersect somewhere near the center of the forest."

Then Mr. Peppercorn handed Yo the sack of assorted spices and lead him to the front door of his store. He opened the door and pointed toward the forest and asked, "Do you see that huge oak tree over there?"

"Yes sir," was Yo's answer.

"Good," replied Mr. Peppercorn, "next to that Oak Tree is a well worn trail that leads into that forest. Just follow that trail and it will guide you straight through the forest, you should exit very near your village. If you do so then you should be home in about two hours; that is, unless you dally around in there.

But mind you, your Mother is right about one thing, do not leave the trail. If you do, then you may become disoriented and become lost."

So, off Yo went with sack in hand and a cookie crumb smile on his face.


After Yo entered the Enchanted Forest he began calling out, "Windsor, Oh Windsor! Come out; come out, wherever you are! Windsor, I want to talk to you, come see me!"

After quite a while Yo became tired of walking and of yelling, so he sat down on a fallen log to rest.

All of a sudden a porky-pine came waddling through the area.

"Can you talk?" Yo inquired.

"Well now that you have asked me, I must reply affirmatively," the porky-pine replied as she turned toward Yo and stopped walking.

"My name is Yo and I have a question that you may be able to answer.

"I am known as Needle and I love answering questions. So ask away," replied the porky-pine.

Yo began, "I recently met a rabbit who told me that birds of prey can't enter The Enchanted Forest. Can you tell me why?"

Needle replied, "Oh they can if they are determined or hungry enough; or if they have no sense of smell. The smell of Nibble-Vines is very distasteful to them, even noxious to some. It is that way to most creatures that eat mostly meat."

Yo questioned, "Nibble-Vines, do you mean these vines that are growing all around the tree trunks and under the bushes?"

"Yes, those are the ones," replied Needle. "All the creatures that were born in The Enchanted Forest eat them; none eat any meat; not even the bears, the big cats, or the badger. There are no meat eaters born within this forest.

Some outsiders eat the vines too, like rabbits, deer, and bugs, just to name a few.

These vines are very nutritious and provide everything that any creature needs for nourishment, except for water, of course."

Yo thought for a moment about what was said, and then asked, "I am a meat eater, why don't I find the Nibble-Vines distasteful?"

"Well I'll bet that you eat a lot of vegetables too, that counteracts the effect. But I guess the simple answer is, the more meat that you eat, the more distasteful the smell becomes," Needle replied.

"I really should be going now," Yo reluctantly said. "But before I go, I have one more question. Do you know where Windsor Lives? I have been calling him but he does not answer."

"Windsor doesn't live anywhere, at least not in the way that we think of (Living somewhere). Mystical creatures are not like you and I, and they are not confined to those things that confine us.

To make it simple, think of living in a house with many floors, one on top of the next floor. Pretend that you live in the bottom floor and cannot climb stairs; you are confined to the first floor. Windsor is Mystical; he can climb all the stairs. So when you call Windsor, you must think beyond the first floor and call with your spirit, as well as with your voice," Needle explained.

"OK," Yo replied, "I guess I can do that. Thanks!"

Yo continued down the trail while trying to digest everything Needle had said.

"Windsor, Oh Windsor,  I want to talk to you, come see me!" Yo called out to the dragon again, but this time he was thinking hard on the words that he was saying. "Windsor, Oh Windsor, I want to talk to you!"

"What do you want boy?" A voice from an unseen creature asked.

Yo looked around and saw no-one, but replied, "Is that you Windsor?"

"Have you been calling anyone else? --- Of course you haven't! --- So it must be me," Windsor replied rather sarcastically.

"Well where are you?" Yo demanded to know. Then he went on to explain, “It is really weird trying to talk to someone that you can't see, it is freaking me out! You Know?"

Suddenly, but very slowly, a figure began appearing. It was seated on a tree branch and it was no bigger that a bird, like a Robin, or a Mockingbird.

"Holy Mollie, you sure are small for a dragon," Yo blurted out without thinking.

"You want big, boom," said Windsor. And suddenly the dragon was as tall as a standing horse and twice as long.

"How's that, or do you want bigger than this?" Windsor asked with a sneer on his face.

"No, no, that is big enough, --- thanks."

"What is your name boy?" Windsor inquired, with a grumpy tone in his voice.

Yo replied, "My name is Youngerstone Orwellian, but for obvious reasons everyone just calls me Yo."

"Well Yo, what do you want? I'm a very busy dragon and have little time for chit-chat," Windsor stated.

"Oh, I am so sorry.

Our good King, Seth the Maven, is having a disturbing and reoccurring dream. He has summoned his oracles and most trusted advisers to give him the meanings of this dream, but none can do so.

I have heard that you know everything, so I was wondering if you would be so kind as to tell the King what the dream means. You know, to set his mind at ease."

Windsor smiled and asked, "Who told you that I know everything?"

"My friend Geebers said that his Father told him that mystical dragons know everything," Yo replied.

Windsor thought for a moment, and then said, "Everything is a lot to know and I doubt that anyone knows everything.

However, your friend's Father is right about the mystical part, but that gives me the ability to change my size and to become transparent, among other things, but not to read minds.

However, interpreting a dream, well I've never tried that before. It might be worth trying, I guess, you know, for the good of the King's disposition.

I cannot arrive at the King's castle in any size, or visible. The guards and his archers would surly kill me on sight. So I will have to be very stealthy, small and transparent as possible.

Even if the king were to allow me an audience, he would never take the word of a dragon. But a boy, this king would see that differently, I'm sure.

So, my boy, this is what we shall do.................."


Chapter Five

“The Dream Tells All”


"Great King, may I enter?" Tumbrel asked.

"Yes, yes, come in. What is it?"

"There is a boy in the great hall that was brought there by the castle guards. The boy says that he can tell you the meaning of your dream," Tumbrel replied with hesitation in his speech.

The King thought for several moments and then mumbled, "Out of the mouths of babies."

"Bring the boy to me," the King ordered.

After a few moments, Tumbrel brought Yo out onto the King's breakfast veranda and they both bowed to the floor.

"Get up, get up, I have no time for formalities today!" the king stated.

"I want to tell this boy the Dream so that I may finally have an answer to my problem," said King Seth.

"There is no need, great King," Yo replied strongly, but timidly. "If I may, I will tell you the dream that you have been having and I will tell you the interpretation."

"How could you know the dream that is in my head, Boy?" King Seth inquired.

Yo explained, "I heard a voice, but when I looked I saw no-one. Then the voice told me your dream and the meaning of it, Good King." 

The King sat way back in his dinning chair and asked, "Was it a ghosts, a spirit, what?"

Yo bowed his head and replied, "I am only a child my King. What do I know of such things? It might have been a transparent dragon for all I know."

With that said, the King and Timbrel burst out laughing.

After recovering from laughing, the King said while still smiling, "A transparent dragon, I doubt that it was a dragon that interpreted my dream for you boy. It might have been a spirit from the world beyond, but not a dragon."

Yo just stood there, silently.

So, Boy, tell me what the voice said, and tell me now before I lose my patience," King Seth demanded, all the while showing signs that he was beginning to doubt the boy.


Yo began by saying, "In the dream you saw a great weighting scale, many men stood on one side and only a few stood in the other, but the scale with the few men was heavier and was weighed down.

When the scale was weighed down the sun turned dark. But you knew that it was not night, for no stars appeared in the heavens.

Then, oh great King, you heard a voice saying, "Woe to the many that the few outweigh. Their thievery has filled their pockets with gold and those deeds will cause darkness in the land."

"The King jumped from his chair and grabbed Yo, saying, "That is the dream! What must I do, what must I do?"


Yo replied by saying, "Good King, you know what to do because this dream is of your own making and from your own heart. You must think hard to remember the last words of the dream, the words that you have hidden from yourself. --- Think my King, think!"

Suddenly King Seth uttered the words, "Woe to the king that sees the thievery and does nothing, for his dreams will haunt him and the many shall take his throne."

The King released Yo and slowly took a coin-pouch from his coat pocket. "Here, this is yours," the King said as he handed the pouch to Yo.

And then, as if in a daze, King Seth returned to his chair and sat down; he was mumbling to himself.

Tumbrel attended to the King and tried to comfort him while Yo took the opportunity to quietly slip out of the room. And with the help of Windsor the dragon, Yo was home in minutes.


From time to time, Windsor and Yo play games in the forest, but they don't play hide-in-go-seek because Windsor always wins.

But they do play Chess at the secret game table that is near the Unicorn's pond.

They are very good friends now, but that remains a secret just between Windsor and Yo; Windsor likes his privacy and Yo respects that.

Yo took his family to the forest and showed them the trails that the Spice-man told him about; they were amazed.

And they were even more amazed and overjoyed when Yo's father found a pouch of silver coins just lying under the edge of some Nibble-vines. What a lucky thing that was!


News travels fast in the land called Glen-welkin, especially among the tribes of Skyworth.

And the latest news is that some tax collectors, a few wealthy land owners, and other persons in power, have been arrested for collaboration and fraud.

The king has sent special justices to all corners of the kingdom to see to the return of property that was illegally taken from citizens.

Many, too, were released from debtor prison and were returned to their families.

Great jubilation is alive in the kingdom and the economy is thriving. Yes, the people have more money to spend and there are more goods and services being sold than ever before.

It is true that those that were at fault went to jail, had their possessions confiscated, and the more minor offenders were thrown out of the kingdom.

It is also true that King Seth has a little less gold in his storehouses, but his dreams are sweet and his kingdom is secure.

It is true that the rest of the Royalty Families are hesitant to throw such lavish parties as they once did, but I doubt that they will be complaining to the King.

Yes, it's all good in the Kingdom of Glen-welkin, except for one small detail.

With all the Dream stuff, Dragon conniving, and King helping going on, Yo forgot to go back to the Spice-man's shop for the sugar and cinnamon. --- Mama was not pleased!



D. Thurmond / JEF



Submitted: October 31, 2016

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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