family first

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this about a father who would do anything for his family no matter what it is or the consequences

Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016



Family First


“What did I tell you boy about being in these streets this late at night? When the street lights come on,

You should be inside the house.”

“Alright old man, I hear ya damn. Get off my back”.

“I don’t need no lip from you son, just get in the got damn house”

We used to have that same fight over and over again, day after day. The neighborhood we lived in was nothing but drugs and bad influences and I didn’t want any of my kids being a part of that. I tried my hardest to do the best for Marcus and my little ones. I made sure there was food on the table for all three of my kids and my wife. I made sure they had clothes on their back. I tried to give them all the love in the world and I feel I have done all that could have been done. Marcus is my oldest son, being 17, of three boys. I always tell him to be the example for his brothers even though they could be an example for him. He’s the stubborn one of the family. I have no idea where that trait came from, probably his mother’s side of the family.

No matter how hard I tried, it seemed that Marcus always found his way to the wrong crowd. I put him in the best private school around, my other kids as well, but that did no good. I never wanted to be that parent who took away all of his freedom but he would just use it to go sell drugs. At first, it was to make a quick buck for new Jordan’s that I couldn’t give him at the time because of private school fees. I set him straight, I told him no more. Him being stubborn, he just kept going back. Next, I hear about some gang shooting in the area and my best friend and neighbor Mike told me that Marcus was a part of that. At that point, I just wanted to scream to the heavens as well as cry my eyes out like a baby. This made me feel like a failure as a dad.

Hours and hours and hours went by and Marcus still wasn’t home. An hour later, Marcus comes home all beaten up with bruises everywhere, a bloody nose, and two black eyes. I wanted to curse the living hell out of Marcus before he arrived but now I just want to know who did this to my son. Nobody can put their hands on my son like that.

“What happened son? Who did this to you? Why were you out with those gangbangers?” I asked in a stern voice.

“There’s this guy name Snake. He...he told his guys to beat me up and that I was his property so he could do whatever he wanted. Snake is the leader”

“Are these the same guys you’ve been running around with that I told you not to?”

“Yes. I'm sorry dad but that's the reason I look like this. I didn't want to be involved in the shooting and Snake doesn't take no for an answer and forced me too or he said he would kill me. I didn't even shoot the gun which made him angrier. That's when he told people to beat me up. I never wanted it to go this far. I just wanted some extra cash dad, honest”

Marcus was at a low point but he understood what I have been trying to tell him for a long while. It just made me angry that they put their hands on my son. Then some guy named Snake said that he was going to kill my son, hell no that just didn't sit right with me. I lost it. I just had to take a walk.

I paced down the street for a good hour. The more I thought about the situation, the angrier I became. I went back home and went to the back room where I kept my gun locked away from everyone, the kids especially. I loaded the gun bullet after bullet. I knocked on mike’s door, with the gun hidden so he couldn't see it of course, and he answers in his boxers and robe. He obviously was sleeping with it being 2 o’clock in the morning.

“Where does this snake guy live mike? I need to know now.”

“What are going to do? You don't need to go there right now or ever. I know what he has done but the solution is not to get even.”

“Can you just tell me the goddamn address Mike” I yelled.

“You could get yourself killed”

“Don't worry about me I got this trust me. Now, where does he live?”

“He lives in those old abandon apartments down the way. Apparently that's where they set up shop.

“Thank you” and then I left.

I get to where Snake lives and the whole place is surrounded by his guys. I thought it might have a chance to sneak in but then I saw they guy guarding the back door leave for a bathroom break and that was my opening. I search the whole place carefully not to get caught and I manage to do so. I found his room. I snuck in there and there he was. Sleeping soundly like a baby. I woke him with the gun to his head and told him not to make a sound.

“NOBODY PUTS THEIR HANDS ON MY BOY” and it was over. I shot him with every round in that gun. It did not make a sound either since it has a silencer on it. I escaped. I went back home and slept soundly like a baby.

Well that’s the end of the story. “Inmate 501278J, time to go back to your cell” (called on the loud speaker)

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