Fallout: New World

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While playing Fallout 4 would help readers understand the world, it is entirely optional as the plot has little direct connection with the main story of the game.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Part 1

Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016





Nate looked up from his paperwork covered desk. He had been reading over a new bill to limit emissions used by fog condensers in the colonies. But when he heard that single word he forgot everything. There, standing in the doorway was his sharply dressed advisor.


“Its time sir, I wouldn't keep them waiting.”


“Thank you..-”


“Henry, My names Henry sir.”


“Thank you Henry. See to it that the elevator power charges are locked this time. We don't want a repeat of last time.”


“Of course sir.”




Nate waited for Henry to leave. He then left the comfort of his office and into the courtyard of the capitol building in Spectacle city. There, a stage dressed in american flags and political slogans waited for him. As he walked through the crowed, the flash of cameras nearly blinded him. He still hasn't gotten used to the amenities these settlers can afford now. “They are almost pre-war” -He thought to himself.


As he approached the microphones on his stage he noticed that one of the flags has a single tear though its bottom stripe. Before he could think about replacing it he began speaking.




“My fellow americans, We have made major strides in industry and safety for this great nation of ours in the past few years. With raw materials from the colonies of Far Harbor and elsewhere we are able to produce items on a scale not seen since the late 21st century. With our regulated militias, we have been able to protect the towns and homes of our beloved citizens. But this progress is not without cost. The Institute invasion, for example, a magnificent battle that took place exactly 20 years ago had over 340 casualties, Over half were fatal. And their brave sacrifice is still honored today. But how can we continue to honor the memory of our fallen comrades if we do not go out of our way to protect those who deserve to live free? That's why I am erging all of you to buy war bonds to support the conflict in Nuk-”




“Baby killer!”

“Get out of Nuka-world!”


“Down with the empire!”


Shouts from the crowd began ringing as troops who were stationed in front of the stage run the apprehend the criminals. A guard runs towards nate to escort him to safety. “That's the third ruined speech in a row” Nate thought to himself.




Back at his office he had 3 soldiers guarding him. Two outside as well as one in the office with him. Sitting on his desk, Nate realizes a sharp pain the back of his head. He reaches to the painful area and when he sees his hand, he realizes its covered red. “They must of hit me, those bastards.” He thought.


“Sir I'm so sorry we thought we had the area covered are you ok?”


“Yea I'm--agh-- I'm fine Henry, thanks.”


“Is that blood sir? We need to get you to the-”


“I said I'm Fine! Just get a stimpack from that first aid box on the wall.”


Henry hands Nate a stimpack and Nate immediately begins to feel better with the medicine in his body. But a gash like that is gonna be sore tomorrow,




After a while Nate turned on the radio to listen and see what the news had to say on the incident.


“This in USNR, your #1 news source in the United Settlements. General Howard's speech was cut short earlier today when protesters of the war in Nuka-World began pelting our leader with large stones. The exact condition of General Howard is unknown although his chief advisor, Henry Rose confirmed that the General was hit, but is ok. The 5 apprehended suspects including Diamond City’s own Piper Wright-”


Nate turned off the radio, he cant believe what he heard.




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