The Lucky Ones

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Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016



"Lucky are those who pass through the curtain of time unscathed, those who arrive at the lake of unknowing and quench their thirst by drinking the water rather than questioning its source. 

Lucky are those who see patterns of their fate in the sky, seek their path by following the stars and think of the dome above as a barrier protecting them from whatever lies beyond. 

Lucky are those who possess the ability to forgive and forget, to drag themselves away from their past's looming shadow and thus free the present moment from the tyranny of doubt. 

Lucky are those who can look directly into the eye of the sky, the sun and the moon, the king and the queen, those who can penetrate with their gaze the thin sheet of clouds that covers the throne in the sky and lay eyes still upon heaven and upon hell. 

Lucky are those who can find their life's meaning in the eyes of a wounded canary, or the gentle touch of a one-time lover, or in learning for the first time how to kiss. 

Lucky are those who do not feel empty after making love, who do not question what it means to be happy or sad, to be gentle or mad, those who remain uncertain and take pleasure in their uncertainty, those whose life is a mere balancing act upon the whole spectrum of emotions, those who cross narrow bridges to nowhere and dance as they do so. 

Lucky are those who help the poor without thinking why, those who caress the sky in their dreams and kiss the earth in their waking hours, those who lead by example without being aware of their own goodness, those who achieve the heights of success without recognizing their own ambition. 

Lucky are those who live more and think less, those who can put themselves in other people's shoes and feel what they feel, walking thus the same path as the lost and the wicked; those who can stand before me and say with confident, 'My friend, what do you know about me and the paths I've taken and the miles I've walked? You know nothing, but that's okay, for I can help you understand.' Yes, he who can lend a helping hand and lead one to the well of understanding is indeed lucky." 

"Well, I'll be damned", the little man mumbled to himself, "I guess I must be one of the unlucky ones then". 

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