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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

I hope you guys like mystery.

Walking through the streets at night used to be a very normal, adrenaline-pumping activity for me. Knowing the risks was something that excited me and made the blood flow through my veins with a spout of heat that I rarely felt.

It was a cold night on the 30th September of 2002, and I was doing the nightly walk home from my job at the local restaurant. The clock had just struck 11:30pm and I was nearing the road that led me to the small alleyway which gave me access to my shabby, yet cosy, home. As I crossed the road, I heard faint footsteps. Living so close to a pub, I didn't think much of it as there were usually a lot of drunks about at that time of night, stumbling home and gurgling crude and obnoxious comments to passers-by. I turned around just out of curiosity and yes, I was right. Just the usual drunk person. Just as my foot touched the pavement, a car came speeding down the cobbled road out of nowhere. The driver beeped and cursed me out, calling me a "reckless bitch". Of course, I shouted back a rude comment in defence and continued to walk towards the alleyway.

The street lights flickered as I walked further down the street. This was the norm; the council really needed to sort the electricity out but refused because it'd "cost too much money". Whatever. Within a few more minutes, I saw the entrance to the alleyway. I smiled at the familiarity. 

I started to hear more footsteps, and I turned around but to my avail, I saw nobody. Shrugging my shoulders, I turned back around and entered the darkness of the alleyway. I bumped into a solid object, but when I tried to push it out of the way it wouldn't budge. Suddenly, I saw the moonlight shine against metal. Backing up, I rubbed my eyes. I must be imagining things, I thought to myself. I tried to walk past the solid object again but it still didn't budge. Suddenly, I heard a deep voice. 

"Don't move any further forward. Empty your pockets," said the gravelly voice, "give me everything you have". Rolling my eyes, I laughed and said "okay Ethan, stop playing about". Ethan is my older brother who likes to play pranks on me in attempt to scare me. It never works. He's the one who always gets scared. 
"I don't know who the fuck Ethan is, but you will never know who I am. Empty your pockets now, girly". My heart rate started to speed up. 
"You don't scare me", I said.
"Empty your pockets or I will put you on the ground and do it myself". Alarm bells started ringing in my head. Fuck, this guy was really serious. Nodding my head, I started to turn my pockets inside out and handing him all the possessions I had. My phone, money, even my house keys. 
"That's all I have", I muttered.
"Don't lie", whispered the voice in such a harsh tone it made my hair stand on end, "there's more inside". I turned my pockets inside out, showing my hands. 
"See, nothing else". A booming laugh erupted from the man's throat.
"No, inside", he said, pointing to my chest.
My heart was beating so fast that it could have jumped out of my chest. I chuckled nervously. 
"What, my organs? What use will they be?"
"Do not talk back to me!" he screamed, and shoved me against the wall, lifting up my shirt. 

He started to touch my chest inappropriately. "What wonders do you have hidden inside this beautiful temple of yours?" he growled, and then his knife was trailing down from my chest to my stomach. As he pierced my skin, I let out a shrill scream. But that didn't stop him. He plunged the knife in further and started to tear open my skin. I felt the hot blood trickling down my body, and I turned my face away so he couldn't see the fear in my eyes. 
"Maybe I can't see your fear, but I can smell it. Your blood is hot, and the scent of it is incredible." His knife continued to rip my skin apart, and I began to lose sense of my surroundings. 
"Soon, it will all be over", he promised, and twisted the knife through to the other side of my body. The sound of sirens started echoing in the distance, and the unknown man slowly backed away, leaving the knife in my skin. 
"Goodbye, my pretty." he said, and then he ran. My body landed on the ground with a loud thud. I started to drift out of consciousness. The last thing I heard was the sound of my blood trickling over the dirty cobbles of the alleyway. Then, everything went black.

Submitted: October 31, 2016

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