Unleash Your Inner-Bastard!

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Be uncivil!

Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016



"Are you tired of so-called 'polite' people passing you by on the highway to success? Have you always heard it's ruinous to say exactly what you're thinking, things you previously only said under the veil of too much alcohol? Well, screw that! We've developed a brand new game for reliving that harmful tension that builds up every time you have to bite your tongue. Introducing the "Say Anything Tension-Reliever Home Game", the fun-for the-entire-family game.


Roll the dice and move your 'verbal hammer' piece the number of spaces rolled. Answer insipid questions from 'the media', and, if you land on one of our 'rank' spaces, you get to pull the string and a voice will recreate things repeatedly said by an actual presidential candidate from the past political season, different low-down, despicable ranks that you want to voice, but polite society frowns on. One candidate stuck to the accepted, if rather boring, model for a winning campaign, and the other let verbal blasts go, repeatedly, and still remained competitive. Previously, it was thought that any of the reprehensible things he's said would automatically serve as a campaign ender, but not this campaign.* So, pick up 'Say Anything Tension-Reliever Home Game', and get ranking!


*The Canker Corporation is not responsible if you're attacked by a steel tined garden rake wielded by an angry dude



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