Undead Apocalypse: Battle for Earth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story follows a boy named Triston Watson was living in Waterford, Ireland when he was eight years old when a zombie outbreak occurred. His family was killed in the outbreak and he was adopted by a couple from the city of Tetsu, Japan. Now sixteen years old Triston must face the nightmare all over again but this time he is not alone. Triston meets a lovely girl named Yuki Uzamaki and he develops a romantic relationship with her. However, can Triston and the love of his life defeat the hoards of zombies as well as the coming evil threatening mankind? This story also has several anime references and a few movie references.








Chapter 1-
On a warm November day in Tetsu, Japan a young teenage boy named Triston Watson was working in the Hiroshi Academy Gardens with his class. Triston was a total loner; nobody talked to him because they were afraid of him. When Triston was a child a strange disease outbreak occured in his hometown of Waterford, Ireland where he was born. On July 7, 2014 an outbreak of what became to be known as "Human Rabies" infected the city. Triston was 8 years old at the time when it happened; on the day of the outbreak Triston was walking with his mother and father to the supermarket when they trio heard a scream coming from an alley. Triston's father Lloyd Watson went into the alley to see a police officer eating a homeless man alive. The man was screaming for help so Lloyd went down the alley and pulled the officer off the homeless man. However the officer had bitten Lloyd several times, the homeless man died and he came back to life to attack Lloyd. Lloyd got out of their clutches but was badly bleeding; Lloyd told his wife Lenora Watson, "Get Triston out of here, I need to go to the hospital".
Lloyd went to the local hospital to see many people in the waiting room with bite wounds. After waiting five hours in the waiting room Lloyd was finally called back and he saw a doctor. The doctor had the nurse take blood samples when screams were heard from the waiting room. Several people turned violent and were attacking people in the hospital; it had been confirmed that an infection was spreading. The homicidal people poured into the main ER and began eating people; Lloyd tried running but he began coughing up blood and he developed a craving of raw human flesh. Soon Lloyd began seeking out people so he could eat them alive.
Lenora rushed Triston to their home on the outskirts of town. In their house Triston asked, "When will daddy be back"? Lenora said, "Soon sweet heart". Outside there was screaming and gunfire; police and ambulance sirens was heard non-stop. Triston's older brother Scott Watson came down the stairs and asked, "Mom, what is happening"? Lenora didn't know how to respond. Scott turned on the TV and he went to a local news channel. Reporter Dan McDonald stated, "Fear and Chaos has taken control of Waterford. Violent attacks have occured in the city; the Department of Health has issued a qauarantine for the affected city effective immediatly. The military has been ordered to set up road blocks and medical tents. I will not stay here long because of the extreme danger". Scott then heard a noise come from the kitchen; he went in and he saw a person covered in blood breaking the window next to the door. Lenora said, "We have to leave". Scott grabbed Triston and the trio fled the house.
As the family fled the house on foot (Lenora nor Lloyd had a car) several flesh hungry people followed then. Triston asked Lenora, "Mommy, what is happening"? Lenora tripped and an infected person came up and attacked Lenora; Scott set Triston down to pull the infected person off Lenora. However, the infected person bitten out Lenora's left eye; Lenora screamed in agony. Lenora shouted, "Get Triston out of here! I love you both! Please live"! Then the infected person tore Lenora's throat out. Triston screamed, "Mommy"! However Scott said, "Little buddy, we have to go. I need you to be brave for me okay". Scott picked up his brother and he ran. Triston was crying.
Scott carried Triston through the city of Waterford where people were being eaten alive. Triston was frozen with fear but Scott being a former Colonel in the Irish Army kept his cool. Scott told Triston, "I need to get a weapon, we will stop by McNauglty's Sporting Goods". Scott carried Triston to the sporting goods store where he got a shotgun and shells. Triston said while wimpering, "I am hungry". Scott grabbed a candy bar and gave it to Triston. Then the infected broke into the store and Scott set Triston down to load the gun. After that, Scott fired the gun at the infected but it only held them at bay. Scott figured both of them would die so he loaded two shells into the gun so he could kill Triston to spare him the pain of being eaten alive while the other shell would be used by Scott to shoot himself. But then there was gun fire from assualt weapons. The local SWAT team had killed the infected by shooting them in the head. The Captain of the team asked, "Have you been bitten"? Scott said, "We were not bitten". The Captain said, "Come with us, we will get you both to safety".
Getting in the SWAT team truck Scott and Triston felt safe until a masked man fired a machine gun at the truck and broke the window of the front of the truck. The driver died from a head shot and the truck crashed; the police officers in the back opened fire at the shooter but twenty more showed up and killed the remaining officers. Scott and Triston fled but Scott got a gunshot in his kidney. However Scott and Triston escaped.
Reaching a supermarket Scott and Triston were gathering what little food was left when an explosion rocked the building. Debris landed on Triston and the debris crush many of his organs plus broke several bones. Scott pulled the debris off and he put Triston in a shopping cart to safely transport him (well as safe he could possibly be). Finally, the trio reached the city hall where they found a military truck evacuating the citzens. Scott wheeled Triston up to the truck and told a soldier, "I need help, my little brother is seriously injured". The soldier asked, "Was he bitten"? Scott said, "No, debris fell on him from an explosion". The soldier got Triston on the truck and when Scott was getting on someone with a machine gun shot him in the back of the head which instantly killed him. Three soldiers opened fire on the shooter and killed him. The truck drove to the refugee/quarantine camp.
Triston was not concious at all and the doctor cleared him of any infectious disease. Then Triston was taken into emergency surgery where he became part of a top-secret experiment started by the military. Triston's destroyed organs were replaced with robotic parts and then his broken bones were put back into place. Then the surgeon gave an injection of nanobots to make sure all wounds healed within seconds. The nanobots repaired the breaks in  each of the bones and increased his strength and speed. After the surgery Triston was taken into recovery where he began to wake up, the doctor asked Triston, "Can you hear me"? Triston asked in a weak voice, "Where is my brother Scott"? The doctor said, "Son, I am truly sorry but, the military officers who brought you here told me your brother was shot and killed". Triston screamed in horror, he didn't hear anything from his father, his mother was dead and the only other family member he had is now dead. Triston cried because he was all alone; days later the city of Waterford was firebombed by the government. Weeks later Triston was transfered to an orphanage in Dublin, Ireland where he was adopted by a Japanese couple from Tetsu, Japan. That is how Triston ended up in Japan, he learned the language. After several years at primary school Triston was enrolled at Hiroshi Academy at the age of 13. Soon after Triston turned 16 and it was his final year there before he went to college
In the gardens of Hiroshi Academy lonely Triston was picking fruit when he ran into the school bully Akihiko Shikinami. Akihiko asked in Japanese, "So cyborg boy, you here to get your beating"? Triston stated in Japanese, "I don't want to fight" but Akihiko said, "I am going to beat you to a pulp". Akihiko tackled down Triston and he began beating him up; Triston didn't know how to fight or defend himself. Soon other kids joined in and once they were done Triston was bleeding; however the wounds closed in seconds. Triston said in English, "Why do I bother living, my family is dead, nobody likes me including the teachers". Triston watched as the students go back into the school, after that Triston broke down crying. He was truly alone in the world; inside the school a girl age 16 looked outside to see Triston crying. The girl went outside.
In the office of the Japanese Prime Minister an infectious disease expert who is also a biochemist told the Prime Minister, "Ma'am, the situation has been confirmed by police and medical doctors in the area. The disease that decimated Waterford, Ireland has indeed returned. We need your approval to quarantine Tetsu, Japan before the infection spreads across the country and eventually the planet". The Prime Minister said and asked, "I give you approval for a quarantine. Now what is the nature of this disease"? The disease expert said, "Well, the infection seems to be composed of what looks like a black muck and it is a fungal infection. Now on its origin, it is unknown. Scientists arong the world have sequenced its genetic structure and it is made up of atoms from an unknown source but it is highly contagious. It is spread through bites and there is no cure or treatment". The Prime Minister ordered the deployment of the Japanese Self Defense Forces and the Ministry of Health. Within hours the SDF arrived in Tetsu, Japan.
The girl went outside and asked Triston in Japanese, "What is wrong, do you need to talk"? Triston looked up with his teary eyes and said in Japanese, "I am just wondering why I should go on? Nobody likes me, my adoptive parents don't like me. My biological family was killed by a plague. I am just completely alone with no one to turn to". Triston lowered his head and was crying some more; the girl said, "You don't seem like a bad guy, I have no reason to hate you". The girl placed her hand on Triston's shoulder and said, "You are not alone, someone in the world does care about you. Believe me". Triston stopped crying and said, "Thank you, you are the only person being friendly to me. By the way, my name is Triston Watson. I was from Waterford, Ireland". The girl smiled and said, "My name is Yuki Uzamaki; I am from Tokyo". Then Yuki put her hand on Triston's hand then said, "The world is beautiful, filled with possibilities. You will eventually find happiness". Triston said, "I feel better now, thank you". Yuki asked, "Want to walk to class with me"? Triston said yes and they walked inside the school; outside the school gates an infected person lurked seeking out a vicitm.
After school Triston began walking home when Yuki ran up and asked, "Can I walk with you"? Triston said, "Sure". Triston and Yuki walked down the street when they both saw a Buddhist monk eating a news reporter. Triston said in horror, "The plague is back"; Yuki was terrified and she asked, "Why is that monk eating him". Triston said in a horrified voice, "This was a symptom of the plague that destroyed my home town. We have to get to safety or we will die". Triston and Yuki ran in another direction and they went on the second floor of the local library. In the streets infected people bursted from the city hall and they were killing people. Triston said, "I will not do nothing this time, I am going to fight back. We need weapons". Yuki asked, "How are we supposed to get weapons, there are no weapons here in the library". The librarian walked up and said, "Kids, I keep a shotgun in my car at all times. But I don't know what your plan is". Triston stated, "We plan on getting to our families then flee the city". The librarian said, "By the way, my name is Mr.Tet. Anyways we will find your families. Just stick with me; Triston and Yuki were skeptical of trusting him but he did have a gun.
Going outside screams could be heard; Mr.Tet told the kids, "My car is at the end of the parking lot. Be quiet". The trio got to the car and Mr.Tet started it; the noise attracted the infected and they began shambling towards the car. Mr.Tet began driving but he saw the streets were filled with infected people. Mr.Tet ending up running over many infected people; Yuki was crying and Triston was saying in a horrified mantra, "This can't be happening". Mr.Tet asked, "I never got your names, what are they"? Yuki said while crying,"Yuki Uzamaki" and Triston said, "My name is Triston Walter". Then Mr.Tet asked, "Where do you kids live"? Triston said, "I live on Hedeki road" while Yuki said, "I live next to Lake Sakura". Mr.Tet stated, "We will stop by Hedeki road first because it is closer". Driving through the town people on the streets were being eaten alive; then someone with a machine gun fired at the car and it popped the tires causing a crash. Everyone got out of the car and the gunman came out aiming his weapon at them.
The gunman shouted, "You three, come with me now"! Triston and Yuki were scared but then the gunman shot Triston in the Stomach. However, Triston pulled the bullet out and he felt a surge of power and speed; Triston lost control of his humanity. Triston ran at high speed and ended up disarming the gunman; Triston used the gun and pointed it at the gunman. Triston asked, "Who are you and why are you shooting at people"? The gunman was terrified and he said, "I am part of the group called the Ressurectionists. Our goal is to create a utopia filled with the living dead". However Triston shot and killed him. Yuki asked in horror, "Why did you kill him, you already disarmed him"? Triston came back to his senses and asked himself in horror, "Oh God, what have I done"? Mr.Tet asked, "You didn't realize what you did"? Triston said with tears in his eyes, "My mind told me not to kill him but I could not control my body". Yuki was wondering what was going on with Triston?
Mr.Tet, Triston and Yuki walked through the ruined city and avoiding infected people. That is when they saw Self Defense for vehicals moving through the city; a Self Defense Force helicopter flew above the city and it used a stereo system so a soldier could say to the people, "Attention citizens of Tetsu, Japan, you are now under quarantine, do not attempt to leave the city. Medical centers have been set up by the Self Defense Forces and the Ministry of Health to treat any injuries". The message was repeated and Yuki stated, "Lake Sakura is outside of town, now I can't get home". Yuki began to cry, then Yuki said, "I am going to die here. I will never see my family again". Yuki was sobbing and Triston said with complete compassion, "We are not going to die, we will survive. Just have a little faith". Triston put his hand on Yuki's should and said, "Don't give up hope". Yuki smiled and said, "Thank you". Mr.Tet stated with urgency, "This is touching and all that but we have a swarm of infected coming, we need to run for it". A swarm of infected people were crossing the street; the trio began running like crazy.
Over in Ireland the Ministry of Defense was monitoring Triston Watson. When they gave him cybernetic implants eight years ago they also implanted a tracking chip. General George West stated, "Okay, activate Project: Enduring Soldier". The tech team activated the project and Triston was turned into a cold blooded killing machine.
Back in Japan Mr.Tet, Yuki and Triston were walking when Triston froze in place; Yuki asked, "Triston, what is wrong"? Triston said in a weird sentance, "The snow looks nice today and I could go for a bowl of soup". Mr.Tet asked, "Triston, what on Earth are you talking about"? Triston then started to twitch; then Triston screamed really loud as if he was in pain. That in turn attracted the infected; Triston's eyes turned blood red and he tore the bumper off an abandoned car then he began attacking the infected. Yuki and Mr.Tet were terrified but Triston was slaughtering the infected; once the infected were dead Triston regained his senses and fought of the control of computers. Mr.Tet said in a rude manor, "You are a scary freak". Triston shouted, "I cannot control my body! I am being controlled! Fine then, I will go off on my own and fend for myself"! Triston ran off at inhuman speed. Yuki shouted, "Wait" but he was already gone. Yuki asked angerly at Mr.Tet, "Why are you being so cruel"? Mr.Tet responded, "Triston is not human, he is a monster". Yuki scoffed and said, "Fine, you can go on by yourself. I am going to find him". Yuki ran off and then many infected started to follow Mr.Tet; then the infected caught up to him while he was running and he was eaten alive.
Triston was running towards Hedeki road when rain began to fall and the sun went down. Triston reached his house and went inside; in the house the was blood splattered on the wall and floors. Triston raised the machine gun he took and searched the house; in the basement he found his adoptive father soaked in blood. His adoptive father snarled at him and Triston said, "I am sorry" then he shot him but he kept moving. Triston fired again and the bullet hit him in the leg; Triston began freaking out, he should have been dead. The infected man grabbed Triston and tried to bite him; coming down the stairs was Triston's infected adoptive mother. The infected woman also grabbed Triston and Triston thought he was going to die.
Yuki walked through the devestated town through the rain at night. Yuki wondered if she would ever see Triston again? While she walked and avoiding the infected she kept thinking of Triston; she wanted to be there for him. Yuki then though, "Am I falling for him"? Continuing on Yuki was attacked by a police officer who went insane; the cop grabbed Yuki and started feeling her up and down. The officer said with a deep and crazy voice, "I like young girls, you have a nice rack too". Yuki shouted, "Have you gone crazy"? The officer said, "Yes I have in fact. I saw my brother get eaten by those things. My mother and father were shot by terrorists plus my home burned to the ground so yes I have gone crazy". He countinued to feel her breats but then someone hit the officer on the head with a rifle and knocked the cop out. A male voice asked, "Yuki, are you okay"? Yuki turned to see a man in pitch black body armor and holding an assault rifle.
Triston was battling with his reanimated adoptive parents who were holding him down and trying to eat him alive. The infected father drolling infected saliva into Triston's eye and it caused a physiological reaction. Triston felt a major energy surge and electrical energy formed in and around his body. Then Triston's rage forced an energy blast from his body which completely fried the infected. Both of the infected stopped moving and Triston stood up; then Triston dragged the bodies to the front yard where he used a shovel to bury them. Then Triston said the Catholic prayer for death, "God our Father. Your power brings us birth. Your providence guides our lives, and by your command we return to dust. Lord, those who die live in  your presence, their lives change but do not end. I pray in hope for my family, for my relatives and friends, and for all the dead known to you alone. In company with Christ. Who died and now lives, may they rejoyce in your kingdom, where all our tears are wiped away, unite us together in one family, to sing your praise forever and ever. Amen". Then Triston went into his step dad's woodshop and he made two wooden crosses and placed them at the spots where they were burried plus Triston put a picture of all three of them together inbetween the two graves. Triston really didn't like his adoptive parents but he thought they deserved a proper burial.
In the United States a group of people met in a business office in Northern California where a group of pharmacuetical experts and scientists from similar fields met to discuss the outbreak in Japan. Doctor Liam Pearson who was an MD-PhD (He was a medical doctor who specialized in infectious disease and he had a PhD in Molecular Biology and Bichemistry) stated, "The CDC, the NIH and the WHO have named this disease Human Reanimation Disease. So far, the only thing we in the scientific community know is that it seems to be fungal in nature and it is made up of compeletly unknown atoms. It spreads through bodily fluids i.e bites. Symptoms include- fever, delrium, headache, death the reanimation of the body. This infection acts and kills within hours. That is all that is known". A Biophysicist stood up and stated, "We are in the process of sequencing the pathogen and so far we have determined these atoms are radioactive and very dangerous to work with". The CEO of the company asked, "Is it possible to control the infected and to use them for dangerous tasks"? A Mycologist and Parasitologist named Debra Faulkner stated, "Yes we could. All we would have to do is inject them with nanobots that are programmed to listen to human commands".The CEO stated, "Okay, the Pacific Coast Biochemical and Pharmacuetical Company will fund the project to demosticate the infected. Doctor Liam Pearson will be the head of the project". Doctor Pearson accepted the project but he had a sinster personal agenda in mind.

Chapter 2-
Over the next five months Doctor Pearson and several scientists were working in the labs of the Pacific Coast Biochemical and Pharmacuetical Company to develop a nanobot that could control the infected. While the rest of the group was working on a control mechanism Doctor Pearson secretly worked on a way to make himself an infected that had complete intelligence and memory plus control a zombie army. When the group went to lunch Doctor Pearson was going over the research that had been done. Doctor Pearson had found the way to turn himself into an intelligent zombie and control a zombie army. When work ended Doctor Pearson called a hitman to kill the other scientists; during the night all ten scientists were murdered. Doctor Pearson was ordered to go to Japan where the infection had escaped Tetsu, Japan.
During the outbreak in Tetsu, Japan Yuki asked the man armed with the rifle, "How do you know my name". The man said, "I am Wataru Shikinami, I am a mercenary hired by your father to get you out of the city". Yuki said, "Mr.Shikinami, I have to find a friend of mine before I do anything else". Wataru said sternly, "Sorry, I am under orders to get you out of the city. If I have to I will take you by force". Yuki sighed and said, "Okay, I will go with you". Yuki walked with Wataru to an extraction point but then Yuki made a loud noise that attracted many infected. Yuki used that as a distraction so she could escape. Yuki ran down an alley then she found a manhole and she opened it; going down into the sewer Yuki put the manhole back in place. Wataru could not find Yuki; running through the sewer she battled infected people and avoided sewer rats. Finally Yuki went up into the streets and she found Triston's house.
Triston went to his bedroom and he rested for the night; about midnight Triston woke up to hearing footsteps. He grabbed the gun and went downstairs to find Yuki; Triston was shocked to see her alive. Yuki ran up and hugged Triston; Triston ended up blushing, Yuki said while crying, "I am glad you are okay. I don't know what I would do if you died". Triston instinctively put his arms around Yuki and said, "I am sorry I abandoned you. I just felt so angry I could not stay with Mr.Tet". Triston was wondering why he felt so emotional because Yuki was hugging him? Triston knew she was beautiful and truly kind but he felt a chemical connection to her. It also felt like a spiritual need to be with her. One block away Wataru had figured out where Yuki went to; Wataru broke into Triston's house.
At the Ministry of Defense in Ireland the Tech people were trying to gain control of Triston but they were unable to do anything as the infection caused the tracking/mind control chip to malfunction.  General George West ordered troops to be deployed to Japan to kidnapp Triston.
In an old Factory a group of people dressed in military gear met to discuss their plans. The leader of the group named Colonel Larry Jonas stated, "Our plans to start the Ressurectionist utopia are going smooth; we have scientists worldwide working on ways to open up portals. In the meantime we have to cripple disaster response worldwide and provide disinformation to news". Colonel Jonas was talking for over an hour about their plans. Over the next several months the Ressurectionists launched a campaign of disinformation and cyber terrorism.
Wataru went into Triston's house and he said while shouting to Yuki, "You could have gotten me killed. You will follow me to the extraction point"! However, Yuki stated, "I will not go with out Triston, he will come with us". Wataru said, "He is not coming, I was ordered to extract you and you alone". Yuki stated sternly, "I refuse to go then"; however Wataru grabbed Yuki and he went out. Yuki screamed Triston's name but Triston said, "I will be okay, you just live". Wataru carried Yuki away and Triston had to find his way out of the city. Triston did feel emotional pain from being separated from Yuki but he took his gun and began his journey to get out of the city.
The sun rose and Triston ventured into the devestated city; while walking and avoiding the infected Triston was ambushed by three Ressurectionist members armed with machine guns. Their leader shouted, "Surrender your weapon and come with us"! Triston laughed and said, "How about you all fuck off". The gunmen opened fire but Triston jumped high into the air and he took down all three members by kicking them all in the head. Then when they were on the ground Triston broke their necks; then in the air Triston heard a helicopter. The helicopter landed and a group of soldier got off and pointed their guns at Triston. The Captain said, "You have to come with us back to Ireland". Triston stated, "I have to find a friend of mine". The Captain said while ready to fire his gun, "We insist". However, Triston proceeded to attack them; but another helicopter landed and more troops showed up overwhelming Triston and they gave him a seditive knocking him out.
The next thing Triston knew once he woke up was the fact he was strapped to a bed and he was in a lab. A medical doctor came in and said, "I am going to give you an injection that will wipe your memory and you will be under our control". The doctor gave the injection but not only did it not erase his memory but it gave him new powers. Triston broke the restrants and he said, "You assholes turned me into a monster, now I will get payback". Triston took the used syringe and stabbed him in the eye; the doctor screamed. Triston escaped but before dying the doctor pressed the security alert button. The alarms went off and security chased Triston down; however Triston killed the security guards. While going down the halls Triston saw the rooms of the other prisoners and he saw they were all turned into infected.
When reaching another hallway Triston saw the rooms of people who were not infected. Triston said to himself, "God, please forgive me for my sins. I just want to be with Yuki again"; then Triston freed the uninfected from their cells. One little girl said, "Thank you kind sir"; another prisoner asked, "How are we going to get out"? The prisoners were talking among themselves but Triston said to the group of ten people in English, "Okay, if we are going to escape, all of us should stick together". The group began running but then a computer voice said on the PA system, "Prisoner release sequence initaited". The cells of the infected people opened and the infected began chasing the living.
The prisoners ran from the infected and Triston told the group, "Just keep running, I will take care of the infected". But the little girl said, "You can't fight them all, you are just a teenager and you have no weapons". Triston smiled and said, "Don't worry about me, you just run". The group ran and Triston began fighting the infected; the infected scratched and bit him several times but all that did was increase his strength further. After a half hour Triston finished killing the infected and he went to the main control room of the base to find the staff infected. Triston killed them all and then he downloaded information on the Irish government's illegal activites. Afterwards he caught up with the group.
The helicopter carrying Yuki landed in the yard of her house; Yuki got off the helicopter and her parents came out and hugged her. Yuki's mother Rei stated while crying, "We missed you so much". Yuki sighed and her father Kaji asked Yuki, "What is wrong"? Yuki stated, "I was forced by your goon to abandon my friend". Roji stated, "I'm sorry but your friend is dead by now". Yuki shouted, "No he is not! I am going back into the city to find him"! Rei said, "That is stupid, you will die if you go back". Yuki said with anger in her voice, "I would rather go back and die trying then do nothing at all". Roji shouted, "You are NOT going back and that is final! Now get inside"! Yuki stormed inside then Rei and Kaji went inside; however that night when her parents were sleeping Yuki sneaked out and went back to Tetsu, Japan which was five miles away.
After running for two hours Yuki got very close to Tetsu,Japan. Yuki saw Self Defense Force soldiers guarding the entrance to the city and there was road blocks; however Yuki found a way into the city by sneaking through the woods and avoiding the soldiers. Back in the city Yuki saw the infected roaming the ruined streets; while running through the city she went to Triston's house but he was not there. Yuki searched the city but she found no sign of Triston anywhere. Yuki began to cry but two journalists trying to find their way out of came across Yuki. The male journalist asked, "Are you okay"? Yuki stated, "I cannot find my friend, he is missing". The female journalist asked, "Wait, are you that girl who got carried onto the helicopter and was forced to abandon a boy"? Yuki said, "Yes, I had to leave him behind". Well the male journalist said, "We have to show you something and you will find it unsettling".
Triston and the group escaped the facility and they all realized they were in Dublin, Ireland. But then the infected escaped the facility so the survivors had to run. Soon the disease began to spread through the city and people began to panic. The others decided to go their own way but the little girl and the old man stayed with Triston. Triston stated, "You both should run, I plan on going back to Japan". But the little girl stated, "Those soldiers killed my parents" and the old man said, "I have nothing left, I want to go with you to Japan and start a new life". Triston asked, "What is your names"? The little girl said, "I am Mary Anne Johnson" and the old man said, "I am Samuel Smith". Triston saw the infected coming and he said, "We have to run". The group ran through the chaotic streets and they stole a car and drove to the coast to catch a ship to Russia.
While driving to the coast a group of gunmen opened fire at the tires and they crashed. The gunmen captured the group and they were loaded on to a truck with other kidnapped people; the truck drove near the coast and the people were forced into a factory building. The leader addressed the people and said, "You all will be citizens of the undead utopia, some of you will be turned while others will be used for labor". Triston thought, "I have to get out of here and get back to Japan". Triston was separated from Mary Anne and Samuel; Triston was taken to a facility in the building where people were turned into infected people. One of the doctors injected Triston with the disease but Triston asked, "Is that all you got"? The doctor shouted, "You are not turning! What the hell"? Then Triston attacked the doctor and broke his neck; the security tried to kill Triston but he used his superspeed to out run the security. Triston quickly killed all the security guards and the people began running; then Triston went to rescue Samuel and Mary Anne but he was stopped by intelligent zombies.
Yuki asked, "What would be unsettling"? The female journalist showed Yuki footage on their video camera showing Triston being captured by Irish soldiers. Yuki asked, "He was taken by Irish soldiers"? The journalists nodded and Yuki said, "I couldn't make it to Ireland". The male journalist said, "If we can get out of the city we can help you". Yuki said, "Thank you" but the female journalist stated, "We have to get this proof out to the public, so lets get out of the city". The infected were coming so the trio began running towards the wood and avoided the soldiers. Out of the city the journalists got into their car they had parked outside the quarantine zone and they drove towards the airport in Tokyo. When the sun rose, Rei and Kaji woke up to find Yuki missing. Rei and Kaji were freaking out and they called the police. The police showed up and they asked questions about Yuki.
At the airport Yuki and the two journalists bought tickets to the Dublin Airport and they boarded a plane. The flight took several hours and they landed at the airport in Dublin; walking out of the airport they found out parts of Dublin were sealed off. Yuki asked the journalists, "What do we do now"? Then someone got their attention and the group went over to an alley to find what looks like a homeless man. Yuki asked in her best English, "What you want". The man said in Japanese, "You can speak you native language, I know every single language on Earth". The male journalist asked, "Who are you"? The homeless man said, "The girl's name is Yuki Uzamaki and your names are Tsubasa Anderson and Manami Ikari". Yuki asked, "How do you know our names"? The homeless man said, "You can say I am from the Divine. Anyways, your friend Triston Watson is being held by terrorists on the coastal area of the city. Also, here is a little word of warning, the infection will spread worldwide and devestate humanity. But there is a way to stop it, you must stop the Lord of Plagues. It lives in a dimension parallel to this world". Yuki asked, "How do we stop him"? Then the homeless man snapped his fingers and the knowledge of the location was placed in their minds. The homeless man said, "I have to go back to the divine relam" and the homeless man vanished. The group stole an abandoned car and they avoided the quarantined areas and went to the factory.
The two intelligent zombies said in unison, "You may never leave"; Triston tried to fight them but they kept regenerating. One of the intelligent zombies grabbed Triston by the throat and began strangling him. Triston could not breath and Triston though, "I guess this is it for me, I am so sorry Yuki. I am truly sorry that I couldn't tell you how I felt". Triston began to black out but then a security guard shot the zombies in the head temporarly disabiling them. Another security guard shouted, "What the fuck are you doing"?! The guard who shot the zombies said, "I am done with this bullshit" then he shot the other guard. The guard shouted to Triston, "Follow me"! But Triston stated while gasping for air, "I have to get two friend of mine first". The guard said, "Okay" and they went to rescue Mary Anne and Samuel.
Running down the hall the guard and Triston reached the rooms of Mary Anne and Samuel. The guard freed them and the group made their escape; however a hoard of intelligent zombies blocked the exit. Outside Yuki, Tsubasa and Manami broke into the facility and they were spotted by guards but the trio outran the guards. However the two intelligent zombies that were shot in the head regenerated. The intelligent zombies chased Yuki, Manami and Tsubasa; finally after searching several hallways they found Triston with three other people. Yuki shouted, "Hey Triston"!
Triston was fighting the intelligent zombies when he heard a familar voice say, "Hey Triston"! Triston tossed an intelligent zombie and he saw Yuki. Triston said with major shock, "Its good to see you" but then an intelligent zombie began strangling Triston. The renegade guard shot the zombie but it wound not let go; the guard shot the zombie in the head but it did nothing. Triston's face turned purple from a lack of air and he was nearly dead; however Triston's body emitted an electrical charge of massive proportions which deactivated. Yuki said, "Damn". The alarms went off but the group made their escape but before they did Samuel knocked out the power which freed the prisoners. Samuel punched a hole in the wall and he ruined the wires. Samuel stated, "I was injected with nanobots which heavily increased my strength. Now lets go".
The group escaped the facility and the guard that helped them said, "I am going on my own way, it was good to meet you all". The guard ran away and Triston asked, "How will we get back to Japan"? Yuki said, "I don't know", then Yuki stated to Triston, "There is something I want to do" then Yuki hugged Triston and cried, "I missed you so much, I will never abandon you again". Triston's face turned beat red and he said, "There is something I realized that I have to tell you..." but then and explosion rocked the factory and intelligent zombies escaped from the factory. These intelligent zombies were in cages and they were released; the intelligent zombies killed Tsubasa and Manami. Samuel stated, "We have to run" but Yuki had no idea what he said. Triston said in Japanese, "Samuel stated, we have to run". The group ran towards an abandoned house boat on the harbor and they got on; Samuel tried to start it but the engine was broken. Yuki saw the intelligent zombies coming and they blocked their exit. Triston said, "It looks like we are finished"; then Triston grabbed Yuki and he kissed her in a passionate kiss. Yuki didn't resist at all and she put her arms around Triston. After they kissed, Triston stated, "I love you Yuki, I may have not known you for long but you mean the world to me".Yuki said with tears in her eyes, "I love you too". Then the homeless man who help Yuki reappeared and said, "I will get you all out of here". Triston asked, "Who the hell are you"? The homeless man said, "I am a divine being, that is all". Then a light formed on the boat and everyone was transported outside the quarantine zone in Tetsu, Japan.
Mary Anne asked Triston in English, "Where are we"? Triston said in English, "Outside of the city of Tetsu, Japan". The group heard footsteps and it was Yuki's parent's; Kaji yelled, "Yuki, where have you been?! We were worried sick"! Yuki said with a nervous laugh, "I went into the quarantine zone and then Ireland". Rei shouted, "How did you get into the quarantine zone and to Ireland"? Yuki explained her story and her parents forced her inside the house. Triston knew he was homeless now, no family and no place to go; Triston stated in English, "Well, it looks like I will be a drifter. I have no home, no family and my identification was stolen. Ugh". Samuel said, "We are in the same boat, well we can stick together". Triston agreed and over the next five months Triston, Samuel and Mary Anne drifted through the nearby city of Anno, Japan.
On a rainy day in November Triston was looking for change so he could buy some food for his group when he saw Self Defense Force vehicals go through town. A helicopter with an audio system played a message and it said, "Attention citizens of Anno, Japan, you are now under quarantine, do not attempt to leave the city". Road blocks were being set up as well as medical stations; Triston then saw a man shambling down the street who was clearly infected with the disease that reanimated the dead. Triston said, "I guess the nightmare is happening again"? Triston went down an alley and grabbed a car jack that was abandoned and he said, "I am ready for the battle that is coming".
In the cities of Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, and San Antonio in the United States the pathogen the ressurects the dead oozed out from the ground. First it infected the animals but when the infected animals turned the animals infected the humans. Within one day the infection destroyed these cities; because of limited resources the government could not quarantine the cities in time. Soon the infection spread beyond these cities and quickly exploded into a nationwide epidemic within two weeks. The reason the infection came from the ground was the Ressurectionist terrorist group hired scientists to create a dimensional weakness allowing the disease to come into this world. Another reason the infection spread was the fact the Ressurectionists crippled every disaster management agency in the US. It seemed the United States was doomed.

Chapter 3-
Yuki was working in the family garden when she heard on the radio about the quarantine of Anno,Japan;  however all Yuki could think about was Triston, Yuki knew she loved him and would do anything to be with him again. However, she didn't know where he was and if he was in Anno, Japan she would not be able to get to him. However, she would do anything to see him even if she ended up dying. There would be one problem with fleeing: her parents hired security guards to monitor everything she did after running away. Yuki was bidding her time and she waited for the perfect chance to escape.
Triston went to an abandoned werehouse where he and his group were living at and he told Samuel and Mary Anne, "The infection is spreading again, we have to secure this place against attacks from the infected". Samuel stated, "There is some chairs we can use to block the doors, I will go get them". Triston told Mary Anne, "Go help Samuel, I will keep watch on the activity of the infected on the roof". Triston went up to the roof via stairwell and he watched the streets; there was at least 50 infected people and they were bitting uninfected people or eating them alive. Triston then thought about Yuki, he wondered how he would get to her? Triston loved Yuki with all his heart and he would do anything to be with her. Triston sighed and continued to watch the activity of the infected.
At Yuki's house, Rei was cleaning when a black slime oozed out of the floor; then the black slime splattered and got into Rei's eyes. Rei screamed in pain because the pathogen was burning her eyes. Kaji ran into the living room to see Rei rolling on the floor in pain; Kaji shouted, "What is wrong"?! Rei stated, "A black colored fluid got into my eyes"! Kaji looked to the floor and saw the black slime. Then the slime splattered again and some of it got into Kaji's mouth and he began screaming in pain. Within minutes they died and seconds after death they reanimated as intelligent zombies. The two zombies went outside and killed the guards which in turn reanimated them. Yuki noticed and she ran away from the zombies. Across Japan the pathogen began coming out from the ground and it began infecting people thus turning them into zombies.
At a research facility in Seattle, Washington that is being funded by the Ressurectionists lead scientist Professor Dean Martin Carter reported that using specialized particle accelerators the dimensional boundry has weaken significantly. Professor Carter felt like he commited a mortal sin and would be damned to hell. Professor Carter was a fairly religious person (He earned his Bachelors of Science in Physics from Bob Jones University) but he was coerced by the Ressurectionists. The Ressurectionists made threats to his family and to reinforce that his wife and two sons were kidnapped. Professor Carter said, "Please God, forgive me for my sins" and he continued his work to allow the pathogen to get into this world. When his shift ended he went into the hallways and prayed for humanity's survival.
In Japan, medical doctor Liam Pearson landed on his private plane and he began his research in Tokyo. While he was tasked to find a vaccine Liam had other plans; he hired a militia group in the Tokyo area to kidnapp people for his research. Within three days over 200 people were kidnapped and he began conducting unethical experiments on them all in the name of making himself King of the Dead. One area of research was strengthining the defense of the infected by implanting metal plates in their heads and another was developing new strains where they could spread faster and increase the speed of the infected.
Triston went back downstairs and told Samuel and Mary Anne, "We will need food and water, with the city falling into chaos it will be easy to get supplies". Mary Anne asked, "Wouldn't that be stealing"? Triston said, "The city has fallen into chaos, no one will care about money. Another thing, I am sure you are very hungry". Mary Anne said, "I could use some food in my stomach". Samuel said, "Lets get some food" but Triston said, "I am going by myself. You need to guard the fort". However, Samuel stated, "You have no weapons, you could die". However Triston rebuttled, "We will die without food, I am going and that is final". Triston went out into the streets and he ran towards the local market; there he saw a guy standing next to his car. The guy got Triston's attention and the guy said in Japanese, "You need a weapon and ammo". Triston replied, "Yeah, I need a weapon and ammo but I have no money". The guy said, "Not a problem, I am giving out weapons for free. If we are going to survive this people need to unite and help each other. Now just pick out a weapon". The guy opened his car trunk and he said, "I have a lot to choose from". Triston looked and he choose the Adaptive Combat Rifle; then Triston noticed a pack of cigarettes and he asked, "You mind if I take those cigarettes"? The guy said, "Normally I wouldn't because you are underage but because this is pretty much the apocalypse so go right ahead". Triston smiled and said, "Thank you" and he went off to the store.
Yuki ran through the neighborhood trying to find a place to hide as intelligent zombies were overtaking the neighborhood. While running Yuki saw a group of gunmen in the distance and Yuki ran in the opposite direction. The gunmen heard Yuki ran and they chased her down; Yuki was terrified and what really terrified her was the thought of never seeing Triston again. Yuki then ran into a group of survivalists; the tallest guy asked Yuki, "Do you need help"? Yuki stated, "Gunmen are after me"; the survivalists saw the gunmen and the tall guy said, "Not the Ressurectionists again". Then the survivalists opened fire on the Ressurectionists and the Ressurectionists were killed, the survivalist leade stated, "We are rescuing people who are not infected. The government won't be coming to our aid because this disease is all over Japan". Yuki went with the survivalist group and they searched for a safe area.
Triston reached the local market where people were fighting each other for food; Triston grabbed what he could which was not much and he got ready to leave when a woman pointed a gun at him and said, "Give me your food or I will kill you". Triston scoffed and said, "Fuck off bitch" and the women shot him in the leg. Triston bent down and pulled the bullet out then he asked, "Was that supposed to hurt"? The women shot him in the stomach several times and Triston pulled out the bullets and he healed instantly. Triston laughed, "Are you done yet, you are wasting my time". The woman freaked out and ran off; Triston exited the store and three desperate people chased him. However because of Triston's excellerated speed he outran them with ease. Before Triston went back to the factory he took his cart into an electronics store and he stole a portable radio as well as a large amount of batteries. After that he went back to the factory.
While traveling with the survivalist group Yuki heard a radio station playing from an abandoned car. It was a news station and Yuki went over to listen; the reporter stated, "....have failed. The government is setting up safe zones on islands around Japan as this deadly plague spreads. We have a list of local evacuation centers, there are- Megumi Harbor, Keiichi Shopping Complex, the Saratobi Hospital and the Hyuga Primary School. On arrival you will be screened for infection. Anyone showing symptoms or is confirmed to be infected will be shot on sight; there will be no exceptions". The leader of the survivalist group stated, "Megumi Harbor is the closest; we need to hurry". Coming up the street was at least six hundred infected and all of them were intelligent zombies who most were carrying weapons. The group fled and they stole a parked bus; they went to Megumi Harbor.
Triston made it back to the factory and Samuel was suprised that he was able to get food. Triston stated, "This food should last us a week if we are careful; we need to keep it out of sight". Samuel and Mary Anne placed the food in a closet; at that point the ground began to shake. The trio thought is was an earthquake until they saw what looked like a giant humanoid covered in the fluid which caused the zombie contagion. The creature was dripping with the pathogen and the massive drops of the infectious fluid dropped into the streets which turned people into regular zombies. Then the creature went towards the factory and it smashed the roof off. The creature only grabbed Triston and it walked away; Samuel and Mary Anne were left in a state of shock. Then Samuel said, "Mary Anne, the shit has litterally been scared out of me".
Yuki and the survivalists reached the evacuation center at Megumi Harbor where thousands of people were trying to flee the main island. A soldier said over the sound system, "Please proceed in an orderly fashion, families must stick together. At the medical tent you will be screened for infection. If someone displays symptoms or has bite wounds they will be shot on sight for the safety of humanity. Symptoms of the infection include- fever, delirum, loss of motor function and homicidal aggression. The infection is spread through bites and infected fluids. Anyone who is being belligerent will be detained and then sent back to the mainland". Ten hours went by and Yuki got on a boat with the survivalist group. The ship began to depart when the ground began to shake; a giant humanoid creature showed up and began slaughtering people which in turn reanimated them. However the boat Yuki was on escaped narrowly because Self Defense Forces helicopters armed with rockets fired at the creature which slowed it down. However, the creature swatted the helicopters out of the sky. The resulting wreckage killed more people.
The creature that showed up in Anno, Japan took Triston to the Ressurectionist regional headquaters. While being carried to the headquaters Triston was yet again exposed to the disease and he got so powerful that he broke out of the creature's hand. The problem was he was on the property that was owned by the Ressurectionists and he was greeted by one thousand armed gunmen. Triston was captured by the gunmen and he was taken to the main office of the regional leader Conrad Stalin. Conrad asked Triston in English with evil intent, "I am sure you are aware of our plans by know"? Triston said, "I am you fucking psychopath" then Triston went to attack him but Conrad repelled his attack with telekentic power. Conrad laughed and said, "I know about your powers; you escaped my facility in Dublin". Conrad went on and said, "I know about the one you love also. Her name is Yuki Uzamaki; I found out about your relationship with minature cameras we placed on your clothes. I also know she went to a safe zone because when you kissed her you gave her a tracking device unintentionally. We will find her and we will turn her into an intelligent zombie. You see, the intelligent zombies were created by a new strain of the infection". Triston shouted, "I will not let you get away with this, you hear me"! Triston got ready to attack but Conrad fired an energy beam from his hands and Triston screamed in agony. His skin was badly burned and Triston was gasping for air. Conrad stated, "We will need your blood to complete Project: New Dawn". Conrad personally dragged Triston to a table and he used metal clamps to keep him still.
Yuki was halfway to the safe zone when she felt a chill go down her spine. Then the homeless man who she met before showed up; Yuki asked, "Why are you here"? The homeless man said, "The one you love is in danger, the Ressurectionists plan on using his blood to create the final strain of the disease and once they are done they will kill him". Yuki gasped in horror and the homeles man said, "I can get you to the Ressurectionists Regional Headquaters, just grab my arm". Yuki grabbed his arm and she was transported to the Ressurectionist base. Yuki saw people being sent to a section of the base where they would be injected with the plague. The homeless man said, "Before I go I need to give you something to fight their leader Conrad Stalin". The homeless man put his hand on Yuki's shoulder and infused her with divine power. The homeless man said, "The spirit of the divine will be with you always, good luck". After that the homeless man vanished; Yuki then attacked the workers in the plant with energy blasts which killed them. Yuki freed the prisoners and went off to find Triston.
Triston was bound to the table and the medical staff took large amounts of his blood. Triston said with a weak voice, "You will not get away with this you monsters". However, Conrad stepped back into the room with a sword and he began to stab Triston in the stomach over and over. Then Conrad cut open Triston's stomach and he began punching his intestines. Blood poured out of Triston's mouth and he said with a gasp, "I....will....make....you....pay..." then Triston went to the brink of death where he could not speak or move. Triston opened his eyes and saw a light through a dark tunnel; Triston asked himself, "What is this place"? A deep voice said, "Come here Triston Watson". Triston walked into the light.
Yuki  could feel Triston's presence and she went up a flight of stairs and she found the room he was in. Yuki opened the door to find Triston mutiliated and Conrad covered in blood; Yuki screamed in horror. Yuki then began breathing heavily from a panic attack. Conrad stated in a casual mannor, "It looks like we didn't need to track you down, you came to us. Now you will join your boyfriend". Yuki had tears of sadness roll down her face; then Yuki's tears turned to pure rage. Yuki shouted, "I will avenge his death! You hear me?! I will tear you limb from limb"! Conrad just laughed and asked while laughing, "You really think you can defeat me"? Yuki fired an energy beam from her hand and she severely burned Conrad. However, Conrad got out of his chair and said, "You are being a bad girl, it looks like I will have to put you in your place". A major battle started between Yuki and Conrad.
Doctor Pearson had finished the mind-control strain of the reanimation disease. Pearson then stated to himself, "I guess I will meet up with my boss at the Ressurectionist base". Pearson called for a helicopter and he was transported to the Ressurectionist Regional Headquaters.
Triston found himself in a beautiful paradise and infront of him was a massive castle. The deep voice told Triston to enter the castle; going inside he saw his mother, father and his older brother Scott. Triston's mother Lenora stated, "My dearest son, you will be facing the council of elders. Don't worry, it is nothing bad". Triston asked, "What is this place"? Triston's father Lloyd stated, "This is the Castle of Judgment, it is the first step in getting into the afterlife". Triston was shocked and he asked, "Am I dead"? Scott stated, "The council of elders will determine if you live or be sent to the afterlife". Lenora stated, "It will be okay, just go up to the council". Triston walked through another set of doors and he saw seven beings sitting at a table and the chairmen said, "We have been expecting you Triston".
Conrad used his telekentic powers to block Yuki's attacks; however Yuki was determined to kill him for what he done. She wanted to kill him for killing Triston, she also wanted to kill him for destroying people's lives. Yuki used an air bomb on Conrad which caused severe damage but Conrad stated, "You know, I have a strain of the disease in me that gave me telekentic powers and the ability to regenerate. You can't stop me even with those strange powers". Yuki formed an energy sword and she began stabbing Conrad in his chest. Conrad began coughing up blood, Yuki was about to finish him off when there was a knock on the door. The person who walked in was Doctor Pearson; Conrad said while gasping, "I have been waiting for you". Yuki was distracted and Conrad used his telekentic abilities to blast Yuki into the wall. Yuki, now unable to move watched as Doctor Pearson carried Conrad out of the room. Yuki began sobbing and she said while crying, "I am sorry Triston, I am so sorry I could not save you. All I wanted to do was be with you forever but I guess it was not meant to be". Yuki was truly devestated and felt like she had nothing else to live for; her family is dead and now Triston is gone too. After Yuki recovered she contemplated killing herself.
The council of elders looked at Triston and the chairmen said, "Triston Watson, age sixteen. Your family was killed and so was your adoptive parents. You killed many people for the sake of humanity. However, you had one main goal for living, and that would be so you could stay with Yuki Uzamaki. Now tell me, why should we allow you to return to the mortal relam"? Triston stated, "I have unfinished business and I want to be with Yuki". At first the council told Triston he would be sent to the afterlife but Triston's strong feelings for Yuki forced the elders to see Yuki in despair and if she killed herself she would be doomed to eternal damnation. After talking for a few minutes the elders agreed to return Triston to Earth.
Yuki formed an energy knife and she was about to slice her wrists when Triston's body began to glow. Yuki looked over at the table and she saw all his wounds heal; then Triston opened his eyes. Yuki gasped and Triston's first words were in the form of a sentence, "Where am I now"? Yuki went up to the table and began crying tears of joy. Triston turned his head to see a relieved Yuki; then Yuki undid the straps and Triston got up and hugged Yuki. Triston began crying and said, "I thought I would never see you again"! The couple embraced and shared a long passionate kiss; Triston stated while wiping the tears from his eyes, "Yuki, once this mess is over, I want to marry you and be by your side forever". Yuki said with a bright smile, "I would love to be your bride, I love you so much". Then Triston stated, "Now, we got to track down that Conrad guy and the guy who helped him. We have to end this nightmare once and for all. After that we will get married. I bet my life on that". Conrad and Doctor Pearson got on a helicopter and flew to the main headquaters in the United States; during the flight Conrad stated, "I have that Triston guy's blood in my briefcase, we can create an unstoppable army of infected and now that you created a mind control strain you will become the king of this world. Honestly I have no intention of ruling the world". The helicopter flew to the American state of Texas and they landed in the city of San Antonio where the Ressurectionist world headquaters was.
Back in Anno, Japan Samuel and Mary Anne stole a car and escaped the town as the quarantine fell apart. Mary Anne asked, "How will we find Triston, that monster took him". Then the homeless guy that helped them before appeared in the car and said, "I can transport you to Triston". Mary Anne and Samuel began to glow then they found themselves in the same room as Triston and Yuki. Samuel asked, "Where are we"? Triston said in English, "You are at the Ressurectionist Regional Headquaters". Mary Anne shouted, "You are alive"?! Yuki said in Japanese, "Yes he is, he almost died". Mary Anne said, "I have no idea what you just said". Triston told Mary Anne what Yuki said. Then Triston told Samuel and Mary Anne, "We have to find the leaders behind the group and take them down". The group went through the base and they reached the computer room; Triston was very good with computers and he hacked the security cameras and he saw Conrad and the Doctor go on a helicopter; then Triston hacked the GPS on board the helicopter and he concluded they were heading to the United States. Triston first said in Japanese, "We are heading to the United States" then he said the same thing in English. The group exited the base and they stole one of their cars and drove towards the coast of Japan to catch a boat.
At the White House in Washington DC the military was guarding the area as a human stronghold. Within the first few days the country had mostly fallen to the legions of zombies; soon the infection started to spread to Canada and Mexico then it spread worldwide. Entire nations had fallen to the disease. However, it was rumored that South Africa was unaffected by the disease and they self-quarantined the country. The President asked his top General Michael Collins, "How has the operation to reclaim Virginia going"? General Collins stated, "Not very good Mr.President, we lost over 2000 soldiers in the Battle of Richmond and we lost another 300 retreating. It looks like our situation is hopeless. We are running low on troops as many are now dead, infected or defected from the army". The President slammed his fist on his desk and shouted, "We will fight till the very end! We cannot let everyone's deaths be in vain"! General Collins asked, "What are we supposed to do"? The President stated, "I will make an annoucement to the nation or more accurately whats left of it and call upon the citizens to fight back". Then the President's phone rang, he picked it up and a voice said over the phone, "Mr.President, this is the leader of the Ressurectionists. Surrender your position and we will spare your life in the new order". The phone then went dead.
Reaching the coast of Japan, Triston noticed hundreds of people trying to flee by boat; in the distance thousands of infected were coming. Yuki stated, "We won't be escaping, damn". Then the homeless man showed up again and Samuel asked, "You love to bail us out of trouble, don't you"? The homeless man smiled and said, "Thats what I was sent to do, now I will send you all to the United States". The group glowed and they were sent to San Antonio, Texas which was filled with infected people. Triston being the translator in the group said, "We have to find the main headquaters of the Ressurectionist group". Rain began to fall over the ruined city and the group made their way through the infected.
Conrad and Doctor Pearson used the blood they gathered from Triston and they developed the newest strain of the infection. The zombies created from the new strain had full intelligence, the ability to regenerate, can survive being shot in the head and having their heads cut off, they have telepathic powers and can run at high speed. Then Doctor Pearson injected himself with the mind control strain of the infection; however, instead of granting him the ability to control the zombies he mutated into a horrific monster. He then assimilated Conrad and the creature that resulted resembled a massive Dragon but it had the faces of Doctor Pearson and Conrad Stalin. The monster began destroying the buildings in the city and spraying infected fluid.
In the dimension where the disease originated a "person" made out of the pathogen watched the events unfolding on Earth by a special piece of technology developed. He stated, "All is going well, soon I the Lord of Plagues will take over their pathetic planet". He laughed and he waited for the right time to break out of his dimension.
Triston heard something and then the ground began to shake; Yuki asked, "What was that"? Then the monster revealed itself and it roared; Samuel said, "That is one ugly son of a bitch". Triston had no clue how to defeat it but then a group of survivors armed with guns shouted, "You need to run, come with us and we will figure out a way to destroy it. Triston directed the group to follow the survivors. They ran and the survivors led them to their underground base; the leader Lora Watson stated, "It seems we are in deep shit; not only because of these zombies but that giant creature. But we have a plan that will require total cooperation". Yuki didn't know what she said but Triston told her what she said. Lora asked, "That girl doesn't speak English"? Triston said, "No she does not, she is Japanese. I can speak both English and Japanese so I am like a translator". Lora said, "That is okay, now here is the plan: we have a nuclear bomb we obtained from a decommisioned missile silo. Our plan is to have the moster swallow it then we will activate the bomb". The group went over the logistics of the plan and how they would escape.
The next morning arrivied and the survivors drove a truck carrying the bomb; the creature roared in the distance; Triston and his group were taken out of the city via a stolen helicopter while the survivors were ready to give their lives to save humanity. At first the creature created a powerful barrier to block them from delivering the payload; the plan seemed to be hopeless until the barrier went down because the creature began mutating again. The truck was caught up by a biological mass but before being assimilated the bomb was detonated and the blast destroyed the creature as well as the entire city. Over in Washington DC General Collins went into the office of the President and he stated, "Mr.President, a nuclear device has dentonated in San Antonio".The President asked, "Was it a rouge faction of the military or terrorists". General Collins said, "Our investigators are on their way to find out but at the moment, we don't know". The President sighed and he grabbed a bottle of Vodka from his desk and he beagn chugging the bottle. Outside the White House legions of zombies apporached. Soon they overran the surviving military and then over took the White House which killed the President. With all the people in the line of seccsession dead the remaining government people enacted the Continuity of Government plan and a desegnated person became president and then was taken to a secure location.
The helicopter carrying Triston and his group landed at a hotel that was a survivalist stronghold which was taking in survivors. Triston and Yuki shared a room while Samuel and Mary Anne shared a room; Yuki stated, "I am glad that creature is dead; it seems from what the survivors gathered that Conrad guy and that other guy fused together into a giant creature". Triston nodded and he turned on the TV to see if there was any news station left broadcasting. On the TV was a humanoid creature and it said in a way everyone around the world could understand stated, "Attention everyone on Earth, soon I will rise and take over your pathetic planet. Anyone who resists will die; I will arrive tomorrow" then the broadcast ended. Yuki said with dread in her voice, "I do not know how to stop the Lord of Plagues, that guy said that is what he is called. I cannot imagine what kind of powers he has. It looks like we are doomed". Yuki sat on the bed and began crying; Triston sat next to her and he squeezed her hand and said, "No matter what happens, I will be with you. We cannot give up, this is just one more obstacle we have to face. Have a little faith". Triston and Yuki looked into each other's eyes and they could see firey passion in them.Triston stood up and he pulled Yuki up and kissed her; then they undressed each other in a quick mannor. The next thing they knew they were in the bed and in each others arms making love like there was no tomorrow.Yuki climaxed and she screamed Triston's name in pure esctasy; when Triston climaxed he screamed Yuki's name. Once the moment was over both Triston and Yuki were breathing heavily and they looked in each other's eyes. They both seemed to have escaped the nightmare outside; the sun set and Triston pulled Yuki into his arms then they covered up with a blanket. They fell asleep and both of them dreamed about getting married.
The next morning in the state of Colorado among the undead hoards a portal opened and the Lord of Plagues stepped out of it. He commanded his undead army to attack the remaining survivors; soon the living dead formed an organized military and they began waging an organized war against the living. The human military force fell at the rotting hands of the zombies. The Lord of Plagues built a castle and he had undead guard it.
Triston and Yuki woke up from their slumber; Yuki stated, "I cannot believe what happened last night. Triston, you are truly amazing. That felt so good". Triston smiled and said, "If I was going to do that with anyone it would only be you the love of my life". Triston and Yuki got dressed to find out the Lord of Plagues has emerged from the other dimension. The remaining survivors gathered in the concert hall on the south side of the hotel for a briefing. Lora went up to the microphone and said, "Good morning to all of you. Now here is what is going on; a creature known as the Lord of Plagues has risen from another dimension and is threatning to take over the world and enslave the remaining survivors. If nothing is done humanity is done for; now I know many of you are terrified but we must fight to save the world. We are not just White, Black, Asian, Spanish or Native People but today we will rise as one people. We cannot squabble over our petty differences anymore as we are on the brink of extinction". The group of survivors listened closely and they all felt a sense of pride. Then Lora shouted, "Today, we will fight for our survival! We will fight to live! We will fight for our very existance! We will not go down with out a fight! Today, we will show that monster what mankind is made of"! The crowd cheered, everyone was driven to fight for their right to exist.
People got on to buses and were armed with heavy weapons; tanks and bomber planes followed. Triston and Yuki sat next to each other on one of the buses and they held hands the entire drive there. The final battle between man and monster was about to begin; finally reaching Colorado the Lord of Plagues stepped out of his castle and he was ready to fight the remains of mankind. Everyone got in firing position and they opened fire on the Lord of Plagues; however the Lord of Plagues just stood there waiting for them to stop. Then the Lord of Plagues fired globs of infectious fluid at the fighters and many of them became zombies under the control of the Lord of Plagues. Soon the remaining fighters fled and went to regroup. Triston grabbed Yuki's hand and they escaped via bus. Ten miles away the remaining survivors debated a plan to kill the Lord of Plagues.
In Seattle, Washington Professor Dean Martin Carter was being sent for execution when he overpowered the Ressurectionist guards and he fled to the research lab. Professor Carter figured his family was dead by now and he heard about the Lord of Plagues emerging from the other dimension. Professor Carter figured he could reverse the sequence of the dimensional boundry and suck the Lord of Plagues back into it and end the plague once and for all. He began working on algorithims to alter the sequence of the particle accelerator. He managed to start a minature black hole that would pull the Lord of Plagues into the singularity and permanantly destroy it. That would end the plague because the zombies were subatomically connected.
At a secure facility in an undisclosed location the President was informed by Mathematican and Theoretical Physicist Professor Joseph McKnight, "We have discovered that a small black hole has opened and it is trying to suck the creature back in". The President rolled up his sleeves and said to a General, "Scramble all remaining bombers and fighter jets, we are taking this monster down". At surviving airforce bases jets and bombers took off and went to face the Lord of Plagues.
At the survivalist stronghold there was radio transmissions coming from fighter jets and bombers; Triston and Yuki listened to the transmissions when the homeless guy showed up in their room. The homeless man stated, "You two need to fight the Lord of Plagues; I will transport you both there plus I will give you both divine power". Triston and Yuki were infused with divine power though Yuki already was given similar power but this kind was far more powerful. Then Triston and Yuki found themselves in front of the Lord of Plagues. Triston and Yuki attacked the Lord of Plagues with their full strength and the monster lost its power. The fighter jets and bombers pushed the Lord of Plagues into the black hole which destroyed it. The black hole collapsed into itself and the subatomic connection that connected the zombies to the Lord of Plagues was severed; all the zombies worldwide deactivated. Humanity had won its fight against the plague.
The American President heard of the victory and the demise of the zombies; he was pleased and he said to his staff, "Humanity has endured, now I want to address the nation". The President went into his office where a camera was set up; the camera man said, "3,2,1 and we are live". The President stated, "My fellow Americans, I am addressing you from a secure area to tell you that humanity has won its battle against the plague. I am a really proud American to tell you this; we have endured the darkness and today is a brand new day. Stand with me as we rebuild our nation and the rest of the world; we need to band together as one people in the face of future threats against our species. Today, we won a battle in the name of mankind. God bless you all and God bless these United States".
One year after the zombie plague Triston and Yuki settled into a nice house on the Florida coast. Then three weeks after moving into their lovely home there was a wedding ceremony held on Miami Beach; the preacher man (who could speak English and Japanese) was speaking and then after a while he asked Triston, "Triston Watson, do you take this woman to be your bride"? Triston said, "I do". Then the preacher man asked in Japanese, "Yuki Uzamaki, do you take this man to be your husband"? Yuki said, "I do", the preacher man said, "You may now kiss the bride". Triston and Yuki kissed each other; what people were there clapped. After the reception Triston and Yuki went on a still functioning cruise ship for their honeymoon. The sun set over the ocean, Triston and Yuki laid in a bed naked after having sex where they discussed the future.
Seven years after the plague Triston and Yuki were playing with their two kids Rei and Scott Watson. A bright future was ahead for the world; China had been completely decimated by the disease and various survivors formed city-states. The remaining Japanese population (only 20,000 people) began rebuilding Japan; the United States was divided into three nations- the Republic of Alaska (which comprised the state of Alaska and parts of Canada), the Holy American Empire (Which was a Christian theocracy that was composed of Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona and southern California) and the rest was called the United States. Mexico became the world dominate superpower while the rest of the world was composed of smaller countries with their own governments. Trade resumed and the technological infrastructure was being rebuilt. Life had returned to normal.
Within the dimension where the Lord of Plagues was from a new creature was born from the lakes of the disease pathogen; this creature would be known as the "Lady of Plagues". She began having her citizens build technology to reopen the dimensional boundry. After twenty years the dimensional boundry was weakened and the pathogen would once again ressurect the dead.


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