The Frozen Palace

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Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016



A thick sheet of rain pours down from the tar black sky and pools onto the cracked cement. Darkness shrouds the city. I pull the hood of my sweatshirt over my head—as if that’s actually going to do any good. The murky brown puddles have already begun invading my sneakers, making every step I take feel like a thousand pounds.

The cars lining the street are barely visible through the downpour. The sidewalk is crowded with people moving slower than molasses. At this rate, it will take me at least another hour to get back to my apartment.
I survey the street, looking for anywhere to shield myself from the storm. Every door I pass is blocked by an inpenetrable blockade of city-goers.
The rain is only falling faster and harder, soaking my clothes and weighing me down like a wet sponge. My eyes dart across the street hoping desperately to find somewhere, anywhere, to stay dry.

A bolt of lighting strikes furiously in the distance. The clouds have turned charcoal—masking the city in a sullen veil of darkness.

I curse myself silently for losing my wallet on the subway. If it wasn’t for my stupidity, I could be as dry as my mother’s turkey on Thanksgiving right now. Instead, I’m hopelessly drenched forever away from the comfort of my apartment.

I deeply envy the umbrella holders who pass me by, practically rubbing their dry coats in my face.

The ground is flooding uncontrollably, the water nearly up to my ankles. I’m growing colder and colder by the second. My toes have become numb completely. I am beginning to shiver uncontrollably with the cutting wind slashing my shoulders.

The city is so dark that the only thing illuminating the streets is the recurrent flash of lightning. I feel like I’m walking through a pool of clay, my miserable legs fighting their way down the street.

I have finally fought my way over to the right side of the sidewalk and I dive into the nearest doorway I pass. Escaping the rain feels like stripping naked of my clothes—leaving behind what had been strangling me.
Once I get past the excitement of finding shelter, I realize I’ve entered an empty building. I come to the conclusion that it must’ve been an old ice cream shop based on the abandoned machines sitting behind the counter.
The inside of the abandoned Frozen Palace (I’d found an old sign leaning against the wall) is nearly pitch black. Besides from the minimal light leaking in from the outside, the only light I have is from the flashlight on my cell phone.
I decide to take off my sneakers and attempt to dry off as much as possible. I remove my sweatshirt and hang it on the doorknob. I take off my shirt to wring it out and lay it on the counter, and then do the same with my jeans.
It occurs to me that it would be awfully uncomfortable if someone walked in on me half naked and soaking wet in an abandoned ice cream shop.

I try turning the deadbolt on the door, but it’s jammed—probably why it was left unlocked to begin with.
With a litle jiggling, I’m able to turn it.
I take a seat on the floor and turn off the flashlight on my phone as to preserve battery.

Everything inside the Frozen Palace is coated in a thick layer of dust. From just sitting here, I feel as if I’ve already collected an inch of the stuff.

The air feels thick and old like that of an antique shop. It smells like used clothes packed onto racks in a thrift store.

I peek out the small, dirty window on the door to check if it’s still raining. Although the sky is looking a slightly lighter shade of grey, the rain is falling even harder. I worry that I could be stuck here longer than I thought.
I let out a long exagerrated sigh even though there is no one around to hear.

My eyelids are becoming heavier and heavier. The day is finally starting to crash on top of me. As I grow more and more tired, I sink further into the floor until there is only darkness.

My eyes open slowly like a newborn baby’s. I feel a rush of confusion before I remember where I am. I check my watch. Over an hour has passed. I sit back up and rub my groggy eyes.
I stand and begin putting on my soggy jeans when I see a light.
It’s a glowing yellow outline in the back of the room.
I turn on my flashlight and walk closer. It appears to be a doorway to something, but a relentless question hits me—where does it go to?

Trying to think rationally, I figure it’s probably just another store connected to this one. After all, it makes no sense for the lights to suddenly turn on in some random closet.

At first, I decide I’ll just leave it be and finish putting on my clothes so I can get out of here, but I admit I just can’t stand the mystery.

I slowly twist the doorknob with my shaky hand and pull the door, squinting my eyes as to avoid seeing the other side. The door lets out a whiny creak as it moves. I slowly drag myself through the doorway, still too nervous to look. I eventually build up the courage to open one eye just a smidge and I can’t quite comprehend what I see.

The light I saw is gone, and there is nothing but perpetual darkness. Weirdest of all—there’s not even the light emitting from my cell phone. I try to turn it on, but nothing happens. I figure it must have died.
And as for the mysterious light…I don’t know what to think.

I wonder for a moment if I had imagined it somehow. I ask myself if it could have possibly been a hallucination, but I just can’t believe that.

I saw it with my own two eyes, but now it’s just gone? This whole thing is starting to give me the creeps. I pat the wall down with my hand trying to find the doorknob. The lights suddenly flash on and I practically jump out of my shoes. 

Looking straight in front of me, I quickly realize my stupidity. While looking for the doorknob, my finger flicked the light switch on accident. I must have switched it off somehow when I was walking in here.

I let out a sigh of relief and begin examining the area, which turns out to be a bathroom. Like the rest of the shop, there is a thick coat of dust cloaking the room. I look at the ground and there’s a large cockroach squirming on the floor. I kneel down to examine it. It somehow got itself stuck on its back.
As I sit there watching it struggle, it occurs to me that someone must’ve flipped the switch to turn the lights on in the first place. I wonder if maybe someone had come in here to use the bathroom or get shelter and left the light on, but that can’t be. I distinctly remember locking the door after coming in.

I continue trying to think of a logical explanation but not a thing comes to mind. The more I think about it, the more creeped out I get. I decide it’s getting a little too confusing for me to handle. I turn around to grab the doorknob and I am met with a pale face staring back at me.

After letting out a terrified shriek, I feel a wave of stupidity rush over me yet again when I realize it’s just a mirror.
Yet, at closer inspection I notice something’s off. There’s a thin stream of blood running from my left eye. I touch my eye, but there’s nothing there. I move my head to see if maybe it’s just a weird streak on the mirror, but the strange image still remains.

I stare at the mirror in shock. I’m unable to comprehend what could be happening. Another cockroach runs down the wall and over the mirror, startling me a bit. I hear an odd chattering noise and I look up at the ceiling.

At first, I don’t quite understand what it is I’m seeing, but then I realize. It’s a swarm of cockroaches. I feel sick to my stomach, and I bolt out of the bathroom.

I’m quickly approaching the door when suddenly I tumble to the ground. There’s a sharp pain piercing through my left eye. I touch it and feel something wet and sticky—it’s blood. I had hit my head on a loose nail when I fell. I realize that what I saw in the mirror—the blood running down my eye—it’s coming true. Despite the horrible pain and confusion, I get back up and continue towards the door, desperate to leave this hell. I quickly throw my shirt on and turn the doorknob. 

I pull the door harder and harder, but it doesn’t budge. Remembering I’d locked it, I begin trying to turn the deadbolt, but it’s not working. Compared to this, locking it was a piece of cake. Even with the adrenaline pumping through my veins, the deadbolt is nearly impossible to open.
I felt a weird crawling sensation on my toes and up my leg. I look down to see dozens of the cockroaches swimming their way up my body. I try to shake them off, but they hang on for dear life.
Suddenly I feel the click of the deadbolt unlocking. I swing the door open hurriedly and run out. It’s still raining outside, but not as bad. Just enough to wash away the cockroaches that had managed to stay on. I practically run the rest of the way home, too shocked to process what had happened to me.

A couple weeks later, I had finally built up the courage to walk by the abandoned Frozen Palace. This time there were rays of sunshine gleaming from every corner of the city. When I finally got to the spot where I had run out in horror just weeks before, I couldn’t believe what I saw.
Above the door, a sign labeled “The Frozen Palace” twinkled with delight. I peeked through the window to see a perfectly normal ice cream shop inside. I looked around the street to be sure if this was actually the place, and it was.
I opened the door and a bell rang as I walked inside. A young girl at the front of the shop greeted me as I approached the counter. Unsure of what I should do, I asked her if I could use the restroom. She said sure and pointed towards it although I remembered exactly where it was already.

My thoughts had come to a halt and I was walking mindlessly into my nightmarish reality. The coat of dust that had covered the entire room was replaced by shiny counters and the artifical smell of cleaning supplies. 

Suddenly I noticed it—a cockroach squirming around on the floor, just like I had seen before. I looked up at the ceiling, but it was as unusually clean as the rest of the place. After a while of sitting there trying to understand what the hell was going on, I realized I had been in there long enough to cause suspicion. I got up to leave, but quickly caught a glance of myself in the mirror.
The entire left side of my reflection was torn apart—gushing blood everywhere. The right side of my face had a huge gash down the side.
I’d had enough and needed to rid myself of this place once and for all.
I ran straight out of there, ignoring the girl asking if I was okay. My mind was so restless with thoughts, trying desperately to understand what was going on. I didn’t stop running. I just kept moving forward, trying to get away from that place as fast as humanly possible.
Out of nowhere I felt an enormous weight hit me. I heard a screeching noise and a woman screaming somewhere behind me. I was laying in the middle of the road unable to move or talk or process what the hell was happening. I looked down and saw blood gushing from the left side of my body. The right side of my face burned as I laid there on the hot pavement. I heard an ambulance somehwere in the background, but all the sounds eventually began to morph together into a loud ringing chaos. My body ached furiously and my eyes stung. I tried to move my arm, but I could barely twitch my fingers. A few people rushed up to help me but they just appeared as messy blurs. I slowly began to lose my consciousness. I sank further and further into the ground until there was only darkness.

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