Sometimes (Someday)

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Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016



Sometimes (Someday)

Sometimes my brain feels like a wet sponge.  Dragging behind me, leaking useless shit everywhere I go.  Soaking my entire body and weighing me down with everything I don’t want to hear, but do anyways.



It’s all gone—lost in the cracks between my heart and my head.

And that’s when we see again.

Maybe we’re desperate and empty and spun around so many times that the compass in our hands forgot which way was north.  Yet, in that vulnerability, is a pair of clean, honest eyes who can see through the rain and the snow and the ice that’s frozen over our hearts and made us bitter.

And finally we can be free enough to realize who we are and what the hell we’ve been doing all these years.  You can’t feel that weight being lifted off your shoulders, but instead you can hear it.  You can smell it.  You can taste it.  You’ve been so busy focusing on the pain, that you never took the time to actually love something worth your love.  

So, when that moment comes when you are so lost and hopeless and stricken with grief, you will see that one person with the honest eyes and the compass hands and you will smile.  

And they will always smile back.

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