Love In The Shadows

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How things all started for Leilani. Story starts in Rio De Janerio where she currently resides.

(I will be providing the Translations i use for either character throughout the story Please refer to the english translations for the sentences spoken in Portuguese. )

Police! Open the door now! We will not ask again! Open the door now!

How can i help you police officers tonight? I was Making fresh cookies when you showed up.

We were alerted within the area that there had been an armed assailant running around Ma'am. We are going door to door searching for him. If you know anything Please tell us.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Meeting

Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016



It was 3 hours after closing for me at Sunshine Flower Nursery. I had finally finished going over the books and the list of pirority orders for the next couple days. I was already exhausted as it was with the business and i deserved some form of rest. I was up for atleast 3 days straight and i didn't need a fourth day. I decided to go make myself something to eat since i hadn't really eaten much the entire day except a small salad

. After making the small snack finally, i had gotten around to eating and catching up on work expenses. It was about an hour later as i left the bathroom i immediately stopped and noticed an unknown figure had slipped in through my kitchen window. At this instance i was terrified because i had no idea what the Fucking hell was going on at this point. I was already trying to find a place to hide before i would suddenly Hear the voice of my Unknown intruder. "I Wouldn't think of  calling the police if i were you.". I turned around, the cellphone still in my hand. i Turned on the lights to see exactly who was talking to me.

I only remember seeing a tall man standing in my kitchen, black suit, and red tie.  "..." I honestly couldn't find myself even being able to speak when he approached me,getting rather close to me. "W-Who are you?" I finally managed to speak. " That isn't the issue at the moment. How many have seen me coming inside?" He sternly asked me as i tried to keep my composure. "No one. It's only 4:00 In the morning." I told him. "Good." He really was quite intmidating with how tall he was against me, I wasn't as tall, rather a  few inches shorter. "Why are you here?, How am I supposed to help with what's going on?" I asked. 

I watched just as he happened to have stopped whatever it was that he was working on, turning to face me. He looked angry, but then again i already knew he had that intmidating look which scared me. "...The police are looking for me. You are going to help me Hide. ". He told me as i sighed in relief. I knew what he had just told me was crazy, but if i said no to this man, i knew something was going to go wrong eventually during the night. Thinking it over intently for a few minutes, i looked up at him, "...Fine. I'll help hide you if the police come. Leave no signs that you were here." I told him, crossing my arms as he looked down at me, surprised to see i had been willing to help, rather than starting an arguement with him over what he asked.

Just  then i could hear the sound of police Sirens and cars stopping in my Driveway. I went into immediate panic, closing the window in the kitchen, cleaning up the mess that was made. I could clearly hear them pounding on my front door rather roughly. "...Hide. Now." . I told him in a cold voice. Just then, he nodded to what i told him. "There's a hidden panel in the ceiling that leads to a bedroom in my attic. " i told him as he climbed up onto the desk, Moving the panel before climbing up into the ceiling, putting it back in place. 

Again i heard the police pounding on the door even harder, i was worried, i had managed to clean up most of the mess made by my unexpected  Guest. "Policia! Abra A Porta Agora! Nao Pedir Novamente Senhora! Abra A Porta!I then rushed to open the door, not wanting the police to wait any longer. The next instance, about 6 police officers had walked into my home , looking around, then leading me into the kitchen where we all stood around the island in the middle of it. I was extremely nervous at this point with the police in my home, Neighbors now looking through my windows. I had to hide the fact i was nervous, because it wouldn't be long before the police realized something was wrong.

"Como Posso ajudar os policiais esta noite? Eu estava Cozinhando bolinhos frescos quando voce apareceu." I asked calmly in Portugese. The officers then seemed surpsied, each taking a notepad out from their pockets, taking down notes about how i had been acting, some whispering to the other before staring back at me. "Fomos Alertados dentro da area que tinha havido um assaltante armado correndo em torno da senhora. Vamos de porta em procurando por ele. Se voce Save alguma Cosia,por favor, conte-nos." They told me, somehow through all of this, i really managed to keep my calm as i shook my head. "No. I haven't seen anything officers, i-",

Just then i turned around,along with the Officers  to see my intruding House guest, In a disguise. He looked at me giving me the look of "Go along with what i'm about to do" Look. I said nothing as the officers stared at us Both now, all of them taking down more notes, whispering to eachother yet again. "Sweetheart, What seems to be the matter? What do the police need at this time in the night?" He asked me , sliding an arm around me. At this point i was surprised he had emerged from hiding , deciding to help me. "...The police are here looking for an armed assailant who was last seen in the area around 2 hours ago. They want to know if we've seen anything.".

The police seemed quite surprised when he had shown up. "Who is he?" the female officer asked, stepping forward. "I'm her boyfriend , Tobias Rieper.  I was asleep at the moment before you showed up. ". He pulled me close to his side as i instinctively followed the same movement. "How Long have you two known eachother?" the Female officer asked yet again as the rest had left, Satsified with what information was given "I've known him for exactly 4 years Ma'am. We met in Hawaii when i was on vacation. We got to talking about our favorite book authors over a couple drinks. We really hit it off while we spent our time there. It was after a month of talking and meeting up when we could, That's when he asked me out. I was happy Since then because he has made me happy however he could.". the officer seeming now satsified after taking down her notes, she offered us both a smile,then handed me a card with her information. "If you happen to see the man anywhere within the area, do not hesitate to call us. You two have a good night." She spoke, both of us watching her leave, Along with the other officers in their cars, away from my home.

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