Love In The Shadows

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Agent 47 is now a house guest in Leilani's Home. Months into him staying in her house , He has been helping her out with the general housework of her home, realizing he could help with that and the upkeep of business, she seemed to have relaxed with having him around.
(again, for either speaking in a language the reader cannot understand, i will provide English Translations should any need to be used in this chapter.)

Chapter 2 (v.1) - New guest

Submitted: December 31, 2016

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Submitted: December 31, 2016



Early Morning, 5:30 AM In the kitchen

I should be scared at this point right now because i now have a total stranger in my home, who barely got me out of that scrap with Brazilian police yesterday night. I'm still trying to figure out in my own right mind why he decided to help me, But none the less i'm just relieved that i'm not dealing with the police at this moment. I was still rather tired because i didn't fall asleep until after they had left. After taking a long shower, i emerged in my usual blue shirt , black jeans and a brown sweatshirt. I wandered into the kitchen to cook myself something to eat, hoping to shake my mind of the new house guest i've got.

While i was still cooking i was unaware he had walked into the kitchen to see what i was doing. I hadn't really heard anything because  i have my usual habit of listening to music whenever i make myself breakfast. But in this case i was cooking more than usual since i have Him in the house , trying to figure out myself why he chose to hide in My home. "What are you cooking?" He asked me before looking over my shoulder. I pulled out my headphones and turned back, smiling when he asked. "It's country peppercorn gravy, biscuits , eggs and bacon." I told him. "I can't really Thank you enough for helping me with the Police. I was pretty Freaked out." I told him, watching as he cracked a smile. " I did what i had to." He told me. 

"I never did Get your Name. I'm Leilani Koslov. " I told him , Extending my hand out for a handshake. He gripped my hand in a firm shake, staring me right in the eyes the entire time. "...I'm 47." At this point i was a bit suspicious, but shook it off. "Pleasure 47." I spoke, turning back to the food before he passed by me, reaching to get the plates. "I can take care of the rest. "  He told me as i nodded, leaving the kitchen to return to the flowers. I left to the basement downstairs to grab my bag of gardening tools,heading upstairs, going towards the door that lead to the greenhouse where i had all my plants growing and thriving. He turned to leave the kitchen with our meals the second he had spotted me.  

"What are the Gardening tools for? Do you have a garden in the back?" He asked me as i nodded. "Yes, I grow flowers. I actually run a flower nursery. I can show you the flowers if you would like to see." I told him as he then set the plates down. "I would love to see them, Leilani." He told me as i smiled. "I grow a Variety of roses, orchids and in the very back, my personal fruit garden. " I told him. "That's quite impressive." he told me as i stopped before the door smiling. "I have had my share in growing plants and baking. " I told him, opening the door which lead right down the stairs into a large greenhouse. "...This is quite Large. How do you do it?" He asked. 

"I get up early in the morning to take care of the flowers and fruit, planting new ones or taking away dead plants , all for the nursery." I told him "I keep track of everything within the books for all of this." I told him. "..Though i never lived in Brazil to Begin with. It's a Long Story. " I told him , sighing. I hated talking about it so much though i tried to forget it. It was stupid shit that got me into seeking asylum in brazil within the first place when i did all that hacking and stole confidential information form the Sweedish Goverment. I was lucky i was granted asylum. My next plan was to move to the United states and start over.

He looked up with a curious head-tilt. "What was it that you did that made you flee here?" He asked me , i sighed, I wanted to tell him nothing, but i decided to tell him anyways. "To be honest, i was a Swedish Citizen. I was an inspiring college student. I was on break writing this hacking program, the best ive written since ive never done things like that, it's been called Shadow Client.The program attaches itself to a link within any email i plant it in. Once its sent to the victim and opened, it will forcefully install itself and infect every file on the computer , you name it and send it over to me so i can pick out the important information i need. But i was stupid and stole confidential secrets from the governent. I was a wanted person. So i had to pack up everything and that's when i fled to Rio. I was granted asylum after i arrived. Lived here for years. I plan to move to the united states soon."

i sighed, watching his movements carefully. "This must've set you back quite a bit Leilani. I'm sorry to hear. I've got some work to take care of, I'll be back soon." He spoke as i nodded, watching him leave with his things for "Work" .

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