Love In The Shadows

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Leilani has let Agent 47 help her around her home and the nursery. When he is off cleaning up from the last job, she discovers his things for "Work " Inside her basement and Laundry room. What will her fate be after this?

Chapter 3 (v.1) - The discovery

Submitted: January 03, 2017

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Submitted: January 03, 2017



12:00 PM Sunshine Flower Nursery

 "I cannot thank you enough for helping me 47. You really taught me a thing or two on plant care and keeping most of the plants healthy" I spoke, watching him smile. I was excited now at the slightest bit that he was here , helping me out."It's no problem, you just need to care for them how you can and make sure they thrive properly." He told me as i nodded, both of us now heading inside the house, out and away from the Greenhouse. "I was worried at first having you around, but you have helped me alot to be honest here. " I told him, watching him smile again. "I thought that you would be afraid of me. You seem Quite Bubbly and outgoing. " He told me as i smiled. 

5:50 PM Upstairs Living room, Down the hall from the bathroom

i was already settled down at this point watching the usual tv show of mine off of Netflix. There was a slow day within the Nursery, so i closed down early around 3:00. I was happy the day had been going as well as it was since it was already 4 months since 47 had shown up  had moved in and was helping me around the house. I knew that he was in the shower because i could hear the running water from within the Living room. I finished eating my meal for the night, i headed down to clean up the dishes in the kitchen.

As i was starting to leave the kitchen, i heard the indistinctive ring of the Washing machine and dryer going off.  I should go get the clothes. I told myself as i made my way to the stairs, heading downstairs to the Basement Where there was another Living room, but it was never used. I needed to get to the Laundry room and move clothing from the  washing machine into the dryer and clothes from the  dryer into the laundry basket so they could be folded up. However the next thing i spotted inside the Laundry room Horrified me. There were weapons , maps, You name it all strewn about the walls.

Weapons sitting ontop of the dryer and washing machine. I was completely horrified, Covering my mouth in pure shock. "..Oh my god.. I seriously did not just Let 47 or Whoever the Fucking hell this guy was into my home... " I told myself as i decided to leave the clothing there, alone and quickly scrambled back up the stairs, Just as he came down them , both of us bumping into eachother. Shit. He knew at this point i saw Everything. I was scared now as i quickly moved aside and headed up to my Room , i could hear him following close behind, Grabbing my arm, Pushing me  agains the wall As he gave me a stern and an almost angry look. I was paralyzed with fear. 

"...Now that you have seen everything, I have to leave.. I don't know if things will turn out well for you.. "  He told me as i stood there , still unable to make a single movement as he backed away, Turning to the Guest bedroom he had been staying in, quickly packing his things. What did he mean by how things will turn out for me? That i had to figure out. "What do you mean? What the hell is all of this you Lied to me about?" I asked, Watching him as he turned to look at me emotionless as ever. "....I work for an Elite agency. The ICA is an international Organization. I'm what is known as a Hitman. This is something i didn't want you to find out. But i knew you would find out somehow. "  He told me. 

Now i was really scared at this point because i didn't know if i was going to live. I had to do something to Convince him to do something to save my life. "Isn't there something you can do for me? I'll do anything if it means protecting my life. I will do Anything." I told him, watching as he stood and turned to face me , now surprised i had made and went forth with such a sudden offer. " 

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