Love In The Shadows

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Leilani has now had her life spared and was introduced into Agent 47's work. How long can she deal with the fact she knew he was a hitman? Leilani finally introduces 47 to her being a shapeshifter.

(side note: [Yes i know a shapeshifter is magical into the hitman verse, but i wrote this roleplay im making a book out of as a alternative universe story line. it makes it unique])

Chapter 4 (v.1) - New Job/The confession

Submitted: January 04, 2017

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Submitted: January 04, 2017



He looked down at me Sighing before he approached and hugged me. I was caught off guard and i hugged him back "You have to understand Leilani, my work is very dangerous, You could die.. I don't want this to happen to you. Your too much of an innocent girl to get tangled up in all of this." He told me. I was still paralyzed with fear as i looked at him. "I-I understand.. But i don't want to lose my life over this. I want to do what i can to help and keep this a secret." I told him as i heard him sigh and sit with his computer , dialing what seemed like a strange code, Listening to the ringing. "My handler will not be happy about this.. But it's the only way i can make sure your safe."

"I understand, Thank you... " I told him as i took a seat next to him, Watching the screen before an unkown face popped up, Looking Quite happy, not even seeing Leilani next to his side. "Diana Burnwood ICA Handler, How can i help you today?She asked before seeing Leilani next to him" 47, Having an outsider out of the ICA Is against the Rules. You Better have a good Explaination for this happening. One of you two better."She spoke. "Miss Burnwood,what happened was a simple accident, He doesn't want something bad happening to me, For all i can care, I can work with computers, I share a great knowledge in them. I'll endure all the training i'm required to take" I told her, watching as she sat there, Trying to think about her decision.

I was still scared at this very point, trying to imagine what would happen to me  if she said no. 47 seemed just as concerned because as we sat there, i could feel his hand taking mine into his. He really seems worried for me. I thought as i sat there. "...I have thought my Decision over. Agent 47, You are required to bring Leilani to the Headquarters in Sapienza. Nothing is to happen to her." She spoke as the screen then shut off, I turned looked at him, gently taking my hand back. "You saved my life.... Thank you so much 47. I can't believe my life's been spared. " I told him. 

"I know. Be prepared for the training, that will be the toughest part of all this. If you fail.. You could die.." he told me before he embraced me moments later and then smiled to me. I returned the embrace, moving back slightly. "I Have something to show you 47. I never Revealed this before though.." i told him as he seemed confused. I then backed up again, shifting my own form to become that of a Macaw.

I then flew up onto the counter and sat there, facing him. "T-this isn't real.. Your just a hallucination Leilani...I have to be Drunk or something.." He told me as i slowly shifted back ,now sitting there on the outside counter ,smiling and flattening my dress again. "i assure you 47, This isn't fake. your not drunk.  I'm what's known as a shapeshifter." I told him, smiling. He then smiled a bit again. "We should start packing for Italy. Saipenza takes over a day to get to. Your training is Vital."  He told me as i nodded, heading into my room to pack.

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