Love In The Shadows

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Both leilani and 47 now make the long journey Sapienza Italy for Leilani herself to prove her chance to Agent 47's handler that she is capable of working for the ICA and give herself a chance to work as a temporary handler to agent 47 himself

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Travel

Submitted: January 07, 2017

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"We should probably get going now if we are headed to Saipenza first thing." I told him as i emerged from my room, still in the same outfit, wearing my coat and plain fedora. "Correct Leilani. When we are at the airport, we are pretending to be newly weds, leaving to Saipenza for vacation. You will Call me Tobias." He told me as i nodded quickly. "Understood. I can bet this will be life changing, probably going around the world correct?" i asked as he nodded, smiling, then moving to embrace me again for a few moments as i did the same.

 He really seems worried i could get hurt.i thought as he still held me."I don't want to see you get hurt leilani. This will take a few days, Possibly weeks. I hope your able to handle physical excercise. " He told me before kissing my forehead. "..I understand my risks 47. " I told him as he moved to open the door for me as i walked out first , watching as he turned to close the door behind us , making the way down the stairs to leave the apartment building ,heading for the airport so we could both fly to Saipenza. It would be a long journey, but would it be worth it for me? I would hope so.

"Remember the plan." I told him with a smile as he nodded, getting our bags from the car, handing over mine. I tossed my laptop bag over my shoulder, clipping the other to my suitcase. "Be Careful." He told me as i nodded,feeling his arm slide around my waist, pulling me close as i copied his actions. "I understand, Tobias." i told him , watching as he smiled, some turning to watch us. "I'll owe you for giving me the chance for this." I told him. "No need I can take care of everything, You don't need to pay Leilani." He told me as i smiled.

Once on the plane , 6 hours into the Journey, i had already passed out, My laptop was still on at the moment as 47 looked over to seeing me slumped over my keyboard. He had nudged me a second later before i got up, stretching and yawning. "Good to see your awake. When we get there, Do not speak. I will take care of plans when there." Instinctively i nodded as i would close up my laptop, seeing that it was done charging after i powered it down, packing it in my bag with the charger. "I just hope i can prove myself.." I told him. 

Once the plane landed, parked at the gate, I moved to pick up my laptop bag, then moving past 47 to grab my small suitcase just as he had gotten up, moving to get it before me. "Let me help you. I don't think it would be a good idea to carry alot of things." "Thank you.". When in the airport, i threw my sunglasses on, still keeping up with him as we both exited the airport, headed towards the black car that seemed to be awaiting our arrival. "We've been expecting your arrival. Welcome to Sapienza." The driver spoke, 47 nodding as i decided to keep my mouth shut like he had told me since we had to now make the journey to where the Agency was located.

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