Love In The Shadows

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They both arrive at the Location of the ICA for Leilani's Training. Will she be able to endure what is to come out of the training sessions she will have to Face? Will She have passed and be enlisted into the agency?

Chapter 6 (v.1) - Arrival/Training/Acceptance.

Submitted: March 16, 2017

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Submitted: March 16, 2017



When arriving at the Facility, I had begun to feel nervous upon exiting the car with Agent 47, headed to the building entrance. "You will not speak to anyone inside." he told me as i nodded quickly. Upon finally entering, Anyone who was anybody immediately turned to stare at me like i was a wounded deer being chased by a hunter. I never looked up once to see everyone staring at me. Once we reached the Training facility within the building, the door opened as i began walking in. As i stood there within the doorway staring at him.

"Promise me nothing bad will happen to me.. Please." I begged before i moved to hug him, which wasn't a smart idea. But as i moved and hugged him, He seemed to have barely smiled at what i told him, as he hugged back instead of stopping me. We both stopped the hug as he then left,Leaving me to walk into the small dormitory llike room, the door closed behind me. Though i could not see it, the mirror in the room was a two way mirror. Behind that mirror revealed a large observation room where doctors, Agent 47 and his handler , Diana Burnwood stood, all watching Leilani herself as she would observe the plain looking room. 


"Starting training with Subject 653-A. Her Vitals are normal as of 12:30 AM, Subject will be undergoing Aggressive physical and mental training for the next 5 weeks." the Doctor spoke, Diana and 47 both remaining silent. "You'd better be right about her 47. I would hate to see such a young person like herself Fail."  47 remained quiet the entire time when Diana made her statement. "Initiate the first test." .  

A few weeks Later...

Over the next few weeks month as Training seemed to Gradually progress and become more and more painful to endure,Leilani herself somehow managed to Endure it. "She seems to have proven her worth 47. She is going to need a few days to cool down, then i will decided her fate." . From there when i emerged, I was walking Very slowly because if i leaned my weight on either side of my body way too long, it would feel like someone hit me with a hammer. "....Hey.." I then watched as 47 moved to my side, placing my arm over his shoulder , making sure i wouldn't fall and pass out on the ground as i had during some training sessions.

Finally after taking a long, slow walk through the halls, we reached the room i was staying inside, within the facility. Once the door opened, he moved his arm away as i would move slowly to walk into the room, the door closing by itself as he watched through the small window in the door for a few seconds to see if i made it to the bed. He left when i fell back into it.  "I managed to.. Survive." I told myself, soon closing my eyes slowly, attempting to fall asleep. The next day i was feeling relieved that there was no more training to endure. I was still feeling the intense pain from the training i had to put up with. 

I Never did wake up the entire time when the doctors had come in to check my vitals. It was weird because i was usually awake the entire time i had been looked over. "Subject's vitals are normal, She has suffered minor  sprains to her left knee and right hand. She is expected to make a full recovery very soon. " the Doctor had commented to Diana and 47 who happened to have been in the same area.  "Bring her to my Office soon" Diana spoke as The agent himself nodded as she started to leave , heading towards the elevator, then disappearing from sight once the door closed.

Hours later...

I was still well asleep, Unaware that 47 had actually entered my room ,trying to wake me up so we can both go talk to Diana about her becoming one with the agency. "Lei..Wake up." He told me, Starting to shake me as i would slowly turn over on my side, looking up at him with a slight smile as he helped me to sit up because the Brace on my leg made it difficult. "Thank you, so much for helping me. I couldn't have made it if i never believed in myself, or you believing i could too." I told him as he'd smile, soon helping me up as we'd slowly make our way out of the room, down the hall, towards the elevators at the end of the hallway.

Once there and the elevator doors  had opened, He'd allow me in first, then he went in next , putting my arm over his shoulders to help me stay standing. As the elevator Ascended up to Diana's office, I was Nervous the entire time thinking about what his handler would tell me after i had to deal with all that training. "I don't think i'll be accepted.." I told him as he frowned some. "I Think you will make it, Leilani. I saw how much determination and effort you put into your training while i was observing. "

 He told me as the elevator stopped and the doors opened, he lead me out first,then walked out last , then lead me down the hall to Her office, Everyone starting to stare at me again. I didn't even need to knock before she looked up and saw us both, then stood to greet us at the door. "Come,Sit. We need to discuss your training and consideration to join the agency Leilani." She told me as i'd nod, Walking into the office with 47 , then taking a seat slowly. "How did everything go for me through the entire time i was here?" i had asked nervously, watching Diana's actions after i stopped talking. 

"From how well your training had gone, You will be Enlisted into the Agency as a temporary handler to 47, then a handler for miss Serena. " She spoke, as i'd smile."I would take the chance to show your friend here around Saipenza. I'm sure she'd love the sights 47." She spoke as we got up , soon leaving the office.

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