Love In The Shadows

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Leilani had finally finished her training with the ICA And will now spend the time left over to Explore the sights of italy with agent 47.

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Vacation (pt 1 of 3)

Submitted: April 26, 2017

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Submitted: April 26, 2017



11:00 AM, The Gritti Palace, Venice ,Italy

I was asleep wherever i was for hours on end and i was happy to have gotten the sleep because i hadn't gotten much since the training. I finally started coming to, waking up slowy to discover i was in 47's car. He looked at me the second he had gotten to my side of the car, opening the door as i'd slowly get up and stretch, Yawning. "Good Morning Leilani, You Slept quite a long time." He commented as he'd hug me and i would do the same in return. "I was pretty tired, But i'm glad i got to finally sleep some. " I told him before i noticed he would move towards the Trunk.

I turned to watch as he opened it, soon taking out a bag that looked packed with clothing, soon smiling as he'd hold it out to me. "This Is a little present i had gotten you while you were asleep. I hope you enjoy it." He told me ,offering a smile as he closed the trunk and i'd take the bag to peek inside it, seeing there was all sorts of brand new clothing , even some jewelery. I smiled and would then pull out a small box which contained a Heart shaped necklace, covered with little diamonds. I took it from the box carefully, placing it around my neck.

Pulling my hair away he'd smile as he looked at me wearing it. "It looks beautiful Lei. " At this point  i immediately blushed which made him grin. "I can't wait to try on some of the dresses and such you have gotten me,Thank you again." I told him, soon moving to hug him once I placed the bag down. He returned the hug, holding me close as i could hear him smelling the scent of my hair which i didn't mind because it felt nice to me. He Protected me. I should be Greatful for this. I thought. "Let's head to the room so i can clean up and and then we can go sightseeing." I told him as he'd nod, leading me to the hotel entrance. Once we finally got inside, the Receptionist looked up at us both as i'd watch him and 47 talk for a few minutes before we walked away from the desk. 

"We're in room 332. Presidential Suite."  He told me as i'd nod and follow him to the elevator. "I can't believe i get to have a vacation in Venice. I Already love it." I told him as he grinned. "You will love it more when we get around to seeing the sights. Italy is Beautiful." He told me once the doors to the elevator opened, both of us stepping in as he pressed the button for the 2nd floor. "I've always been here for Business, I think you will love it." He told me as the doors finally opened  and we both stepped out , both doors closing behind us.

As we made our way down the hall, i could see from the corner of my eye he had gotten closer, putting his arm around me. I smiled and would do the very same. "It's very strange to me Leilani, i feel sort've.." He paused as we stopped outside the room and i would look at him. "What is strange to you?" I asked as i'd watch his movements when we both walked into the hotel room, closing the door behind us. "I feel like i'm in Love with you.. But my Genetics.. don't allow it... It's strange how i can feel this way towards someone like you."

 He told me as i stood there, surprised. Holy Shit, He seriously admitted that he loved me.  He Loves me.  But why? I thought as i would smile to what he had just told me. "I feel the same way 47. don't get me wrong, You do Things someone like me shouldn't ever get tangled up in, but for some reason, i think it's the thrills and danger we face being together in some way, makes this unique. A shapeshifter and an international Hitman in love." I told him quietly. 

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