Butcher: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Hunted

Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016



Part Two

James looked over his shoulder countless times to be sure they weren’t being followed. He was seeing nothing so far, but that never lasted for too long. The Police Officer on the other hand, was doing a horrible job making sure they hadn’t picked up a tail or anything of the sort. He just drove sporadically on the road due to his near panic attacks over what he had just witnessed. James took a break from searching to check on Lani. She was curled up as close to the window as she could and just cried. Losing Jessica was too much for her, that much was certain.
Maggie too was searching for any signs of Butcher, but due to her expressions it was clear she had found none. She had more concern in her facial features, than she ever had when he was in their presence. James put his hand over Lani’s and stroked the back of it gently with his thumb. She looked at him and took his hand and held it tight. James smiled a little to himself. He remembered when all he had ever wanted was Lani’s love and acceptance, and all it took was a serial killer to murder their friends and continue after them.
The Police Officer pulled into an abandoned parking lot near a rundown store from fifty years ago and shut off the engine and all the lights. He looked around quickly until he was satisfied that nobody had followed them, or even knew they were there. Something he should have done the entire time. James shook his head slightly. How had this guy graduated from the police academy if he couldn’t even pay attention to anything around him? Maggie looked at him questioningly.
“What the hell are we doing here?” she hissed.
He looked at her with obvious fear in his eyes.
“We are hiding from that demon, or whatever the fuck he is” he answered shakily. She rolled her eyes and got out of the car. He squealed and got out after her.
“What are you doing?” he whispered urgently. “If he sees us we are done for!”
Maggie looked at him like he was the dumbest person she had ever had the unfortunate fate of setting sights on.
“Like a lone police car sitting in an abandoned parking lot won’t draw any suspicion” she said.
James knocked on the window and Maggie walked over and opened the door for him to get out. He stepped onto the asphalt and looked the Police Officer in the eyes.
“If my sister gets hurt because of your stupidity I will cut your throat myself” he growled. “Do we have an understanding, Officer?”
The Police Officer nodded quickly.
“Good” James said. “Now what’s your name?”
It took the Police Officer a second or two before he could find his vocabulary to speak. He swallowed hard before speaking.
“Nick Jameson” he answered quietly.
“Okay Nick” James said. “We need to sit here and think of a plan to get out of this mess. Now can you stop pissing your pants long enough to help us out?”
Lani stared in shock at James from the backseat of the car. In only a matter of hours he had become a serious and capable person. No matter how mean or bitchy she had been to him, he was always so kind to her. She had no idea he could take charge like this. Perhaps there was a lot to James she didn’t know. If she had given him a chance over all these years she might have known. She began to feel her gut tighten as her head began to flood with all the memories she had of being a total cunt to him, despite all him wanting was to be there for her and to be a family. A new set of tears began to form into her eyes. She desperately hoped that they would make it through this so she could get to know the real James, and actually be a family.
Nick took long deep breaths until he finally began to calm down. After a few more moments he nodded slowly.
“Alright” he exhaled. “I think I’m okay. I’m sorry for the trouble I have caused”
James nodded and looked between Maggie and Nick.
“He is still alive. That much is certain” he said. “And he is hunting us now for sure. But we need to figure out how he always manages to find us”
“Maybe he isn’t human” Nick said.
Maggie and James looked at him strangely.
“Just hear me out” he urged. “Based on reports that I heard over the radio, he was blown up twenty years ago by our departed Chief, then was shot multiple times by a fellow officer, then stabbed in the abdomen, then tossed off a multiple story window, and I just ran him over with my cruiser. All of these, he just got up and walked away from.”
James couldn’t help but feel like Nick was onto something. Butcher was definitely human, when he was wounded after his fight with Samuel he was showing signs of pain and irritation. So he felt every wound he ever felt. But the main question was how in the world was he able to keep going after all of that. The explosion twenty years ago could be explained. It was a long time ago and he could have suffered injuries that took all this time for him to recover from. But that did seem to be the only thing he could explain. Perhaps he had a vest on and it saved him from the bullets he was shot with, but the fall and the head on collision with a car were still a mystery. In fact, his knife wound didn’t seem to bother him at all anymore. There had to be more to the story that they just didn’t know.
Before James could speak out his suspicions he saw a pair of headlights coming towards them. He began to get a bad gut feeling as he noticed the car wasn’t slowing down, and was heading straight for the cruiser.
“Lani!” he yelled and ran for her door. He wrenched it open and pulled her out, throwing them both to the ground a mere second before the car collided with the cruiser. Maggie and Nick had dived aside to take cover from the wreck. James and Lani stared wide eyed at the scene. James got up slowly and peered into the window of the strange car and saw nothing. He opened the door slowly and looked inside. It was completely empty. Lani got up and looked as well. She then turned to Maggie and Nick.
“It’s empty you guys” she announced. Nick threw his hands up into the air.
“Great! Are we dealing with fucking ghosts now too?!” he said.
James looked down at the gas pedal and saw a large rock. Someone had put it there so it would continue on without the driver, and he knew exactly who would do something like that. He grabbed Lani’s hand and pulled her close to him.
“We need to be ready to run like hell” he whispered. She nodded and stayed close. Maggie began to walk over to them and Nick followed with his hand on his holster. Then, without warning an arrow lodges itself in Nick’s shoulder. He yelped in pain and hit the ground. James pulled Lani to the front end of the cruiser and ducked down to avoid any other projectiles. Maggie grabbed Nick and dragged him over there as well. James peered around the corner of the cruiser but couldn’t see anything. This troubled him. Butcher had always made himself shown. He always made a big spectacle over his kills, and yet he hadn’t made an appearance. Maggie and Lani gave him suspicious looks. They must have been thinking the same thing.
Two minutes went by and they saw and heard nothing. Just the quiet breathing between the four of them. James decided to stand up to get a better look at what was going on. It was risky, but he had a hunch and it needed to be tested. Lani and Maggie both went to pull him down when James heard a loud whoosh noise go past his ear and he fell back. Something wet flowed down his cheek. He felt it and looked at his fingertips. Blood. He looked behind him and saw an arrow lodged in the old building. He was lucky,and he was right. Butcher was hunting them. Not in the style he had by stalking them and using intimidation to mix them up. But by remaining in the shadows and using psychological fear instead. The idea that he could be anywhere, with eyes on them when they had no idea where he was at any given time. It was truly something that could make your blood run cold.
Lani pulled him close to the cruiser and looked his cheek over.
“Are you alright?!” she breathed urgently.
He nodded and took a deep breath. Trying to find the right words to explain his now confirmed theory. The concern on their faces turned to grim fear. He didn’t need to explain. They already knew, and it was a dire situation. James closed his eyes and tried to think. There had to be a way out of this, there is always a way out.


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