Twelve Years Later...

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Submitted: November 01, 2016

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Submitted: November 01, 2016



We knew we had to visit him soon. My dear father Frankie. Just thinking about him put his picture in my head. Him; with his paling hair and slightly pointed nose, smiling at us with his deep emerald eyes and toothless grin. him, welcoming us to his house, serving us his favourite Sunday steak with wine while skilfully handing Susan grape juice before she could protest.

A giggle escaped my throat at the memory. My lovely, kind, amazing father. Sighing, I put my cup of tea down on the side table next to my armchair and looked out over the darkening sky and a sudden chill went down my spine, darkening my merry thoughts.

It had been a similar day, when clouds covered the sky and raindrops constantly pattered on the windows. That day, Frankie and I had both lost the one person very dear to us. My mom. Mom, being the brave soul she was, put her foot down when Frankie objected, went outside to save her washing when her foot slipped and she hit her head on a nearby rock. Dad, worried when she didnt return found her sprawled across the gravel...

I blinked away the tears that were threatning to spill once more after their continuous streaming of ten years. Knowing it was harder for my dad, i had tried to persuade him to come live with me and my husband but he had stood firm saying that he wouldn't and couldn't leave the house when so many memories attached him to it.

i knew that he was a sensible man, so i didn't badger him and slowly, time moved on...It was another two years later when I saw my dad smile again; as he held my gorgeous baby in his arms. I decided to name her Susan after mom, hoping that she would one day grow to be as brave, kind and loving as her.

Soon Susan and dad had become inseprable and the only way I could ever take her home was by promising him that I'd bring her over every Sunday.

Thus, it has ben since then that every Sunday, my little family would ride over to his house and spend our day there. I often missed mom but now, after twelve years, i was glad about how life had turned out and to be honest I would'nt have it any other way... 

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