gypsy hell

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Submitted: November 01, 2016

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Submitted: November 01, 2016



In the midst of her birth, hell was reaping through the gypsy community. The town’s people had found the location of the once peaceful place the gypsies were proud to call home. Just a few moments after her coming into the world, her mother was murdered by what had once been her father, who had been captured by the villagers’ just days before. Later, her went on to kill himself. Georgina was told the reason for his heinous action of taking his life was to stop all the voices in his mind from controlling him. None of that mattered anymore, all that did now was escaping the insanity that she was faced with everywhere she looked and the fact that all she wanted was to be normal. No family history, no voices pushing her over the edge, and no constant reminders of what she was and how condemned she was.

She could no longer trust herself to be alone for she had began to feel as if all the voices inside of her mind were trying to claw their way out of her useless body. Nothing could help her with these paranormal happenings, for everyone was either too scared to even go around her or hated her because of her family heritage. Everyone that she once cared about had seemed to just disappear. When she had become an orphan, the villagers knew not what to do with her since for some reason they deemed it wrong to murder a child of any kind, so they paced her in a mental facility to try and revert her. All efforts had failed so she was just kept in there. She had something inside of her, something that everyone knew about. And it was just sitting in there, waiting for any reason to burst out and devour anything that had the least bit of light dangling from it. Not to mention the fact that any move she made was consistently mocked by the paranorma, anxiety bipolar, and depression. All that she had ever wanted was to be normal, but with every attempt, things just became more and more worse.

She was different, and everyone that she was surrounded by used that against her. Anytime that she actually could rest her mind enough to fall asleep, she always ended up dreaming about running through what she thought was multi-colored woods. In the dream, she was always wishing she could feel the crispy wind wind rushing against her skin. She dreamed about feeling the leaves crunch under her body and petting the wind spirit animals, but she couldn’t since the world around her condemned and judged her.

She was forced to stay at this wretched place simply because the people who were locked up there were not allowed to be in the community, and the community was happy with that because they didn’t want to see her. As she thought of all of these things that surrounded her, she heard a creak of the door. She knew exactly who it was and what was about to happen.

“Georgina, come here and take your medication,” the wispy voice demanded. Georgina didn't move, even though she knew the consequences would be severe. “Georgina!, the voice demanded again, “Come here now, or will I have to shove these pills down your throat with the help of the guards?”

She still sat there, testing their patience. They all knew what she was capable of, but they still treated her as if she was a regular patient.  But then again, that is what she had wanted. Slowly, she stood up from the chair she was sitting in. She then made her way to the entrance of the door where the voice was coming from.

“Who is a good little witch!,” the voice said sarcastically. The voice handed her the little capsule cup at held the medication that drowned out the emotions and the senses she felt when trapped inside. The medication made her drowsy and feel like a dummy. And when she was in that dummy trance, the staff at the house could do whatever they wanted, including throw her around without care. But what they didn't know was that the medicine didn't block out all of the thoughts. All of the thoughts of hatred of everything the people around her were doing and how much she wished the wasn't in this situation. As the medication started to sink in, her body became jello and everything became blurry and black. She started to fall to the floor, and as it fell, the glass to the window and mirror shattered. The nurse rushed out of the room, running from what was happening, slamming the door shut behind her.

Suddenly, wind swirls surrounded her body, keeping her safe from outsiders. Demons from the underworld came out from the broken mirror shards and picked her limp body up from the ground. They carried hr out of the window and placed her safely on the back of a stag. The beautiful animal stood tall and proud, with its shoulders pushed back and antlers held high, full of pride. The stag’s body was buff and his fur was full of light and dark browns, his antlers were at least five feet tall and seven feet wide. He was a creature rarely seen by any of the villagers. Oce she was securely placed upon the stag’s back, he took off towards the woods. A place that the villagers feared, and seeing the creature itself was something else to be feared. For it was said that the creature was a bad amen. The stag ran rapidly through the woods, dodging the wild branches that reached out. Once he knew they were deep enough into the woods, he stopped and laid on the damp ground. Eventually, Georgina regained her consciousness. Slowly, she moved her head to see where she was and what was surrounding her. What she saw was all the animals that lived in the forest gathered around her. They had, what she hoped was and thought was smiles on their faces. She sat up, slowly, not trying to startle the animals. She rubbed her eyes, trying to make sure that this wasn't a trick played on her by her imagination or the medication.

For a while, they all just sat and listened to the silence of the woods around them. She then made the decision to stand up, but tried not to make andy sudden moves, afraid she might scare the animals into running away from her. And that was the last thing that she wanted . she always enjoyed the presence of other living things, but she never really got the chance to do that since she was always rejected her by everything. Seh was a reject, but all that she ever wanted was to be normal, to be with and talk with other people who weren't deemed crazy by the society.

Suddenly, thousands of words started to pour into her mind. Startled, she lost her balance and fell to the ground behind where the stag had laid down.

“What?! ,” she blurted out, scared and confused of what was going on. She had known for years that she could communicate with spirits and demons, but never had she heard so much.

“Please, stop, you're making my head hurt….please…,” she said softly, slowly fading out. And then, there was silence again.she looked up from the position she had just crouched into, seeing all the animals still in the same spot they sat in before she had freaked out and fallen to the ground.

*Come here, there is no reason to be afraid. We are not going to hurt you, we are here to comfort and support you, while you find your path to conquering all the obstacles that you are going to have to face.*

“Who said that?,” she shouted. She looked around quickly, making sure that this wasn't a set up by the villagers.

*You aren’t going to see any human figures around here, we are too far into the woods for anyone to wonder out here.* As this was said, a wolf started to walk towards her from a dark clearing. He was massive and absolutely beautiful. His coat glimmered and shined in the moonlight, he stood straight full of wisdom that came with age.

* it has been a long time since i have seen you, but you wouldn’t remember that. You were only two years aol at the time. I am Todd, i was assigned to be your guardian by your parents when your mother was pregnant with you.*

Suddenly, pictures of what Georgina had in the past only thought was horrible nightmares that the voices had given her, flashed through her mind. It all made sense now, her parents, the voices, the dreams, they were all her memories that had been pushed down and just about erased from her mind by all the medication and stories told to her by the hateful people. Everything was starting to piece itself together. She stood there, staring off into space, just picturing and remembering her past.

“So, if this is all true… then how come I can communicate or hear you?”

*You have the ability to speak to animals, just like all gypsies are able to do. It is a gift given to your people from the Gods.*

“Are able to do? Wait, so are you saying that there are still gypsies alive? I was told that they were all dead!,” Georgina said, tears rushing down her face and hand placed in front of her mouth. Todd looked down.

*There haven’t been any gypsies in this area in over 47 years. All of the gypsies went into hiding after the destruction of your community. You are the only one that survived the night of the rampage. I am sorry. But you are free now, and you can use your gifts freely.*

“But what if  don’t want to use them, what if I wanted to be normal? I never asked for any of this, and even though that is a fact, i am still treated as though i am the scum of the Earth.” She said, on her knees, weeping.

*No one ever asks for what they are given, but you must learn to embrace it. And if the humans do not learn to accept you, then there are many, many other places to go where you will be accepted, flaws and all.* He lifted up his tail to show her his flaws. What she saw before her was not only one tail, but three attached to Todd’s body. *I thought I was an outcast for the longest time, but eventually I found my place. And that place was among the gypsie, you must find your place to prosper and live on, to escape your horror memories done unto you by these humans.*

Georgina looked up at Todd, drying the tears from her eyes.

“And what happens if i don’t find my place? What will I do then?”

*You will always have a place among us. We are your friends and your protectors. Maybe even your family. You just have to try though, and we will succeed. You must conquer your fears of the humans.*

“I don't fear the humans… it's more along the lines of hatred of the things that they have done not only to me, but every gypsy  out here. Also resentment, I want the things that they have, but that won’t happen.”

*How do you know this, you simply can’t rule out possibilities until you try to achieve them. Just try… it’s for the best.*

She stood up slowly, still trying to stop herself from letting the tears wash down her face.

“Are you sure about this? Do you know what could happen if i show them all my true inner-being? What happens if they just snatch me up and put me back in the mental house or worse?” she rushed herself to get all of these questions out.

*Calm yourself, we will be right there with you the whole entire time, watching and protecting you. Nothing will happen. We promise.*

Georgina just stood there, inhaling and exhaling, staring into nothing but air and space. Suddenly she took a deep breath.

“Alright, let's do this.” she then picked up her feet and started walking in the direction she figured they had came from. After she had already walked ahead for a few moments, she turned around. She wasn’t expecting to see all the animals right behind her, Todd leading the group.

“Wow, you guys are actually coming?”

*Yes, as I sai. We are going to be here for you, no matter what happens and what the situation is.* Todd said, as he started to walk again, the stag following him and them all the animals.

“Well, alrighty then. I guess this is really happening.” she said turning back around to continue on the path she had started on. After taking a few steps, she was lifted up by the stag and placed upon his back. She laid down on him and started to stroke his thick coat. The rest of the journey was made in silence. After what seemed like hour, the group of animals stopped. Georgina sat up and looked at what was ahead of them. She saw the village and tears started to well up in her eyes. She then took in a long and deep breath to calm herself.

“Let’s do this. Will you guys come with me? I don’t want to be alone while i attempt doing this. I am afraid i might run away.”

*Yes, we will go as far as you want us to go.*

“Alright.” she said wiping the tears from her face. And then, they all slowly made their way towards the village.

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