Reignite Light Of A Soul

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When I light this day of all twinkling stars away from this roof, I look down the bottom of a soul that reignite the blessing we must give those who will inherit this healthy happiness in well-being where we are now. Let this message give you a hand for our future of all merits. :)

Submitted: November 01, 2016

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Submitted: November 01, 2016



Unknown gifted voice of a Heart replenish my home more than any seed of love God has granted this life I honor my teacher for His ultimate sacrifice. If I find our home on the rock of this foundation so safe that I may secure the care God has given as a help in this life. We commemorate any moral witness of this grace of heaven so formed in an unspecified location time has granted us. Beginning when this voice made me what I am now towards where I will love beyond any pages of human story to renew our history again. Formed from the dearest human wellbeing in this Earth where we live. Towards from the deepest human wellness of a heart where we feel happiness. Every footprint so made in time devote to the passion of our teacher.

Here on Earth infinite reasons stand out for co-operation in a human family founded on peace within. Where this speak high of the order of simplicity of a heart willingness to pour out of every tears our eyes shed gives a reason to be blessed in the name of the highest love granted to be alive. Willingness to devote my teachers request for my role in this life connected through submission of all lifes grants serving the need never to be away for greed but living to be away for need of timely right actions. If this nature of my life reflect love that speak true sense of any life full of its soulful happiness rested on this shore for the journey holding everyone to be its joy for living a life of highest worship in duty without thinking about result feel within me that passion of Christ always had a new message on the shore of this life.

Where renewal of any grant cost the need to feel togetherness for the sake of humanity in their love of all sacrifices made to preserve our order on this Earth we will be simplifying life to hold value in service natured in faith that this trust win respect of peace on the entire creation God has given us. If some pending priorities remain, this must not foreclosure the lifeline for any creation on this planet.

Our days consume a heat ending besides the falling rays of energy from the Sun. On this pasture land if someone steps to reclaim new epicenter of lifes drama seeking new actors who come from an age where human fonded of this pending gift never understand they were also once send here for a purpose. Who will understand all those who lived till their last breath for no one choice in time for this remaking of the time we must focus more care in devotion for humanity as one united diversity for the order of peace, joy, love and hope.

He who gave me many manufacturing defects also loved me to act in the pain I am brought up. I make sin when evil doers of fate bounded all reason within to speak the care I am offered for a biggest ransom I must be so humble in silence for this gratitude of my family who made this possible to tell you everyone has a opportunity to do their part where actions shines more than all faith within. This day may be its gifts more towards the children of God.

When unread pages follow everything in this story so far made besides the light an angel speak of humbleness before this source of all eternal energy, can we reignite light of a soul for our one generation fulfilling God's wish for our blessings to be never burn away for the candle rest in the hands of God's love ? Can we pray that the war may end without consuming the food that is made to feed a billion hungry poor people and our security we need to sustain ? Who will call this voice of our togetherness not to be party of the wild jungle of enmity as time has come for all towards Christmas greenery wish for this planet where we live ever in the entire universe we can call as our home till eternity ?

To understand this divine energy that may only heal a situation where God can assist a turning point in human history how complete trust act upon what you actually want for your next generation be like the value away from darkness not build on any basis from what we have right now yet I must say I am not a procrastinator due to the fear of consequences. If you keep this religion as humanity for an integral part of your existence may hold the working God through you that must not be seen as an accident around for no reason for an angel I must experience the make us a part of our circle of communion thanking God that we are blessed here another day to be able to do what is right till the longest day grow up positive outcomes. Let this manifest the beauty of all creation through you for the time to start our work deserve this desire learning new potential we truly want within through you on this day.

Completing this dialogue with the supreme teacher, may we have made this most of those moments giving the flow of balance in our life equivalent to exhale the right choice through your life now. May God help this assistance always like our best friend in this life. 

When I write about this character in the uncommon human history of many events, let my days accept that this mindful thought leave something that make the change standout as a differentiator factor. Someone is stealing this thought as you approach real life events. This person will decorate this character of a soul in a play that comes back what we give in the respect of the day where time is sowed as a veil of decency how we like to be. If I take this openness driving discomfort of our days not blaming the neighborhood but reignite light of a soul towards this direction, let we feel that time will be the most convenience we are blessed. I hope we help each other in this regards.

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