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Submitted: November 01, 2016

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Submitted: November 01, 2016





Hip hip hooray



It's morning again.

It was a cold and dark morning. I look over to my alarm clock blaring and blinking IT'S MORNING AGAIN.  My slender feet hit the floor. Off to school.

“Can I stay home today?”



At my school, I feel uniformed even though we’re allowed to wear whatever we please, as long as it follows the guidelines. At my school, I am the same height as every other male and am exactly 6 inches taller than every girl. Except for one guy who is an inch taller but he’s an odd one out. I do not usually talk to people before school starts. I sit in my home room and await the bell. The teacher has walked in and we exchange glances, mutually waiting to not see each other for the next 23 hours as with the other students in my class. Each class is more or less the same but just with different subjects of course. In my second period we briefly talked about a recent school shooting where a 17 year old, like me, used assault style weapons and was wearing head to toe ceramic plated amor. Armor for what I’m not too sure, he’s just shooting a bunch of fucking teens, was he trying to protect himself from hair gel and foundation?  I don’t get it. By the time the police arrived there was a trail of 121 bodies. Including him. What a guy. Apparently his name was Jonathan Gorring.


My goal of the year is the hole of a girl, I hate her but she’s Jewish but actually pretty so she’s like a hedonist and stuff. I wish she had light brown hair but I bet I could eventually convince her to lighten it. Well when I get to or something. I never go immediately home after school, I usually just kind of loiter and look at girls that don’t go to my school. I imagine myself doing things. Stuff. Anything. Do you ever imagine holding a girl’s flesh, her muscle? I think I’m just a hopeless romantic. The clouds have been blocking the sun the whole day but it makes the girls look prettier because of the not so harsh lighting. I’m staring at a blonde wearing a puffer jacket when an icy wind hits my face, making me tear up. I look away and see a guy forcibly laughing as he takes out multiple dollar bills. The girl smiling with him is either his girlfriend or a prostitute, her hair is dyed to be a dark red and she even gives me a little look. The man looks over too and gives me a wink then waves a hundred at me, I think he’s saying , “it’s off.”


At home on my computer in a chatroom. I usually assume the role LAINNNY on this one site.


Lainnny> hey how ya doin?

DarkLord676 > thinking about your pretty face

Lainnny> omg shut up!!! You’ve never even seen me ;)

DarkLord676> im on a lock.  On  target.

Lainny> huh???

DarkLord676> sorry i dont know how to talk to such pretty girls

Lainnny> oh well

Lainnny> i guess that’s cute. and thanks!

Lainnny> even if you’ve only seen my words and not my face.

DarkLord676> when can i see you?

Lainny> youre really rushing to it. Not like the other guys.

DarkLord676> there are others?

Lainnny> no no honey, just other guys i’ve talked to. But i don’t talk to them anymore. I think I’d like talking to you though.




It continues like this forever. It’s like two submissives being submissive toward each other. Eventually we stop finally, I don’t know how I ever got to say goodbye since we both danced around it so much. I’m pretty sure I do this out of pity for people who simply can never get to even talking to girls. I think. This dark lord guy seems to be a catch. I have to go to bed now.



Today is a new day, I am a new person. I put on my uniform and look outside. It’s morning again. The sunsets opens its legs and it is absolutely disgusting. On my way to school I saw a homeless women, it was quite a rarity honestly. I gave her my lunch in but only in exchange for a hug which she was hesitant about. I guess I could have asked for more but I think I just gotta wait until the Jew puts out.  I walked to school smelling like garbage. I sat down in my home room and my neighboring peer tapped on my shoulder, “Psst!! I heard you were gonna ask out that one Jewish girl! Are you?” How could anyone have known about this? I’ve only had the idea 2 days ago. I have told nobody about this idea. How did this piece of shit know?

“No, I have a girlfriend.”

“Well who is it?”

“She doesn’t go here.”

“Then how do you know her?”

“I see her everyday when I walk to school.”

“What does she look like?”

He speaks as if he doesn’t believe me.

“She has a straight black hair, skin a little darker than mine, 6 inches shorter than me, a straight nose, C32 cup size, 24 inch waist, 35 inch waist, straight nose, downturned round eyes, brown iris, weighs 111 lbs, and has a perfect smile.” which i smile as I end the sentence.

“I don’t believe you.”

“Fuck off.” I go back to looking straight ahead.

I hear the giggling of girls in the back of the room. If it’s directed to me or not is unclear.  I think the Jew is part of that clique.


After school I see that girl with dyed dark red hair. I wink at her but she doesn’t see me. She stands by the side of a building looking for someone. It’s a cold day but I can’t offer her my jacket since I already gave up my lunch today. She finally sees me staring at her, she just glances at me in the same way she glances at every passing person but she gave me a few more seconds. Just a few more seconds of eye contact. The wind blows her skirt up a few inches.


Ready to kill. Morning again. I think I’ve only eaten meat for past few days. Can you eat me? I would just be meat, that’s all that would be me. Just a flesh on a stone table being sacrificed for my own eating pleasure. I would devour myself and let the red haired girl join but I’d have to pay her at least $100. It’s heaven spitting on my lips. My body being dismembered to bring enjoyment to two people. It’s my heroic stance. My heroic feast. I will be remembered in death. I had a dream last night about school and stuff. I dreamt that I was at school, I was at the cafeteria and i was sitting at the farthest end. I couldn’t make out what the lunch was but only about half the people were eating it at the time. I saw that the jew was somewhere in the middle ish and I took two steps and was standing right behind her.I tapped her on the shoulder, but no reaction was given. She’s not talking to the clique around her, and they’re not talking back. I take my cock out and put it in her mouth and don’t stop until I cum. It goes dark. It’s morning again.


I spent the entire day talking to DarkLord676. We are both tired unconfident men trying to pretend to be something. Me, a whore girl who panders to lonely men. Him, a Dark Lord.


I went on the school website and started looking at the prettier teachers and started researching them. I found out that the school counselor made some self help videos directed toward teens. She mostly talked about depression and suicide and dealing with a low self esteem and stuff. There’s like a whole series of this stuff, some videos even talk about physical health. There was relationship advice and a video about masturbation. The masturbation started out by her saying that’s it’s completely healthy and all that liberal bullshit but then she starting speaking about the motions of it. Very in depth, she was giving step by step instruction saying things like “want”. Wanting the viewer to masturbate for her. The second half of the video is for the females. The counselor is blonde.I had a blonde diet


Morning again, but I’m sleepy again. On my way to school, i noticed that it was still cloudy and windy. The sidewalk seemed blue. I saw the place where the homeless lady was standing the other day. But it was a different girl this time, she was wearing a brown jacket and had a black polo underneath. Light brown hair in a french braid. She was looking over telling a stray dog to fuck off. She looked over toward my directions and gave a great grin when she peered upon my eyes. She started walking toward me and the stray followed, I met her halfway.  Wouldn’t you know, she’s as tall me. I get the urge to hug her. She glances back at the dog, frowns, then puts the smile back on when she looks at me again.

“I saw what you did the other day. It was pretty nice.”

“What was it that I did?”

“Oh gosh, you’re so humble. You know!” She talked in this very gleeful manner, it was very non threatening and nice to feel.

“Are you talking about my donation?”

“Yeah! Of course. That was so sweet of a person to do.”

I just shoot her a little smile then look down.

She breaks the silence

“What’s your name lil Santa?”

I want to say that this is just a face to get me to agree to some scam but I don’t know.


I would never give her my name


“Hi Lain!” then she gives me a hug that catches me off guard.

“I’m sorry I have to go to school.”

She lets go then grabs my right hand with her left.

I’m certain I’m being played but I’ll milk it for all I can get.

“How far is your school? I can you walk you there if you want.”



We came up to our first crosswalk, I wonder how old she was.

“How old are you?”

“19” She didn’t look at me that time.

I think she’s 24. We walk across.


Our second cross walk.

“Where did you see me?”

“From across the street. “


Third cross walk.

“Why did you decide to talk to me?”

She looks at me this time and grabs my shoulders very firmly. Her eyes are serious

“Because I think you are a very good man.”

Each syllable is accompanied by a little shake. I also believe she believes what she is saying.

She gets me to school on time and about 30 people see her kiss my cheek. She leaves and I am immediately confronted by a guy in my homeroom.

“Is that your girlfriend?”



Morning again. But the sun rises in a few minutes. I was prematurely awoken by a woman shrieking. I put on my shoes and walked outside to see what the domestic violence was about. To my surprise it was actually a blonde girl who couldn’t have been older than 13 or 14, nude and purple, barefoot, running toward me while desperately trying to cover what was exposed of her. If she was more stripped, I’d see how easily she put out. My neighbor two doors down exited his home to pursue this mysterious woman, I think he had a .38 special snub nosed revolver in his hand. She jumps into my arm and that’s when I notice  fresh cuts on her thighs which are starting to bleed again. The sun begins to rise and it’s beams bring light unto the situation. The sun resolves these stranger’s struggles. The neighbor catches up and stands a dozen feet away from us. You can almost see the distress in his eyes, the sun is getting in my eyes. In an angered, defeated voice he speaks, “Amy!” and as if to emphasize his exclamation, 2 shots are fired hitting Amy and a 3rd one in his own head. She’s laying on the ground. She’s dead. The shots are both in her shoulder. There's more blood coming from the back of her head. I think the fall killed her. I grope her as much as I can before anyone comes out to see the commotion . Yellow Rays dawn upon her spread legs.

… I hope this will be enough to get me out of school for a few days.


It’s friday and on my way to school I see that girl that’s as tall as me except she’s a block farther up the street than last time. She has a red coat on this time and is telling a homeless woman to fuck off. She picks up a cigarette butt off the ground and throws it at her finally making the homeless woman wonder off. She looks over and sees me, she’s got the same happy grin as last time. Her hair is double braided now with either braid falling on either shoulder.  She walks up to me and I see that her eyebrows are slightly elevated before she brings it on in for a hug. After that she holds my hand my hand. I guess it’s off to school again.


“Yeah Lain?!”

“Oh what’s your name?”

“My name is Emma! Thanks for asking.” She sounds so pleased that I took initiative.

“Well, Emma, a murder homicide happened on my street and she died right beside me.”

“Oh no! Were you hurt? Is that why you hadn’t come for two days?” She put her hand on my shoulder in an attempt to heal me. She’s in the utmost concern.  

“No, I wasn’t hurt, I just used my involvement in the tragedy to skip school for a few days.”

“How were you involved?”


“Oh ok”

“Anyway, I’ve just been thinking about what happened…”

“Thinking how?”

“I… Do you like me?”

A smile instantly manifested itself on her face. “Like how? Like, like-like?

The ooey gooey sloshes in my stomach, “Oh I don’t know…”

We arrive at the corner of my school.

“Hey Lain,”


“Catch” and then she kisses me. Her eyes remained open and glared at mine, hooking me in the deep dark ocean. Out of the corner of my eye I see the Jew kissing some guy I probably don’t like. It was truly morning again.


Weird Dreams. Oh look, it’s morning again. I haven’t messaged that loser in a while. I’ll see if he’s left yet.

Lainnny> You still there?

DarkLord676> Yes I am.


Fuck. I really don’t want to talk to this guy anymore.


Lainnny> Please excuse my absence, an incident happened that rendered me mentally incapacitated.

DarkLord676> What happened?

Lainnny> A murder homicide  

DarkLord676> Are you ok?

Lainnny> Yeah… It’s just so shocking my neighbor killed a young teenage girl. I just need to rest my head.

DarkLord676> I’ll see you later

Lainnny> See you.

DarkLord676> Love you

Lainnny> love you too.


I was walking around kind of searching for Emma but I can see how my plan was flawed since I live in a 200 square mile large city. Nobody is out right now. Absolutely no one. It feels like someone is following me but I’m not sure. I duck into an alley and run until I come out the other side. I run across the carless street and into another alley then sit behind a dumpster in an attempt to not be seen. That’s when I see her. The girl with red dyed hair is standing on the other opposite end of the alley, crying into a plastic bag. She looks over her shoulder and sees me behind the dumpster. “Hey, boy! Wanna buy my tears? You’re into that right?”

“No not really.”

“Do you want my other liquids?”

Wait for the Jew.

“Why are you crying?”

The question triggers a loud snobby snort of cry mucus.’

“A young fucking whore took my only client of the night!”

“Will you be ok?”

“Can you buy me tonight? Oh god please buy me..”

She’s crying but trying to flaunt her sex appeal.

“I can’t, I’m underage.”

“Well at least KILL THAT FUCKING BITCH for me please????????????????? She’s in the alley down the street”


Voyeurism. I’ll get a free show. It was nearly pitch black between the street light placement. I stay behind the corner of alley listening to the sick and demented hedonistic actions.

The man must be power hungry. I must be power tripping because when I try to get an actual view I trip and land on my face. I draw their attention, they stop, the freeze frame is picture perfect. The man has been caught. The Jew has also been caught. My mind is a blank. Breasts, butts, knickers, bras, heels and clenching teeth. Every single damn muscle in my damn body was goddamn contracting. Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn. Damn Jews taking over brazil. BAKA. I walk back to the blood red head. “$10 for a hug?”


There’s a quote that describes my situation very well.

“Something about anger hurting the host more than what it is released upon. Some anti revengeance meme.”

  • Mark Twain


It's morning again, I’m stuck in the alley unable to escape. Oh god I think I’m losing my eloquence! I grab anything everything on the ground and eat in a vain attempt to gain back the rotten tongue that I’ve only ever eaten meat with. I open the dumpster for more beautiful words to eat but only find the half eaten corpse of the cry baby prostitute. Not actually a baby, I’m not a pedophile just to be clear. Here I am waiting on my ride, vomiting everything I had for breakfast lunch and dinner on the outside. I’ll go grab lunch, its not morning. I seat myself in a Chinese restaurant that has as much square feet as little china town. “I’ll have a strawberry sorbet.”

The disgustingly overweight chinese fuck starts speaking but it takes half a second for her words to sync. Not bad. “Get out sweaty man! You bad for business! No teriyaki for you pig!”

“You’re not even Chinese you fucking gook!”

I look for money in my pocket to tip the waiter. Waitress. Fat fuck. I pull out the lips of the cryababy, “a hundred couldnt make me glad, money is just a fad, one day i'll rise my civilization and then you will obey! Hey!” My heart is telling me to find Emma and crawl at her steps and let her leash me but my innervision is telling me that is an elaborate scheme set up a by a ragtag group of independent statists to force me to lose any and all awareness through excessive hallucinogens. I walk into the back room and use the telephone and call EMMA- AMME-1800 (its ok its a toll free number).


“Hi, you’ve reached ragtag evil laboratory aspiring conquerors LLC. If you want to make a donation, assassinate your local politician so we may plant our seed. The president if you really think you can do it champ! If this is Lain darling, I love you but you will be picked up by someone else. You will feel nothing towards her.” I could tell from the voicemail she was wearing a black jacket with a long sleeved blue shirt underneath. Her hair was in a high ponytail and I hope she was smiling. Oh shit the floors are melting, better go. As the sun starts rising, knocking more words out of me, I see a windowless off white, tasteful, van pull up. A blonde opens the back doors and lets me in. A black haired one drives. And its off. As the sun begins to rise. I see the true meaning of morning.

All the world i see before me passing buy-uy-uy

The rest of the day was being spent sprayed down by a water hose in a basement.


I’m at a loss! Morning, cuck me again! My bed is made with me on it.  On top of the bed, I get off into the melting floor. The fucky snake stares into my window ,”hiss hiss Lhiss thhhhssAssss thhhssIsss tthssssN.” It blinks then leaves, leaving a stain glass portrait of greenness.  I hear a slithery intruder smash the glass with its body colored like grass. I follow the trail of sound and come across the snake birthing arms but only on its left side, or my right to it. A  growing panther follows showing off its new opposable thumb, “grrrrrrrrrrr!11!!!!! Roar!!!!!” The snakes strikes and bites but does not fuck, the two fangs release cream in my veins. The Panther grabbed my ankles and threw me on the ground the pounced and bit my neck.

“No! I’ll never be your  ho!”

My neck is split wide open giving the panther the opportunity to stick it’s tail down my throat and into wherever it went. What felt like a pimple popping down my esophagus, I cum start oozing out the giant fucking hole in my neck. The panther takes a taste. No like. I’ve been bagged, rolled in a cats skin like a burrito. Dragged outside and see a cat meow at me, “..secret name and stuff.Just changed the sand for my cats litter..or i just added some more catsand and removed some brownies for her. Are boiling fish for her now..yup.” The world suddenly stop being blue. The orangeness of dusk. The yellowness of dawn.  It starts hailing the cum from my throat. I’ve been caught in the storm. I’m thrown in a grave. I think I really wanna die. I spent the rest of that night and the following morning being sprayed by a water hose in a basement.


I stumble my way onto the corner of my school. Emma drives up next to me, pulls up her glasses, pokes her head the window and glares at me. I stare back, achingly, tired and wet. She starts snapping at me in complete deadly concentration. I ask her “what the fuck are you doing?” in my whiniest tone. She takes in my input and speeds away. I look at my school, I see a black hat in the window. It sees me too. Pushing the doors open feels so weird in the world of the afternoon. I’m walking down the hall and see a shadow of a man through the doorway. The figure then jumps from out of the doorway into the hall.

“Gotcha!... Lainny.” creepy smile

“Who are you Mr. cyber desert scavenger?”

He reaches into his black trench coat that cover his black pants, that are cuffed into his black combat boots, and pulls out black steel framed aviators which he puts on his face and just sit under his dark brown cowboy hat. “I…” He’s looking down as he finishes putting on his glasses. “...am your Dark Lord!”

I put my hands on my face, holding back my tears. “Oh my god how did you find me? Why did you find find me?”

“Lainy, you said you loved me!”

“But in a like a like- like a cyber kind of way. You get it?”

“ No, I dont actually. You said the L word.”

I take a peek into the classroom he came out of.

“Well then I take back my I Love You’s ok?”

“No! You just can’t do that!”

Just bodies. Boring bodies.

“I can dude. Besides, you look different than I imagined. Not very dark lordish.”

“But Lainy, you look just how I imagined you beautiful angel!”

I just wanna go.

“I’m gonna go.”

“No you can’t! I love you!”

I turn around but he grabs the back of my shirt and throws me to the ground. I try to weasel my way up but he puts in a choke hold, giving me tunnel vision and losing all my power steering.


In his spider web in my classroom, I’m hanging from the rope looking at him like he’s my mary jane.

“Oh, you’re awake!”

“Everything’s tipsy topsy”

“No just you”

No just me”

He spins me around and I see several sketches of me in various homosexual positions.

“How did you know me?”

“You agreed to video chat me but you seemed not very lucid. Maybe you were high on something. You kept saying you were seething things.”

“I don’t believe you”

“You’re right I actually DDOSed you, acquired your name Lain if that is your real name. It was all easy once I did that. It got easier when you told me about the girl who died on your street. Big story, didn’t even have to search. No no sir. Maam.”

There’s so much blood in my head

“I’m a tomato.”

“With how addicting you are, you seem more like a Tomacco.”

“You know I’m not a girl right?”

He pauses. Fixes his stare on his shoes. He sure does blink a lot. He sits down to contemplate. He takes off his hat revealing a jew bald spot.

“You know I’m not a Dark Lord right?”


We go back and forth for a long time. He finally agrees to cut me down and lay me next to the other bodies. I was disappointed to not be staring the Jew in the dead eyes.


“Worthless.” I mumble




The bell rings.

“Time for me to go.”

I squirm myself outside of his attempt at making me a rope bunny.

“See ya later”

“Bye Angel”


The blonde and black haired ones are already there to pick me up.


“What day is it?”


An art film has come out recently.La Mort Microscopique. I go into my local art film processor and sit in the very back row, middle seat. As the 30 minutes of art trailers roll by and a few college students scatter throughout the seats, I notice some humans. The Jew sits two seats to my left with her mother and her father (I can only assume). Further into the trailers I see Emma sitting  seats to my right and the Blonde and Black Haired sitting directly in front of me. No one talks since the that’s rude in a movie theatre. The girls in front of talk a lot and the Emma stares intensely at the shilling of bad ideas. The Jew keeps staring at her dad (I can only assume). The movie starts. A woman with dyed hair says “society” which is then followed up by the screen flashing black and white and also child porn but it’s art so no one minds. “Individuality” Red. Beheadings. “Oppression.” Green. Muslim propaganda that’s actually just Jew propaganda. I look over, the Jew is sucking her dad while her mom is coaching her through it. To my right is Emma laying on floor with an deep eye on me. The two in front of look into each other's eyes whispering words only lovers understand. “Religion” screeching. “I terrorize my neighbor's dog because he’s a globalist vampire who has drained several cats in the vicinity of my property.” lighting noises. Yellow. “I’d start Dawgshwitz if I could. Idiot globalist.” It then cuts to a football player kicking a football through the iron bars. The audience all stand up in joy screaming “O-H! I-O!” I stand up too.

“Jew!” I shout

The college students regurgitate my words.




“Fuck women!”

They go silent. They murmur around each other.

“Vive la Palestine!”

“Israeli cucks!”

I stomp my way to The Jew and pull her away from her father’s balding dick. Her shirt is pulled up revealing a tattoo of the Israeli flag. A child porn movie starts playing even though the actors are only 17. It’s not a child! I feel Emma’s hand grab my hands.

“Lain! You’re missing the show! You don’t wanna miss out do you?”

Again I’m thrown to the ground, on my back Emma sits on my chest and looks at the screen again. I pay close attention to the back of the Blonde’s seat. I can hear the sobbing of the Jew while her dad is trying to force her back on. It’s getting a little hard to breath with her body on my chest. I think. I think I’m.. I think my lungs are collapsing under her weight. The screeching and wailing of the audio cuts out and only leaves a whisper of love tales. I think the college students have went back to watching the film. I wonder what the projector is deciding to show them. Emma seems into it. My liver malfunctions. I can kind of see the the black haired girl’s face still looking at the face about of the Blonde, occasionally glancing at me. Her glancing become longer and longer as the whispering dissipates. Her sobbing is becoming muffled more consistently. My liver just stops. Emma is warm. Ooey gooey flesh. I think she’s the warmest of them all. Time again. She lets her hair down, it washes over me in a wave of TRESemme’. Suddenly grueling sounds of cats, dogs and whores being brutalized in basements blasts throughout the giant room.

“Shit!” In a panic, she covers my eyes and mouth.

“Mom… wait... “ I hope she heard me through her hand.

My heart is taken.



Time again. I stand by the brick wall I used to stand by a lot. Not sure how it became so infrequent, then almost never. I think it’s a good time to do it again. I get stares from driver as I loiter next to the brick wall holding up the Faraday School for Girls logo. It’s just a cunt. It’s bell rings and all the pigs are released from the pen. Hey! That’s my girl! She sees me and starts putting a thunder in her step with a perfect frown. She has a straight black hair, skin a little darker than mine, 6 inches shorter than me, a straight nose, C32 cup size, 24 inch waist, 35 inch waist, straight nose, downturned round eyes, brown iris, weighs 111 lbs, and has a perfect smile. She throws a book at me.

“Where the fuck have you been!?”

“Right here waiting.”

“Waiting where?”

“Right here.”...”waiting”

“Waiting for what?”

“Hey.”...”That’s my girl.”


Fucker piece of shit

Fuck it he remains a dog man slave chained in Emma’s evil lab corp. Basement for the rest of his doggy hybrid existence.


Cnet cunt



my sweet Clementine!


Freak the f f f f f f f freckles off your face

Fucker streetlight fuck streetlight fucker streetlight fuck her streetlight fuck her streelight Clementine ooh!”




Theresa specializes in empowering adults, adolescents and families challenged by emotion dysregulation, suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, body image and gender-identity concerns to build a life worth living. She graduated with her Masters of Social Work from New Mexico Highlands University in 2008 and has worked in a variety of settings including homes in the community, prisons, and treatment foster care with individuals of various ages and in various stages of transition.


Believing wholeheartedly in the union of compassion, acceptance and change, Theresa was intensively trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) in 2013 in addition to being trained in play therapy, including sand tray, and the Nurtured Heart Approach. She practices yoga inspired by BKS Iyengar and as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level, offers trauma-informed yoga at Awake & Aware.

“Hey I just forgot your face.”


“You’re face about”

“You’re not the person I met. I don’t like it.”

“No, Clementine, It’s me Lain.”

“No j-”

“I swear it’s me! It’s me it’s Lain!”

“Oh god… What happened in those months you were gone? What happened? Did you just not want to see me? Were you kidnapped?”

What month is it? I really do like you Clementine. Did. It ain’t not nothing now. Brown hair.

She starts smelling me.

“What is that?” Her dog nose senses it. “Is that girl I smell on you?”

Deeply offended, I counter-argue with, “but I’ll never be your ho!”

I run across the street past the Farabay School for Boys where I see a male six inches shorter than me with brunette hair. “You-


Night for once. The russian mafia is after me. The Boss, King Snake, is mad that his son, Prince snake, left me alive. He’s also sending his right hand Panther. I see a Lamborghini Countach 5000QV drive by with a snake driving and a panther with his upper body out the window, both wearing jean jackets with American flags stitched on the back. Nothing else. When I assume its safe to move from the alley I hear the screeching of tires and out emerges the tail lights in my vision again. The panther must’ve smelled me or the snake must’ve tasted me. Fuck gutter life, I’m out. I ditch the valley and run away but they chase me in their car, navigating the cluttered alley which is surprising since it’s such a wide car. I make a break for an intersecting alley which they were fortunately not nimble enough to squeeze into with their such wide car. I thought they wouldn’t be able get out of their wide car in such a narrow alley but the doors open up so like whatever dude just cant fucking win. I don’t like these fucking athros trying to fucking fuck me, fuck. Luckily my times nurturing cars at the automotives centre has gave me a name for myself. The Lamborghini Countach 5000QV realizes who I am and the abundance of altruistic behavior I have showed to his race. His engine revs as the Furries pursue me on foot, forcing me farther into this cold damp hallway with puddles of garbage juice. He drives, the panther goes under wheels instantly making him a rug but the snake rolls over the hood. I run on top of the car to catch the barely slithering broken snake. The jacket has a patch on his shoulder that stated “KOBRA K.” I’m pretty sure the other one does too.

I grab Snake by his collar, “Why does this keep happening to me?”

He coughs up a lit cigarette and smokes it, “Kid, this the first time we’ve come to you, y’know? There are a lot a snakes kid, we don’t all have the same kind a agenda kid.”

“Then who was she?”

“I don’t know kid, we don’t have any associations with any of those females kid. We just needed to grab you for our own schemes y’know? We gots those snake schemes n stuff. Heard another snake was scheming on you. Maybe that’s who your she-snake is kid.”

“Thank you and goodnight.” I drop the snake and let him zig zag into walls. “And good morning America!” I exclaim to the maze alleys and garbage juice. This was truly the most pointless night and will later be completely inconsequential. Truly. I swear. Kid.


I forgot where I was going with this. Like, I really really really really did.I should really plan this out. Like it been awhile since I’ve done this. Why did I think i would remember? It’s been a few days since I’ve seen Emma or the other two. I only see Clementine. Everywhere. So i walk up to her.

“Hey Clementine!”

“Hey Jason!”

Oh, I guess she’s not talking to me. She practically said “Go away.”

“Go away.”

I run back and grab her throat and slam her against the wall. I pull the sawed off 12 gauge double barrel shotgun from my jacket and slam that against her stomach, firing into her slim body. As I let go and she falls to the ground I fire the other shell into her head. All red everything. What do on a sunday morning like this. I was walking back home when I go back to Clementine. Wow, her clothes have already been stripped and someone seems to have taken the lower half of her body.Oh her tits have been stolen too. Lucky thieves. I carry the top half over my shoulders and sit us under a bridge. Is this how teen romance works? Handies under the bridge? I look down to her cunt.

“Oh. Haha. Looks like you don’t have a lot to work with with. Looks like your entire body is at a net negative. Uh……….

Hey you’re pretty, I see you, please see me.” I see the gore crater in her face sparkle in the light reflected from the water. “Oh my sweet Clementine. My darling sweet sugar Clementine. Darling sweetening tart sugar my lacey own Clementine.” The water suddenly surges and engulfs my feet. “Oh ok” It surges again and takes me in along with Clementine. As I’m floating down and drowning, I see that a man with her lower half had chosen the bridge down, He will sadly not be engulfed by this particular water surge.


I’m awoken in the basement still soaking. The blonde one is kicking me. The Snake is kicking me.

“Time to kill.” she orders, then shows me some picture of some old joe shmoe. She hands me a sawed off double barrel 12 gauge shotgun.

“No” I proclaim in defiance “Snake!”

She holds up her arms when I raise the shotgun and fire. She’s still alive moaning on the ground with her arms almost blown completely off. I was going to finish off that snake but I had to stop when I heard the paw steps of a panther coming down the stairs. I saw her head peek around the corner of the door, gasping at her sight of her mutilated friend. Or lover, I’m still not sure. Too bad I wasn’t fast enough to catch her head. As she runs back up the stairs I hear her yell, “You hurt Mary you disobedient ball-less dog!” in a surprisingly very valley accent. I sneak up to the side of the door. She came back down and aimed her gun to where I used to be standing. Now i’m standing to her right. I destroy her right arm, right shoulder, and right side of her face revealing the animatronics and robotics underneath the thin veil of skin. With both of them disabled I proceed upstairs into an abandoned looking home.  On the table there’s a little brochure with  Welcome to the 2nd Midwest Base of Operations. I read through and see that there are a few dozen throughout America and Canada.

I see enough and set it down which is when I see through the thin white curtains that Emma’s car had just pulled up up. I’m out of shells. She walks in the house.

She is surprised by my presence in the 1st floor. She sees the shotgun on the table.

“Lain. My name isn’t really Emma.”

Absolutely destroyed by her betrayal I stand completely still and unmoved. “Well my name is really Lain.” She tackles me to the ground and viciously beats my face. She chokes me and slams my head into the ground numerous times. My blood dyes her hands and face. She stops but I can’t move. Her words were more destructive than her physical beatings. “It’s really Emily” She pulls some shells from her jacket pockets and shoots all of my limbs two time over. Boy her double braids do sure look pretty today.

I live the rest of my life as a fuck nugget.


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