Edge Of The Abyss

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What have we potentially become?

Submitted: November 01, 2016

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Submitted: November 01, 2016



This poem is a collaboration between Hullaballo22 and myself:


Just quite what is happening? Quite what is going on?

Whole families and neighbourhoods can no longer get along.


They are being turned against each other by the media politics

with divisions so extensive it can lead to hits and kicks.


First there was the Scotland thing, would they vote to depart

the United Kingdom, go alone, let themselves become apart?


The results were pretty close but people voted to stay in

the divisiveness now so prevalent, that’s when it did begin.


Scotland stayed in Britain, but then Britain did not know

if it would stay in the European Union or if it preferred to go.


The Brexit vote then loomed it’s head and whole families went to war,

Some said go and some said stay, some they just weren’t sure.


The ‘remainers’ were reported to be getting their own way,

‘Brexit would never happen’ was reported many times each day.


Then the voting day arrived, it was close but it got passed --

the vote was ‘Goodbye, Europe’, time to go. Sure, it’s been a blast.


The northern parts of Ireland, along with Scotland disagreed,

and to try to sort this mess out – it’s gonna be some tough deed.


Now Republicans and Democrats, they are being made real sore

by a Presidential race so dirty it’s becoming more like war.


Are we doomed to take the low road in everything politics?

Are we to fall victim to those who rant, and use some kind of hypnotics


to make some of us bend to their destructive and dangerous will?

To use our fear of everything to move in for the political kill?


Why are some of us blind to the folly and lunacy of their poisonous thinking?

For we'll all pay the price for their ignorant and beliefs that are outdistancing


common sense and reason, think about how many times we've been here before,

the belief in isolationism, distrusting of others, and the slamming of immigration’s door.


Here in America, that goes against everything we think and believe,

all because of a few who's lies and rhetoric are designed to deceive?

I sense doom and gloom are about to become a hard fact of our political truth.

A permanent circular firing squad, we'll do ourselves in, in everything we do.


Has the whole world gone crazy, at exactly the same disastrous moment?

Say, 'I was there, when our hatred and prejudiced thinking was set in cement? 

© Copyright 2018 Mike S.. All rights reserved.

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