the new beginning

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Submitted: November 01, 2016

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Submitted: November 01, 2016



Her ears were ringing. So loudly that she could not hear the sound of the door being slammed shut. She did not know she was capable of such force that the door rattled violently after being shut. Her shaking hands fumbled with the chains and managed to slide it into the bronze slot just as a loud pounding erupted from the other side of the door. She jumped back, her reflex still reacting defensively though she knows she has been through too many occasions like this to be afraid.

The pounding went on as she crawled into her six foot tall wardrobe, then closing the wardrobe door so she could sit in the darkness. She’s been in here more often than any ordinary child would, in the presence of her own clothes, all of which are brightly coloured and finished with a touch jewels or animal fur. Being in here felt very familiar to her, yet something was different. Warm liquid filled up her eyes and trickled down her cheeks, leaving a trail of peculiarity and alarm.

Is she bleeding?  She thought it was unlikely as there was no trace of iron in the liquid that wetted her lips. It tastes, however, somewhat salty. 

This sensation was extremely new to her. As the salty fluid flowed, she felt the knot in her chest being loosened. The ringing in her ears faded and there was no longer pounding at the door.

She took a breath of the piercingly sweet perfumed air, exited the wardrobe and made her way through the trails of expensive dolls lying on the pink carpeted floor like fabulous corpses to the mirror next to her queen sized canopy bed. She felt an immediate fright as she glimpsed the girl standing in the mirror, now staring wide-eyed back at her. The girl must have had brown downy hair that now seems like a bird’s nest, a beautiful face that now has grotesque smears of mascara and a ruined dress that does not match with the others in her wardrobe. She has never seen this girl in her mirror before. 

Was it something she had done that caused this girl to appear? Was it the accidental burp that came from her lips as she was having breakfast with her family a few moments ago? Was it the cry that she had involuntarily let out upon being slapped across the face by her mother? Or was it the expression of hurt and hatred that she shot her mother with? Maybe it was caused by her running up the stairs and shutting her door for the first time to scape from the beatings that were about to follow.

But she wasn’t sure, all she sees now is the girl’s atrocious sneer, twisting into an evil grin that drowns out more of the innocence left on the girl’s face.

She felt something snap inside her and she realised, that this is a new beginning.

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