The Perfect Night

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There was a boy and a girl named Romi…They were really close and they used to text for hours and hours,they enjoyed each others company..And while they talk not even a single sad thought crosses their mind..Everything was going great..But one day..!!!

Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016



There was a boy and a girl named Romi…They were really close and they used to text for hours and hours,they enjoyed each others company..And while they talk not even a single sad thought crosses their mind..Everything was going great..But one day there was no message from the boy..Romi thought that he must be busy that is why he did not message and she started doing her work again..But as the day went by she became restless and was worried about him…Yet she did not call him even though she wanted to as she had her own reasons…But she texted him”Hey wer r u the whole day?”…She waited for the reply but in vain..She was thinking about him while in bed and she slowly drifted to sleep as she thought…She woke up the following morning and checked her phone…She saw that he had seen her previous message but did not reply to it..But Romi was happy to see at least the fact that he has seen her message..So she dropped a little message but full of love”Hey Dear”…And as the day went by she checked her mobile…She saw that he had seen the message but no reply…She started to really get worried..It was a long day at work and when reached home she was dead tired..She completed all the rituals like taking bath,family time,having dinner and other things..But she noticed that she was not feeling the same as usual..Even though it is her daily routine she was feeling like something is missing and up came the boys face and the time spent together texting in her mind..That night while in bed,she was dead tired but could not sleep…She rolled and changed position on the bed but she simply could not sleep..The thought of the boy filled Romi’s mind and they more she avoided and tried not to think about him the more and more she ended up thinking about it..As your mind works like that if you try not to think something you are already thinking about it by telling your mind to not to think about it…And Romi burst out in tears…Tears uncontrollably flowing from her eyes..She checked her mobile still no relpy or any message from the boy…She got up from the bed she opened the window and started staring at the moon..Her usually charming and mesmerising eyes now drenched and moist with tears but still beautiful enough to get lost in it…Romi shouted at the top of her lungs”Whyyyyy??” And started crying..It was only then Romi realized how much the boy meant to her…It was midnight she was still crying looking at the moon..And suddenly she saw a shooting start..She quickly made a wish”Where ever you are please reply me” and as soon as she completed making her wish,she heard her mobile’s message tone..She ran towards the mobile and picked it up with anticipation and she was in cloud nine as she saw it was a message from the boy..But Romi’s happiness was short as she was shocked as if she has seen someone she loved the most die and tears started flowing again as she read the boys message”Hey Romi…But I feel that we need to stop talking to each other”…..Romi gathered her thoughts and tried to relax by breathing deep..When she felt a little better but still with tears in her eyes she replied”Why would you say that???? “……The boy replied”Please understand Romi,I have my reasons so please we have to finish this”…Romi was now on her knees,crying as she texted him back”I really missed you for the past two days,I felt like something precious was taken away from me by force,I could not eat,work,talk sleep…And later only found out the reason was none other that you”…..The boy was already in tears now can’t handle it anymore and opened the window and looked towards the moon and started crying and shouting”Whyyyyy” at the top of his lungs…And the boy replied”Romi,when ever I talk to you,I feel like someone else..You bought out a character in me which thought was long dead….After you entered my life..Everyday is beautiful and full of surprises..I started to see beauty in everything…It was like I was happy…I have never felt this happy before..And then it struck me as your beautiful face came into my mind..It was then I felt..It was something more..Yes Romi”I fell in love with you”..I was so happy but it was short lived as reality hit me like a big truck…My mind said”She deserves the best..And certainly I am not the best…You can’t keep her happy” and yes due to my circumstances I had to accept the reality…Finally I found my dream girl but I have to sacrifice her for a greater cause”Her happiness”…If it’s for your happiness Romi..I am ready to sacrifice…But Romi..Really thank you for helping me discover my other self…Every second I talked with you was a bliss..I really wanted to call you but I had promised you earlier that unless you tell me I won’t call you…But the words you sent me where enough to make my day….You are a gifted writer Romi..Follow your dreams,don’t care what others think and face your fears….You will be very successful and lead a happy life…Romi I can’t believe I am saying this but”You are the light of my life”in your words”You are my morning star”…But sometimes you need to sacrifice to get something better…Every time I talk to you,I get more and more attached to you…And I feel that if it continues even you will start feeling the same,so it’s time to stop talking to each other”…And he pressed the button send…When Romi read the message she was both happy and sad…Happy that he feels the same way and sad about the fact that he does not want to take it further,crying she replies him”I love you..I have already fallen for you my morning star…And I feel you are the best for me” After seeing this message the boy’s head hung low with frustration and some happiness…And replied”Please Romi,it hurts,it hurts like hell..It feels like someone is piercing through my heart slowly..Please Romi I beg you will get someone better than me,but not me..But I will continue to be your distant admirer and as promised I will always have your back but not as soulmate Romi”..She read the message and typed”Why don’t you think about me,yes I want to live happily but my happiness is living with you..Please don’t rob me of my happiness”…He read the message and replied”Romi please don’t hurt me any more,I am already hurt and can’t take it anymore,for the last time”I AM NOT THE GUY YOU ARE LOOKING FOR”…A no from someone good is a yes from someone better..Please Romi understand…And face it.. Stay patient and calm..I am sure a right guy will come in the right time and swipe you of your feet and carry you like lover but treats you like a queen…You just have to wait”…He sent the message and turned of the WiFi and put the phone in Air Plane mode to avoid further arguments..When Romi read it already on her knees fell to the ground and started crying after sometime…She went back to the window..And was staring at the moon…And this is called the power of love as the boy was also doing the same,staring the moon from the window..Tears flowing from both their eyes….Suddenly Romi yet another shooting star…And the boy to saw the shooting start…Both made the wish…And the wish was”Iss janam meh toh tum mere itne pass hokar bhi,mere nahi hosake magar aglle sath janamo tak tum sirf meri hogi,sirf or sirf meri”…

One day she was lying down on her bed,just starring in silence at the roof and lost in her thoughts when a loud thunder broke the silence..She almost fell out of bed as the sound of the thunder was very much loud..She go up and saw through the window and she was on cloud nine..It was raining…She immediately opened the window and peeped out so that the rain droplets can wash her beautiful,round face…When it comes to rain she always becomes a kid..She could not resist,she wanted to enjoy the rain,so she went to the living room opened the main door and ran out to experience the gift from paradise…A gentle cold breeze which kissed her hair and her face reminded her of him and the way he used used to run his fingers along her hair and kiss her passionately all over her face like there is no tomorrow..She thought that how romantic it would be if he were here…And as she was dancing in the rain she felt someone standing behind her just few metres away…But her house was quite far if she tries running he easily catch hold of her..Realising the mistake she had made coming out at late night..She wanted to move away but was too scared to do so…To her horror she heard the footsteps approaching her in very slow and steady pace with water puddles under that persons feet feet..Now she can feel the heavy breath on her neck..She knew,the person was right behind her,she was too petrified to shout for help…So she did the next best thing stand still and let fate decide the outcome..The person behind put his hand on her shoulder and slowly drifted down her arms..She gave a sudden jerk when he touched her shoulder and shuddered lightly when he was drifting down her arms…But strangely she was feeling both terrified and excited…She felt like electricity passing through her body…Then the person wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her towards her…She by now had totally surrendered to the person and was at the person’s mercy…The person started kissing all over her neck and she let outa little moan..she was in cluthes as he had wrapped his hands around her waist, standing right behind her..thn the persn slowly drifted his lips towards her she was breathing heavily and was thinking that this is her th epersn said..’hey Romi..i told u i ll always have your back”…Romi was shocked..she recognised the voice and she recognised the touch now was HIM..her morning star Her eyed filled with tears and she turned around..She saw his face in the light emitted by the lighting…She was so happy that she dug her face into his chest and started crying…..He said”I am sorry to scare you like that but I wanted to surprise you”..She looked up to him with tears in her eyes and said”I thought this was my last night..And the only thing running through my mind was you..How would you digest the news of my death..And how…”He again had to bury his lips in hers to make her stop as he could not even imagine her death…After kissing he looked her straight in the eyes and as usual struggled to collect words as he got list in them but managed to say”Don’t Ever say that again…Don’t ever talk to me about your death again or I promise you,you won’t see me ever again…And I will…”This time it was her turn to bury her lips in his to make him quite..And while kissing she let out a faint but full of passion”I promise”…He smiled while they kissed and the touch of his teeth while he kissed and smile made it the best kiss ever…Both kissed passionately,now it was raining heavily and thunders were louder than ever and lightings ever threatening..But they did not care…They were in the company of each other..The best they could ask for..Their body might be in earth getting we but their souls have merged and have long gone to paradise…It was heaven on earth..And yet another perfect night..lif-lif-ppp-full-1179721


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