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An incident I was once reminded while on a walk..

Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016



I am on my morning walk, it is still quite dark and a cool breeze makes the environment very pleasing. I walk in quick steps. I want to reach my favorite spot, up a small hill, before sunrise. I love to sit there and see the big red sun float up, panting the sky with beautiful shades of orange and purple.


At my favorite spot I rest on a rock and wait for the show to begin. There is a sudden movement near my feet and I see something tiny darting into the grass, probably some rodent. I spot a lollipop lying near the grass. It lay there half licked, covered with dust and swarmed with ants. I see sadness in that lollipop. I can imagine a broken heart, a sad face. Tears shed on the lost joy. Maybe a tantrum for a new one. That dejected piece of confectionery brings back some of my sweet childhood memories.


I remember the days when I once loved to lick lollipops. My mom used to keep a jar filled with candies high up on the kitchen shelves. My mother thought the jar was out my reach, but she was wrong. I had unmatched skills, like a war hardened commando, when it came to hunting down goodies in the kitchen. I often used to dress up like a commando and raid the kitchen, armed with my little plastic rifle. If I could not find any goodies, the jar was always there, filled with candies and lollipops. I loved the brown lollipops, caramel flavor, very much. Raiding the kitchen was one of my favorite activity.


One day my mother found out about the thievery, my sister got a generous dose of scolding. My poor sister was bewildered and made futile attempts to convince my mom that I was the real culprit but my mom was convinced I was too tiny to reach that high. I kept quiet during the whole ordeal. My sister was reduced to tears, later, I made funny faces at her. It was fun watching someone else getting scolded for my mischief. After that incident my missions became more daring. I was sure I was safe as my mother would always suspect my sister. I was right, my sister usually got scolded for vanishing candies and other stuff missing from the kitchen.


I was on one of my raids, I knew my mom had hidden cookies somewhere in the kitchen. My mom was asleep taking her afternoon nap, my sister was at school and dad was in office, no one would possibly know what I was up to. My sister will get scolded again and I will make funny faces at her.


I could not find the cookies anywhere so I went in for the candy jar instead. I pulled out a lollipop from the jar just when I noticed the box of cookies, hidden far behind on the same shelf. I grabbed the box and gobbled down a cookie. Then quickly gobbled down another one, and one more. I moved to keep the box back on the shelf but somehow managed to lose my balance and fell on the floor. Some utensils joined me in the fall and crashed on the floor with a loud bangs and clanks.


My mom appeared in the kitchen at once, only to find a commando sprawled on floor, face down. Holding the jar of candies in one hand and a box of cookies in another. Crumbs of cookies stuck on lips and candies scattered on the floor. I was scared and was afraid of a healthy dose of scolding I had inadvertently asked for. My mother let out a loud laugh, she buckled to the floor, still laughing. I joined her laughter, running to her and hugging her, she hugged me back, still laughing. I offered her a cookie. I did not get any scolding that day. My mom still kept the jar on same shelf but somehow there was no fun left in stealing anymore now that my secret was out.


I let out a little laugh, just then an old gentleman happened to pass by. He looked at me as if I am a lunatic, laughing all by myself. But I don't care, what would he know about the volley of memories going on in my head.


I see the sun is already up. I've missed the show, but enjoyed the memory. I start walking back home smiling by myself. I don't fancy licking lollipops anymore, somewhere between doing my homework and doing my taxes, I grew up. I still love the brown colored stuff though, it's liquid and tastes best on ice, with friends.

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