Humanity's Last Legs

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Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016




Two friends stood naked upon a high cliff, hand in hand and alone in their shared loneliness, skin exposed to the whippings of the winter wind. The crimson sea below stretched like a carpet from one end of the horizon to the other. Faraway into the distance the friends could spot an edifice on fire, and a column of smoke rising into a vacant hole in the sky that was said to be the gateway to heaven. There was also the sun, but for a while it had been hidden from sight by the smog. The two friends were miles away from the island upon which the now destroyed edifice was once built; they only stood outside the sphere of destruction, watching another world crumble before their eyes. Yet they could do nothing to stop it. They themselves shared the idea that life had long ago become pointless, that children must now be lulled to sleep by the deafening screams of their dying mothers, that cold fire would soon consume the world while the two went about their business, studying for their exams and pursuing goals that they could seldom comprehend. What did goals matter in a world that held no meaning? What did even one do when they achieved said goal? Was the goal an object they could merely get a hold of and inspect? Was it possible to assign width and length and volume to one's goals, calculate then its mass using some obscure mathematical formula?
The two friends once sought answers, but now they decided to switch their brains off and watch the world burn. 

But then they were still human beings, and they retained characteristics that attested to that fact. They still felt pain and sorrow and happiness, and most of all, they felt desire. This desire trumped their morale beneath its iron fist and left the two friends with nothing to do but to fuck when they felt like it. As they made love upon the naked cliff, the screams of the dying traveled upon the wind and was carried to their ears, yet the source being so faraway, the two friends only heard mere echoes of the horrible reality they had decided to detach themselves from. The wind became stronger and ran its fingers through the girl's hair as she pushed the boy against the ground and straddled him. She moved her hips in circular motions and made the boy's eyes role back into his skull. The girl herself had decided to ride the wave of these emotions, for that was all one could cling to in a world that often showed so little respect toward humanity. And the two of them fucked and came at the same time, the girl allowing the boy to finish inside her, the girl then cumming all over the boy's now shriveled penis. Then she rolled off his body and lied on the ground beside him. From the faraway island came the sound of crumbling structures and dying men, the screeching of children as they begged to be reunited with their mothers, the confused look of a child whose mother had just been buried beneath heaps of rubble on her way to pick him up from school. Yet the two friends remained still, naked, confident in the silence that had nestled between them, unable to care about another world whose eventual demise they had no control over. 

So then time went by and desires took hold again. This time the boy decide to mount the girl, but suddenly he saw another female figure approaching the two of them, this one wearing a red dress that emphasized her breasts and her curves. She came to a standstill before the two friends, smiled and then with the smooth motions of a woman who had done this many a time before, slipped out of her red dress. Underneath the dress she was all skin and flesh. Smooth skin and blonde hair, breasts that the boy imagined himself fondling, and a scent mixed with the salty smell of seawater that sent the boy's desires soaring. Soon the boy was on his back again, but this time the blond girl straddled him instead of his brunette friend. The blond girl rode him better than the brunette had. He relaxed for he knew he could trust her with his body, and instead of thrusting his pelvis from below he allowed the blond girl to take control, all the while watching her perfect breasts bounce up and down. Unbeknownst to him, however, another male had arrived to mount the brunette friend, replacing thus our Romeo who had fallen for another Juliet, so that when the boy turned to his left to make eye contact with the friend he had just neglected, he saw the man with the curly hair pounding away at the girl, sweat beads clinging to his back and arms as he did so. Yet to our boy's surprise, rather than being crushed beneath the weight of jealousy or misled by some adolescent notion of everlasting love, the two friends just held each other's hands and looked at one another, while they both received pleasure from other people. 
And the two friends smiled, for their friendship and preserving it at all costs was what  mattered, what had always mattered most. 


In the face of adversity the two friends had once felt powerless. With no vessel to carry them across the water and both lacking the ability to swim, they had instead wept for humanity's ceaseless suffering. But now they fucked as the world went to shit. They fucked each other and then fell in love, for one day or perhaps two, then they brought others into their lives and fucked them too, and then in a moment of accidental providence, they caught a glimpse of each other's tears. What was the meaning behind this constant oscillation between doubt and certainty, happiness and sorrow, pure love and animalistic lust? The two friends did not know. But what they did know was this: that so long as they held on to all the things that made them human, then perhaps they had done their part in honoring those who suffered needlessly for the happiness of others. 

The two friends thus stood upon the high cliff and gazed at the sea. The boy suddenly saw a boat by the shoreline. He yanked at the girl's arm and said, "Hey look! Maybe we can use that boat to get to the island!" And they then descended the cliff, never having been on a boat in their lives. They embraced humanity as they stepped onto the boat, and they welcomed uncertainty when they gave themselves away to the waves. 
As the two friends began fucking once again on the boat, they realized that this was what it meant to be a human being - loving and uncertain, free and hateful, and above all, lonely. 

Soon thereafter their boat was attacked by a creature of the sea. Thus the two friends drowned with no more stories to tell, but one must imagine that they died a happy and human death. 

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