Love decay

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I had the worst night ever. Sometimes the choice is between total honesty and a little lie. I chose the former, and it turned out like this. But it's indeed better than living a lie, however beautiful it is. I hadn't expected this. I feel I'm a horrible person, despite even her saying this is not the case. She's the best person I've ever met. That won't change.

this poem is linked with other two i have written. the order is:
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2) good night -
3) love decay -

Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016



When reality lifts its covers

and truth floods my eyes


my feelings refuse to follow

but I see it.. the tear in your soul

and soon, I start becoming hollow


I don’t want all this to crumble

but I start to tremble


The tiniest, least important piece of you

shouldn’t sway

me in any way


Yet you’ve seen it

that which I couldn’t see

that seed of doubt

I had buried

in the most barren part of my soul


When reality sinks in

and I can’t take anything back


I claw at my despair

punch the walls of my soul

the negative flow of thoughts

starts forcing its way in


here I am

vomiting all these words

holding in the tears


the funniest part is still

I’m probably the one suffering the least

But I want you to know


despite the fallout still gnawing at me

we burned for days

like the brightest stars

and nothing can change that.

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