Simple Story Of Life

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May you live the happiest life with the most valuable time you are gifted from God's care. :)

Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016



Like your simple life,

When your world fall behind choices,

I fear we may forget peace,

When you gain freedom behind silence,

I fear we may fall hopefully,

When your roots free behind expression,

I fear we may freeze joy,

Like any Christmas wish,

May this world gain roots endoved of God's love,

May this love give rise through duty of God's work,

May this endless gift fulfill its service of God's mission,

May I ask and you receive this goodness of love,

On our Earth you meet a journey untold in those characters of experiences,

Last fall of this time played love as seduction of power,

Last fall of this unity priced peace as sins of war,

Last fall of this truth paved life as satisfaction of lust,

In time again you may love all rituals of this life,

On these grains that consume our hunger with suppliments of food chain on Mother Nature,

Where this instinct grow around our neighbourhood seeking no enemity from being what we are,

For all species that sustain life here,

How may we give them life on Earth for Gods plan for one purpose why we are here?

God gave all happiness in many forms of living creatures that share our everyday on this planet,

Where no mind travelled further more than the poverty of this choice,

Where no heart trusted fall more than the rise of this hunger within,

Where no life translated freedom more than the security of this wellbeing,

Where no thought transfered feelings more than the emotions of this supreme awakening,

If you are among few who want to tell,

Our longest ever lived story of eternal relationship with God's gifted voice within,

May your heart untold never be late in time for simple grants of our divine duty among living global village,

May your health knock out all the vulnerable diseases we welcome untold with pollutants here,

As we consume our daily bread let love sow its attachment away from lust and anger,

May your progress follow justice gaining generous humbleness before this creation born out of peace,

If you like your unlimited necessity to be back here again be simple making the best out of this day,

To bring a smile in those tender eyes where supply of self-love never fails,

To gift a heart in those kindle thought earnestly will sustain the path of giving never ends,

To share a blessing in those emotions rinse highest good of knowledge may power bliss within,

If this simple way like your greatness to be so gifted nourish your nothing within you,

Say more than anything you feel the pride unconditionally timing within this divine energy,

May you also live this angelic life of our creation as the best person in touch for this healing reality wherever you are now... :)  

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