The Most Beautiful Christmas Tree Of All

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Story about a fir tree which dreamed of being a beautiful Christmas tree

Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016



The Most Beautiful Christmas Tree Of All

By Dorothee Furlotte


Once upon a time,

in a forest far away,

stood a little fir tree

whose name was Ray.


Each year when it turned cold

and the first snow started to fall,

Ray dreamed of being

the most beautiful Christmas tree of all.


He had heard the story

about that one winter night,

when the Christ Child was born

in a stable under a star shining bright.


Ray knew it was celebrated as Christmas

and that people far and near,

took firs just like him home

to turn into Christmas trees every year.


He had been told by the birds,

resting on his branches at night,

that those trees were very festive

and such a beautiful sight.


So he stood there patiently waiting,

hoping someone would come along.

See him and pick him

to decorate in their home.


But that hope faded away

as the years went by

and then one Christmas eve,

Ray started to cry.


His tears fell onto his branches

where they turned into ice.

Looking like little glass balls,

sparkling quite nice.


But Ray did not notice them.

He was too sad to see,

thinking he was too grown up now,

to be a beautiful Christmas tree.


Then he heard a soft voice from above

and he looked up at the sky,

where he saw a heavenly angel

thru his tear filled eyes.


Don’t cry anymore Ray!

It said with a gentle smile.

You are already a beautiful tree,

and have been for a while.


Look at your green branches

softly covered with snow.

And you just added tear icicles

with a shimmering  glow.


The last thing I have brought with me

to complete your form.

A shining star like the one above the stable

the night I was born.


Ray was frozen in amazement

when the Christ Child placed the star

and all the critters of the forest

came from near and far.


They gathered at his base

as he stood proud and tall,

and gazed with shiny eyes at Ray,

the most beautiful Christmas tree of all.

~ (DF, 2016) ~

© Copyright 2018 Dorothee Furlotte. All rights reserved.

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