A turkey named Phil

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Possibly the origin of the phrase "Turkey Day" ;-)

Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016



Do you know that the popular term “Happy Turkey Day” could have actually originated from the animal world right here in Arkansas with the turkey being the hero and not the food?!  Just read for yourself… ;-)


On a farm in the south

up on a hill

in the state of Arkansas

lived a turkey named Phil.


Phil was friendly and unique,

loved by all the animals around.

His best friend was Earl

an old basset hound.


Though separated by a fence,

their friendship was tight

ever since that day

when Phil saved Earl’s life.


Day dreaming away,

Earl had wandered down the street.

When a car came around the corner

at a high rate of speed.


Phil was always alert.

I guess most turkeys are;

and started to gobble up a storm

when he saw the car.


All the other animals were now aware  

and they joined in with Phil

screaming: “move Earl move,

there’s a car coming up the hill.”


And thank goodness Earl heard them

and looked up just in time

to jump out of harm’s way,

completely startled but otherwise fine.


Whew, that was a close one,

everyone started to calm.

Had it not been for Phil,

Earl now would be gone.


It was then they announced

this day was now special on that Arkansas hill.

It would be called “Turkey Day” going forward

in dedication to Phil.   ~ (DF, 2015) ~


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