The daugther you chased away

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Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016



The rage keeps boiling from within my heart

While repeating the words that drew us apart


At first it was sadness that took over my soul

And feelings were running out of  my control

Then came the annoy over your childish reaction

This time I won't give in for your own satisfaction

Then the anger when you didn't care to call

But I stood my ground and refused to fall

Then a sadness of not being worth your time

But I won't feel guilty because the fault was not entirely mine


Almost came the feeling of depression

An a tiny bit of uncontrolling agression


Suddenly I just didn't care about you or what you think

Because lower than this I never knew You could sink

I can go on without you being by my side

As long as you're far away and happily alive

My doors I used to hold open for you are now safely shut

So don't bother to call because I won't pick up


Do as you wish and don't come bothering me

The daughter you chased away, that's what I'll be

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