Happy 21st Birthday!

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Well, yet another poem I wrote to my dear friend in heaven. I meant to post it on his birthday, which was on the 12.08.2016 but I never managed to do it...BUT now I finally did and I hope you're reading it on your favourit cloud in heaven! Miss You! R'

Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016



You haven't deserved anything less, that's why I wish you the very best

It is your day and for every year that's the way it will stay

What is it that you wish for? Anything new or something to be more?

How do you want to celebrate this year?

Please tell me, I wish to hear

I'm imagining how it would turn out to be

While closing my eyes it's even easier to see

You in the middle of the people who hold you dear

Laughing alltogheter happily with nothing to fear

It's so easy to picture the scene in my mind

You standing there, wholetrugh loyal and kind

What would I give for the thought to be true?

What would I give for seeing you?

The way you speak and even how you walk

What would I give so that we could talk?

Question after question is pearcing my heart

Thought after thougt is tearing me apart

Seconds pas as I think of you

But it feels like milleniums to accept what is true

My friend i wish you all the joy possible to get

And I hope that the smile on your face is forever set

Today all I want is to laugh upon the sky

Closing my eyes and pretend that I can fly

My imagined wings will bring me to where you are

No matter what distance none is to far

I'll tell you everything I never managed to say

And face to face I wish you a very happy Birthday!

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