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Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016





Tulip please talk to me, I am forever alone

Tulip please be with me, I am forever alone


‘Everyone’ has left me without a simple goodbye

The one that mattered the most, left me here to die


Tulip you know of loneliness, of being amazed

Tulip you’ve lost a lot, many a time been crazed


She was everyone to me, as the sun is to the world

Darkness surrounds me now and leaves me appalled


From that day forward, I know not of joy

Have I been played with like a cheesy toy?!


Tulip, the morning dew that leaves you at dawn!

Tulip, I know! How it feels to be stepped on…


You’ve touched the feeling of reduction and separation

You have been the subject of withering and decimation


That’s how I feel, withered, faded and decimated

Stripped of my manhood, denied and separated  


Tulip say my name, let me feel the sound of your voice

Tulip embrace me now, for I am left without a choice


Should I run, should I die, or… should I bear?!

Had I known when she left she’d return ne’er!


Ali Atefi

© Copyright 2018 Ali Atefi. All rights reserved.

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