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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a story of tragic romance between Bethan Goldtooth and Michael Oakfield. When all is well there love takes a train wreck of a twist

It was the dark day some say when Bethan Goldtooth fell underneath her boyfriends charm. She once was a girl that loved all the things that party people "loved" such as, dressing up as a going out girl that shows her hairless legs. But when this boy showed up, "her first true love" she felt, she fell for him, like a man that falls for no good money.

So it was the day, that woeful day that Bethan Goldtooth fell for the charm of Michael Oakfield. He once was a boy that adored all things that most boys loved; like wearing track suits that emphasise his athleticism. But when this girl showed up, "his first love" he fell for her like a woman that falls for no good shoes.

When Bethan fell for his ugly good looks, everyone around had noticed the difference in the way she would act around the so called "Michael Oakfield" she started to run away from the people she most did love. Her eyes changed to a royal blue colour, when she saw his pawn cubed eyes. She loved him so ever much, one, two, three, four, who's that knocking on my door, she heard at 6 evening time, when the sun started to hide from the eyes. "Could that finally be the one "MICHAEL OAKFIELD" ive waited for so so long, or could it just be the devil inside my head", please please tell me you fool" screamed her hopeless head. 

She swung the door back with a addictive creek. Ready to see who stood before her. She gazed into his eyes as thunder of lightening struck! The white clouds became haunted mist and the sun's senseless smile became darknessess most charming grin. It was him, Michael Oakfield; his trench coat swayed, his top hat stood still with a triangle point to his back. She blessed his ears with a caring request, "would you kindly come in?" she gorgeously asked. He looked at her words with his ignorant eyes and marched through her kindness with devilish smile. His footsteps painted words with a dominant force as he walked into her house. 

He first walked into her small room, her heart went back to the time it was when she first met him, bitter cold and hungry for the endless love he would give her. As soon as he walked in Bethan reached her voice to a point where poor old Michael would have to listen to her soothing voice, she said "oi Michael there's a few little things id like to definitely say to you" Michael said in a deep slow voice "go on" Bethan carried on " how have you been getting in my thick head so much" there was no reply to the sad Beth, she started to think of the war, yes the great war and how old sugarplumb Nazi Germans used to experiment tests on the head of tiny Michael, to see if he was useful enough for a war, but Bethan's head said "that was just a long time ago" paranoia would NOT leave Bethan's mind. She started to wonder what Michael really was. She'd witnessed Michael in all kinds of manners, seen his every behaviour, even all his facial expressions. So what he truly was never really crossed Bethan's mind; Because she'd seen so many different Michael's. But her theory's about what "great bad Michael" was really contrasted in her mind, they expanded from depicting him as the next great thing all the way to shaming as the rise of the apocalypse. All though she loved "old sad Michael" more than her own family. She never quite figured out what good 'ol clockwork was really going on in Michael's head. 

As they both started to feel at home with the candles lit and the darkness lurking. They began to intoxicate themselves with their loving words and darkest worries. As time started to slow around Bethans head, She began to witness the very atmosphere she was involved in, and really began to analyse what Michael stood for.The house Bethan and mike were sitting in was filled with love and hate between them both. Bethan didn't understand the actions of Michael, so in her mind the paranoia that worried many, flooded her edgey mind. Bethan thought about leaving the house in a sudden hurry, to enter the town that was promised to be a success. Bethan told Mike with a heartful voice "if you don't come to the town with me, then I'm sorry, but I will leave your body forever" the threat struck Michael. Not knowing what he was going to hurl back at her. She looked at his untouched face and waited for a answer she wanted to know but didn't want to hear. They bathed in silence. But it soon hit the point where he must speak! 

Before his words spilled, his face shifted negative! "Its not a request! I'm telling you" said Bethan demandingly. "I'm restricted" pleaded Michael. "I'm forbidden." he added quietly! "forbidden from what?" said Bethan in a questioning voice. "Forbidden from a happy life, forbidden from being satisfied with what life has given me. I've never been blessed, only cursed with memories that fade my sanity! But you make me feel real, you make my mind work, you make me feel love that I've never seen. So I promise to come with you, but I can not promise a future of any good." 

Bethan slowly said with her cheeky voice "so lets go and leave this land forever we are not to young nor to old to leave so lets go" she cried. The words that Bethan spoke struck Michael, he thought "maybe we can leave" Michael shouted at Bethan. 

Michael held Bethans hand and said "Bethan the reason I might be the way I am is because the city of success where you long to go is cursed with evil within my mind" he said it so knowingly "what do you mean" Bethan replied. Well Michael had to find a path way to tell Bethan what was wrong, "Ok" Michael said, "in the city of success I used to live there with my family, in a small little house called little mouse house. So one day my sister betty.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I cant tell you" Michael said, Bethan stuttered "Go on" "Ok... ok I will tell you, one day my sister Betty two tooth, stole my lucky stone, so when she stole it later on I went into her dark room while she was asleep and got her pink pillow and suffocated her ugly face, she was dead as can be" Michael said with a voice that echoed off the surroundings. "My parents never found out it was me which still haunts my dreams and reality every single day with regret. It's been a temptation of mine for years to return to what I once left! But I dread to feel what I might feel. That stupid spoilt little girl took what I loved most So I took what she loved most, herself! I can not hold a grudge, I can not forgive nor forget! I act in the moment, in the devils worst form; and all though I feel possessed I can see the wrong!!! and I cannot go back because I hurt what I care most about, because its all that feels real! I love you to death and it fears me! She gave me the stone with love and care, but why take it! WHY?!" 

Bethan showed no emotion, wanting to hear the end before she gave a reply. "My sister was a virtue. The families prized possession. She was even my role model. But I love to hate what I should love and it's what I've always suffered from. But killing her, watching her suffer, gave me some sort of satisfaction and filled that void of empty affection where my parents neglected me and put my sister on a pedestal and I fear that my love for you is as great as the feeling of inflicting pain on my loved ones. Your safety is at risk, you are at risk with me and my presence! But I will come with you, if the offer is still pending?"

When Michael asked her that hurtful question she didn't know how to reply to him, she walked into her brown kitchen and poured herself a glass of white wine, to help her answer question "if the offer was still pending" when Michael run into the kitchen to follow her, he said " I'm so sorry for everything I've just told you, I love you so much" She bent into his shoulder and buried her head into his neck, and cried "Yes Michael no matter what you've done I will still love you" and kissed his pale ugly cheek. 

Michael had a book of ideas where he would write his ideas and his thoughts, In this tiny marble brown book. He wrote in it "she finally agreed to let me come with her" they both slept that night very happy as they were both going to the city of success. She hugged him tight and forgot about his distant past. When Bethan slept that night, she was far away in her unreal dreams. Michael on the other hand snuck out of the bed, and started to write in his book. "its time to kill what I love the most" 

The book he wrote in was nothing but thoughts and careless ideas! Michael was a lover of poetry and story telling and added a lot to his journal on a daily bases as he enjoyed expressing himself. It was nothing but thoughts on paper. 

As the night slept by and the day woke up. Bethan awake to the heat of the sun and the view of Michael's defined jaw. It was the big day. They decided to go to the city as soon as possible, as a rush of impulse before they doubted the idea. It was early morn, and they were ready to leave. They thought there last goodbye and left before their conscious could catch them.So they were off, the endless journey had begun, the way to leave the city they live in was to, go to the train station full of promise, 

Bethan hoped her little legs into Michael's car for the quest to start, she looked in her mirror, and checked her cheeks to see if they were secure enough for Michael's, expectations. She licked her lips and finished her eye brows, Michael pushed his foot on the pedal in the black car and they were of to the little train station, that hopefully took them to the place they wanted to be.

They arrived at little towns train station. It was run down, there was rusty trailroads and crumbling stairs. They entered through the doors and bought the tickets and pursued up the stairway of living. They sat at the ramp. The hours drifted by and the daylight desaturated. They thought and they thought but communicated little. Michael requested his trip to be excused and walked off to the toilet.

Only if I had the time Iv'e wasted Bethan thought, she couldn't trust him no matter what, her god and devil stood at each side of her brain, and told her to do different things, god told her to stay right where was, The devil told her to check Michael's bag, so like most people she checked his safe and sound bag. She looked and found a small tiny notebook..... She flicked through pages worrying of things which made her want to jump in front of one of them fast trains that went by, but then she found the one page which made her thoughts into actions. Un aware of the journals title "My thoughts and Ideas" she read through it all and was struck by the specific pages, the pages connected to the story of "the death of Bethan Goldtooth". She read the sexual and vivid descriptions of Michael's mind on Bethan's fall. She tried to cry but the iceberg like tears would not fall down her face. She felt emotions of regret and emotions of stupidity !The anger and hatred build up in her head, she didn't read correctly, she thought he was going to cut her small head off, so she held Michael's notebook close to her breast as she couldn't leave it go, because of the shock she was in, from what her eyes had seen, in the yellow worn out pages of Michael's notebook. She walked close to where the sliver trains ran by, Michael was far but close to Bethan, so when he left the toliet and saw Bethan near and overlooking that ledge, his heart dropped and he looked around and saw that his bag was open and gasp for the cool air, he knew what Bethan had done, or seen in his secret bag. He ran to her aid, but she did not need it and needed other things. She jumped for the devils grasp and the devil gripped her tightly. The train hit hard, soft skin covering rockets of bone as her body depleted. 

Michael fell to his knees with eyes of knowing. crying his heart out! In the realisation she's another number off earth. Michael scurried to his bag for a second look, to find the reality that the journal was gone. Michael felt immediate guilt to what he had done. He had realised once again, he had lost what he loved the most! Running to what was left of his deceased loved one, his thoughts ran rapidly with guilt and hysteria, that had finally made his fate reach it's only conclusion. Death finally confronted Michael through his retched eyes. The sound of the on-coming travelling train which is about to reach the shore violently echoing through the disturbed mind of Michael Oakfield. He didn't think twice and hoped it was alright. He pleaded for the devils forgiveness but the devil just shrugged his shoulders with pity at Michael's request! 

Little towns train station was scattered with the body parts of the to early gone, Bethan Goldtooth and Michael Oakfield. But Bethan's death was an act of gracious love whilst Michael's death was an act of own regret! And they were both dead I do recall.

Submitted: November 02, 2016

© Copyright 2021 BrownOnBlonde. All rights reserved.

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