The Ascent of Madness

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This is a plotline that came to my head on a weary day and I decided I wished to post it for ideas and feedback. The plotline is most certainly not a finished copy, as I wish to perfect the ideas and concepts before I finished the writing.

Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016



The Ascent of Madness


A group of low class peasants decide that they need to live their lives to their fullest ability. And so, although it’s dangerous; they begin their journey to conquer the seven worlds. Ajax, a young orphaned boy with a big dream fights completely for the survival of himself and his comrades, who tag behind him in hopes of achieving their ‘destiny’. There are seven worlds all in order, ranging from peasants to deities. The group of eight face hardships that test their abilities and wits, their strength and prowess is put to the test. In order to achieve a higher level of sentience, the group persuade the peasants of their world to allow the access to a higher reach. The militia are the second lowest rank, whom are the throw away soldiers that are used in warring nations. To proceed, the group’s members must achieve the rank of Captain and have the majority votes of the remaining Captains and Sergeants. If they are granted their wish, they must face a grand master of arms in one on one combat, if the grand master of arms loses, the Victor shall pass to become a middle classed citizen. Only four of the group achieve their goal; Olivia, Jeremy, Ajax and Victor. In the skirmish, Fredrick loses his life as the sword used by the grand master had not been blunted. Although the group had lost many members, and mourned the death of his friend, they continued. The next rank that was within reach was the world of knights and battle. Only those who had beaten the grand master were allowed to pass into the next level of prowess, but they also required the trust of the Lord Inquisitor to give them permission. All were given access after a time, excluding Jeremy whom was forced into staying, despite his hatred of the decision, that was the last the group saw of him. He got a job, a small family and died shortly after his daughters fifth birthday. The members of the group came to a standstill in the world of knighthood and chivalry. A war had started between two factions, Ajax always made himself the volunteer when one of his friends were selected. During the journey, Olivia had become infatuated with Ajax, his determination, strength and personality. Despite this, Victor had feelings for Olivia and confessed to her. In her plight she had forgotten about him – how protective Victor had been over her, how much he helped her. They kissed and became intimate. Ajax was given the rank of Commander, which assigned him to a new garrison. In the thicket of battle, Victor was badly injured beyond repair in a skirmish. He lost a locket, which held a picture of Olivia and him. Ajax only heard through one of the battalion that had sent the report, in a spite he ordered his garrison to their deaths. His power had been overruled, and his garrison saved. Ajax wasn’t done, in his hatred he snuck into the enemy camp, creating a massacre.

Work in Progress

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