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Arcus is a main stories based on all the short stories i have writed in my life, since it is about different person i do not think i can make a really nice summary,
But is a story which touches subjects about religion,homosexual relationship,poly relationships, other universes, and that kind of things, you have been warned

Where universes connect and where word collide,the must be a thousand words to hide.
also going to be in wattpad

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Green Eyes and Virtues

Submitted: November 02, 2016

A childs dream can be powerful,the words you say might come true.After all that is all they can do.Dream.

Here comes our frist story Read Chapter

the bird in the cage

Submitted: December 26, 2016

The escenary this time changes to skyworld or as we know it heaven as we see a couple dispaying a converstation,having known the fate that awaits them let see how the story goes

There are 9 cathegories for angels that i will work with,Seraphim,Cherub,Thrones,Dominios or Dominations,Virtues,Powers,Principalities,Archangels and Angels
Calix is non-binary using them/they pronouns

Ascending, in concept,means like....level up? i hope you get the idea,if not be free to ask me,
also check my devianart if you want to see drawing from the story:
thank you for reading Read Chapter


Submitted: February 06, 2017

In which we find ourselves, in the Paranormal Institution , in a remote place of this world, Experiments and Subject are carefully done and studied , this is in orded to "protect" the humanity. But many subject are not happy to take part of this institution.

also check my deviantart for drawings of the fic,: :3
Hope you like it!
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