The Path of Affliction

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Submitted: November 03, 2016




In a time before the industrial revolution, before Columbus found America...even before the fall of Roman Empire. In a time not even in this centuary or millenium. In a time when world did not evolve in any way. It has been the same for over 2000 years. In a land of Yis-rah-el, two young bards, scholars of the first hebrew writtings, ventured through the dessert wealding some sort of mystical weapons...Some called it kishuf (sorcery) but the word kishuf was forbidden in this time of need. They didn't had a proper quest or a mission. These two were known for their speciality. And that speciality was helping villages and kingdoms with their magical skills. Nobody knew what their skills were but they heard rumours...and didn't quite believe them. People that have come to meet our two heroes claimed that they were playing some sort of sounds and rythms with their weapons...but we'll get to that sooner or later.

Temple of Asur Da'at...Chapter 1.

Our two young lads were brought up in a Temple of Asur Da'at far far away from the center of our world which is called Enuthchai. They were raised planely as hebrew scholars because in the jewish religion they dont have holy man as priests and such. Our protagonists names are Amnon, which means faithful in hebrew and Eyal which means might or strength. Those two were blessed with precisly this two atributes.

Amnon is the smart one. He is one of the best students in class. BUT. He often comes up with thoughts that provoke the jewish religion as his friend Eyal who isn't so smart and witty as Amnon. They both question the hebrew messages and meaning and are trying to find answers to unanswerd question like »What is God?«, »Who is God?«, »Is God real?«.

Amnon took the path of the Qol (the voice). The Qol is the study of the voice or in another term a training in mastering Blessing, Curse and Defensive kishuf (spells). He was at the top of his class. He really had a gift for blessing, cursing and defending in Hebrew.

On the other hand Eyal was more of a hand to hand defending type. He was really strong. So strong that he could weild a two handed sword when he was 9 years old. It looked like that sword grew up with him. He was, as Amnon was strong in Hebrew and spells, strong in beating his opponents in hand-to-hand combat with brute force.

One day when Amnon was styding his Hebrew in a library he, found a book called »Unholy and Heretic Creatures«. It was in a really bad shape. It looked like as it the book was forgotten or simply left behind because there was something strange about it. He could feel this strange feeling radiating from the »unholy« book, but he could not resist it.There was something so apealing and attractive about it. He hid it beneath his robe because he knew that if the Elder Scholars find him with it, there's going to be a very cruel punishment for him. And he was smarter than that.

Eyal and Amnon were good friends since childehood. Amnon helped Eyal with his theoretical studies in hebrew and maths whilest Eyal tried to train Amnon in more physical forms of education, like sword fighting, running or at general physical tests. They always worked well or even extraordinary well as a duo.

Amnon was 23 year old and Eyal was 25 when he found the book of heretical creaturers. He have read it all countless times. Because of how percurial it was he felt an urge to show it to someone. And that someone was the only person he could trust...Eyal. They've always trusted each other because of their common opinions on hebrew or religious things in general. They were marked as black sheep from the begining  of their teenage years.

They knew that there was something wrong with the book because it was never mantioned by their Teachers. They've studied the book carefully and toroughly. They even made their own studies and thoughts about the creatures in the book.

One faithful day after the book went missing from the library an Elder noticed it. He had a strange hinge who might have taken the book and he was right. He almost immidietly went to his superiors and told them that the book »Unholy and Heretical creatures« went missing.  The Order of Zaqen was quickly gethered. They knew that the book was in the hands of two really questionable and capable youngsters.

The next day Amnon and Eyal were called to the Council of Zaqen.

They were old enough and mentaly mature enough to know the truth.

One of the Elders said: «A long time ago a group was made. Composed from the best and strongest of our scholars. But...the times back then were dark and full of dangerous and deadly creatures that were threatening our Kingdoms and people. We are afraid that these days are yet again going to cover our world with fear and calamity. The group was and still is called The Bearing Ones...because they bare the responsibility of keeping the creatures and things that you two found in that book with NO PERMITION from attacking and destroying our homeland.«

Eyal said that he heared of that group from one of his friends but he said that it was just a myth.

The Zaqen continued: »We have decided that you are going to join that group and help them with their mission of cleansing the Holy lands of unholy creatures and spirits. First of all you have to finish your training because you are in your last year of studying hebrew and combat masteries. After that you are going to join The Bearing Ones in Beeroth«

Both of them were speachless at first but Amnon said at last: »Why did you chose us? You have a lot of other students capable of doing such a thing.«

Zaqen expained: »You Amnon and Eyal have a thing called synergy. That means that you can work together in almost unison. It's remarkable seeing you two training your swordsmanship or sorcery together. But...there's one more thing that exclude you two from other students is that you have your own understanding of our Hebrew teachings. It is wrong to think like that but we need this kind of heretical people as the people in The Bearing Ones are, for tasks like that. We dont wan't God to interupt or distract the bearers at their job. That's why we have decided that you two are the students for the task. Besides we heard some strange news from one of our messangers regarding the current state of The Bearing Ones. We need you two to investigate what's happening and bring some fresh blood in the group.«

Eyal and Amnon didn't argue with the Council because they knew it was futile to do so. They took the task with honor and dignity.

Council of Zaqen...Chapter 2.

The so called »Synergy« brothers were very excited but mostly scared and nervous. Excited about what lays behind the walls of Asur Da'at but scared of the things that lurke in the nights of Yis-rah-el.

But regardless of all the bad things that can and will happen on their holy task, but again a lot more heretical than divine quest, they felt confident in their own skills. Amnon with his abilities of tongue as a Qol student, and beside him Eyal (pizda nevem swordsman al pa duelist v hebrejš?ini) with his swordsmanship and agility. But their most importat and powerful gift was their bond. It was like they were sharing the same brain, the same thoughts.  Even their movement was somehow simetrical and beautiful.

Training days...Chapter 3.

We dont know the origin of Eyal and Amnon but we know for a fact that they were not born in the Asur Da'at, because women are not allowed to enter the Temple premisess. The reason for that is Zaqens fear of lust. Lust is on of the most punishable sin of them all. But the most horiffic sin is not accepting God as your Lord and Saviour.

The first thing Teachers teach their students are the 10 Commandments.


»I'm the LORD your GOD.«

»Thou shalt have no other gods before me.«

»Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.«

»Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.«

»Honor thy father and thy mother.«

»Thou Shalt not Kill.«

»Thou shalt not commit adultery.«

»Thou shalt not steal.«

»Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.«

»Thou shalt not covet...«

»And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul,

and with all thy might.«


They have to live and obey this 10 rules their whole life, or else. The punishment isn't quite clear because there weren't a lot of cases of violating the 10 commandments in the whole Hebrew history. So the things that could happen to you when you for example kill someone are not really clear or simply called myths.

Amnon and Eyal started their training as all the other apprentices.

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