Be Good Do Good

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Leave a time that disconnect from the ocean called humanity. May your life give birth for the vastness of true care called a heart where the temple of love resides. Let us be loyal in this harmony. :)

Submitted: November 03, 2016

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Submitted: November 03, 2016



For a space never formed in time,

Giving us an uncommon experience in History,

Three strangers related our entire story in one word,

If this history starts with peace,

Will our days renew a request to pay homage counting every home from this unity ?

If this need lead with love,

Will our time convey a request to connect help sustaining every natural resources from its diversity ?

If this duty remake with delight,

Will our hearts listen a request to desire care granting everyone happiness from its rhythm ?

If this ritual missed without silence,

Will our creator give a guidance to devote HIS epic securing every creation from its extinction ?

If this fear factor meet vulnerability,

Will our existence bargain a claim to crucify our teachers life again everyone showed no mercy from this savior ?

If this support starts with unity,

Will our planet shine among entire universe to know God's work through everyone devoted from its service ?

If this future share with goodness,

Will our living seek friendship among entire God's vision through eternal divine bliss from its grants ?

If this journey light garden of our soul within,

Will our instruments share one voice among songs of praise God live through this form from its blessings ?

Now one word questions a heart laid on the cross,

Together pain become forgettable in the hunger spirit never leaves the body of our saviour,

Here three worlds carved all reasons why we even wear this cross everyday,

In the book of life three strangers met at a crossroad taking with them no complaints,

For they were so may not be filled with what they couldnt give back,

For they loved so much may not be beyond within what their teacher laid this life on cross,

Yet it bleeds even the soul before no crime of this man,

Someone wrote this epic as the words formed bible of an eternal journey with one teacher,

Who light this passage of our creation on this Earth,

May lead us the passion of our teacher on this cross,

Much beyond any worship of divinity,

Creation promised every wish of this teacher come to be a gift of hope for the entire mankind,

Let our actions lead towards this wish of our creator,

Made before the cross pained to bury a hearts willingness in the burning fire of soul,

For we are given this life again in heaven on Earth,

May we find all this daylight for finding such a life for all creation,

Where no question may wound our soul,

Where no spirit may wander in darkness,

Where only life may blossom love in this garden,

Let the wish of the three strangers of our time,

Give a hope for people who seek this friendship in time ahead,

From this Christmas together for peace ever more for an awesome new year,

May God fulfill all our wishes in the comming year also. 

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